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The tiger lives in Asia.

Unit 2

Beijing Zoo

A:Does the ….eat …? B: Yes, it does./No, it doesn’t.

Guess the animal in each picture

It’s the king of the forest.
Tiger Asia It lives in ____ .

It’s white and black. It doesn’t eat bamboo.
Zebra It lives in Africa . ______

It has a long nose.
Elephant Africa and Asia It lives in ______________ .

It lives in China.
Panda China It lives in ______ .

The image of Chinese Monkey King is from it.
Monkey Africa, Asia and America It lives in ______________________ .

Europe Asia

North America

Africa Oceania South America

Find these places on the map. Africa America Asia Europe

Listen to the passage , then answer the following questions and complete the table.
1. How many animals are mentioned(提到) in the passage? Five animals. 2. What are they? They are elephants,pandas,monkeys, zebras and tigers. Elephants Home Africa, Asia Food Pandas China Zebras Africa Tigers Asia Monkeys Africa, Asia, America

plants, leaves, bamboo and little fruit

bamboo, plants, leaves

plants, leaves and grass

meat, other animals

meat, leaves, fruit and eggs


elephant Does the elephant come from Asia? Yes, it does. Does the elephant eat meat? it doesn’t. No,

1. The elephant lives in Africa and in Asia. 大象生活在非洲和亚洲。 表示“一类”: ① the +名词复数 ② a + 名词单数 ③ 名词复数 熊猫吃竹子。 ① The panda eats bamboo. ② A panda eats bamboo. ③ Pandas eat bamboo. 2.The elephant eats a little fruit. 大象吃少量水果。 a little"一点,少量"+不可数名词


Where does the panda come from? It comes from China. What does the panda eat? It eats bamboo.

2. The panda eats about 30 kilos of bamboo a day, as well as plants and leaves. 熊猫一天吃大概30公斤的竹子, 也吃植物和树叶。 I have a computer as well as an MP4 player. as well as 意为“并且,还”,常用来连接并 列的单词或短语。如: Mike eats meat as well as vegetables for lunch.


Africa Where does the zebra live? It lives in Afric. What does the zebra eat? It eats plants, grass and

an African animal

Asia Where does the tiger live? It lives in Asia. What does it eat? It eats many kinds of animals.

3. It likes water and is good at swimming. 它喜欢水,擅长游泳。 Cindy is good at tennis. 辛迪擅长打网球。 be good at 意为“在……方面 (学得, 做 得) 好、擅长……”, 其后可接名词、 代词或动词的-ing形式, 其近义词组为 do well in。如: Those boys are good at playing tennis. 那些男孩们擅长打网球。 Those boys do well in playing tennis.

Asia Africa

North America South America

Monkey live in Africa, Asia and America . They eat meat, leaves, fruit and eggs .

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words and expression from the box.

African a little grass kilo only world 1.The elephant eats ______ fruit. a little 2.The panda eats about 30 ____ of bam

boo kilos a day. grass 3.The zebra eats plants leaves and _____ but not bamboo. only 4.There are ___about 1,800 pandas in China. 5.Monkeys live in many countries all over the world but not in Europe. _____ 6.You can find elephants in Africa and Asia, but zebras are only Africananimals. ______

Speaking Play a game
Ask questions and guess what our favourite animal is.
以下问题可供参考。 Where does it come from?

Where does it live?
What does it often eat? What does it like doing? Does it eat meat? Does it come from Africa?

Correct the mistakes.


The zoo has many animals. the animals The

come from many different countries.
The panda lives in china and it eats China bamboo. There are elephants from africa Africa and Asia. The tiger comes from asia. Asia It eats meat.

一、 根据汉意提示完成单词。 1. What animals live in ____ (亚洲)? Asia 2. Panda eat plants, leaves and ________ bamboos (竹子). 3. The zebra is an African (非洲的) animal. _______ grass 4. Does the giraffe eat _____ (草)? 5. This monkey is from _______ (美洲). America 6. The trees are thick with ______ (树叶). leaves

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