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Lesson description

Hello, everyone. I’m very pleased to have an opportunity to talk about some of my teaching ideas. Today I’from Oxford Primary School English Book ’ll finish this Unit in four lessons. Today I’ll talk about the first period of this Unit. That is ’ll try my best to design this lesson. So series of teaching activities would be carried out based on this lesson. Now I’ll prepare to talk about this lesson from four parts.

Part 1: My understanding of this lesson

Firstly, analysis of the teaching material:

The goal of Oxford English is to develop their 4 skills , that is listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Secondly, analysis of the students:

The students don’t often use English to express themselves and communicate with others. In fact, most of the students are not active in class.

Because they are afraid of making mistakes.

Thirdly: Teaching aims:

A: knowledge aims: make the students master the words and the structures of this Unit.

They can listen, speak and read the structures.

B: Ability aims: Enable the students to use the structures in real situation. Encourage the students to communicate with others actively.

C: Emotional aims: Make the students want to make friends with others, and learn from each other.

Fourthly: Teaching important points:

The students can listen, speaking, read and write the words in this Unit. And they can use the structures in this Unit.

Teaching difficult points:

Part 2: My teaching theories, methods and aids

Before dealing with this lesson. I’ll do my best to carry out the following

theories: Make the students the real maters in class while the teacher acts as a director. Combine the language structures with the language functions. Cultivate the students activity. Let the students receive some moral education while they are learning English.

Teaching methods:

Teaching aids:

Part 3: Teaching procedure

Step1 : Warm up

1. Enjoy the song

2. Free talk

This step is to form a better situation for the students by singing and

speaking . They will come into the real surrounding of English learning. And

it can also review the learned knowledge for the next step.

Step2: Presentation

CAI can attract the students’ attention and construct an atmosphere of learning English.

Then I will let students to listen to the tape and read after it. I think reading is so important that make the students read after the tape. Let students imitate the pronunciation and intonation. It can help the students to form a good habbit of the tune.

Then play a


Games are very useful and important for learning. In this way, we can develop students’ good habits and achieve the aim of mastering the learned knowledge in situation.

Step 3 Practice

This part is very important of the lesson. The students’ abilities of speaking and communication will be well trained. Set a real surrounding and encourage them to communicate with others. They can say loudly and freely. They will feel happy and successful during this part. The students will understand the meaning of the structures better and master the knowledge firmly.

Step 4 Production

This part is the consolidation of the key structures and also is an extensive activity for the students. During this part, the students can think and say by themselves. They will be glad to use the knowledge the have learned, and their creative power will be well trained.

Step 5 Homework

Purpose of my designing. I think homework is so important that the

students should speak English as much as they can in class or after class. It’s necessary for them to do some extensive exercises after class to consolidate the knowledge they learned.

Step6 Blackboard design

( A well organized board writing would help students to realized what is important and what is not.)

That’s all for my lesson description. Thanks for your attention.

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