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2013中考英语时态精讲 中考必备

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Part 1: 新课讲解

Ⅰ. 初中英语时态归纳复习




always, usually, often, sometimes, every week (day, year, month…), once a week, on Sundays, etc.


否定形式:①am/is/are + not;②此时态的谓语动词若为行为动词,则在其前加don't,如主语为第三人称单数,则用doesn't,同时还原行为动词。


注意:Our teacher told us earth________(go) around the sun.

1. 表示客观事实, 普遍真理

If it_____(rain) tomorrow, I will not go to the park.

2. 主将从现



时间状语:ago, yesterday, the day before yesterday, last week(year, night, month…), in 1989, just now, at the age of 5, one day, long long ago, once upon a time, etc. 基本结构:①be动词;②行为动词


一般疑问句:①was或were放于句首;②用助动词do的过去式did 提问,同时还原行为动词。


He often_____(go) fishing with my father when he _____(be) a child.



时间状语:now, at this time, these days,today, etc.




注意:1 表示现阶段正在发生的动作

Today many people ______(use) the mobile phone which have color screens and are able to receive pictures.

I ______________(prepare) for the middle examination these days.


Look! The boys _____(swim) happily in the river.


概念:表示过去某段时间或某一时刻正在发生或进行的行为或动作 I

时间状语:at this time yesterday, at that time或以when引导的谓语动词是一般过去时的时间状语等。


否定形式:was/were + not + doing.


I _____________(watch) TV when she came in.

The lights went out while we _____(have) a party

I ______________(write) while my mother___________(cook)



基本结构:have/has + done

否定形式:have/has + not +d one.


注意:1 动作发生在过去,强调对现在的影响

I don’t think I ______(see)you in that dress befor.

John ___________( not finish) his job. He is doing it now.

时间状语:recently, lately, in the past few years, yet , ever,before, until now, just, etc.

2. 动作发生在过去,一直延续到现在

Mr. White _________(live) in Beijing since 2000

He _________(work) here for 5 years

时间状语: since+ 过去时间点

for+ 一段时间

3. has/have gone to 去了某地,未归

has/have been to 去过某地,已回

has/have been at/in 留在某地

John isn’t here. He _______ American.

They __________China five times

Tom ____________Beijing since 2005

4. I have borrowed the book for a week

The movie has begun for five minutes

Mary has left home since two months ago

当句中出现for, since, how long,需把瞬间动词变为延续性动词

瞬间动词 延续性动词

Begin/ stat be on

Finish be over

Die be dead

Come/go be here/there

Borrow keep

Leave be away

Join be in

Open/close be open/closed

Get married be marrie



时间状语:tomorrow, next day(week, month, year…),soon, in a few minutes,the day after tomorrow, etc.

基本结构:①am/is/are/going to + do;②will/shall + do.

注意: 主将从现

If it snows tomorrow, we _____ (go) skiing in the park.


1. where is tom? His mother________him now (2011 北京)

A is looking for B will look for C has looked for D looks for

2. I will send you a message as soon as I_____in Canada.

A.arrive B arrived C am arriving D will arrive

3.I ______my hometown for a long time. I really miss it(2011 重庆)

A left B went away from C have left D have been away from



基本构成:be + done

The trees are cut down by human being.


The trees were planted hundreds of years ago

The earth will be destroyed in the futu.

一般现在时: is/are/am + done

一般过去时: was/were + done

一般将来时: will/shall + be + done

现在进行时: is/am/are + being + done

过去进行时: was/were + being +done

现在完成时: have/has been+ done

情态动词: 情态动词+ be + done


1. 无被动语态的情况

A. 不及物动词 die, end, fail, sit, arrive….

B. happen, occur, take palace,break out….

C. 感官动词: look, sound, taste, smell, feel…

The picture is looked nice( )

The accident was taken place in 1999 ( )

2. 感使动词的被动语态还原to

(1)The boss made the boy do heavy work

The boy was made to do heavy work

(2) we often see the girl draw pictures by the river

The girl is often seen to draw pictures by the river

3. 主动形式表被动含义

(1)表主语本身的性质: write, read, ride, drive, wash,sell….. + adv.

The pen writes smoothly.

(2) 固定结构 need/ want/require + doing sth.

Need/ want/ require to be done

The flower needs watering

The flower needs to be watered.

4. 固定句式

It is said that……. 据说

It is reported that…据报道

It is believed that 大家相信

It is well known that 众所周知

Part 6:课堂练习

1. Don’t worry, your package____here until you come back.

A. will keep B has keep C will be kept D has been kept

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