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Unit 6 Revision

构成: have / has been + +…
表示动作从过去某一时间开始,一直延续到现在的动 作或状态,并还在进行。常与…连用。

时间状语: 1. for +段时间 2. since +(过去的)时间点

3. since +(一般过去时的)句子

1. 你已经听音乐多久了?

How long have you been listening to music?
2. 她已经看英语电影多久了? How long has she been watching English movies? 3. 你的弟弟已经观看(体育)运动多久了?

How long has your brother been watching sports ?
4. 他们已经用英语写作多久了?

How long have they been writing in English?

1、收集贝壳/ 邮票/ 风筝/ 卡片

/ 雪球/ 硬币 collect shells /stamps /kites /cards /snow globes /coins 2. 一双溜冰鞋/ 一副眼镜/ 一条牛仔裤
a pair of skates /glasses /jeans 3. 自从十年前/ 自从两点钟 / 自从他来到中国 since ten years ago / two o’clock / he came to China

4. 为慈善机构筹钱 raise money for charity 5. 几个学生/几张邮票/几个蛋糕 /几枚硬币/几个溜冰者/ several students /stamps /cakes /coins /skaters

several collectors /writers/characters

6. 用光

run out of

7. 顺便问一下 by the way

8. 对…感兴趣 be interested in
9. 溜冰马拉松 skating marathon 10. 在我七岁生日上 on my seventh birthday 11. 得到你的第一双溜冰鞋 get your first pair of skates

12. 与…交谈 talk to / with sb.
13. 第一个…的人 the first one to do sth second/ … last 15. 整整五个小时 the whole five hours 16. 三年半/两个半小时(两种方式) three years and a half =three and a half years

17. 收藏者的俱乐部 collectors’ club 18. 额外的钱 extra money

19.赢得一等奖 win the first prize

20. 写完试卷

finish writing the test

21.别的任何人 anyone else

1.—你已经收集贝壳多长时间了? How long have you been collecting shells? —2年了。For two years Since —自从2年前/自从2010年。 two years ago/2010. Since I came to this school. —自从我来到这个学校。 2. —你们学习英语已经学了多久了? How long have you been learning English? For five years. ---5年了。 —自从5年前。 Since 5 years ago. —自从我九岁,我就已经学习英语了。 I have been learning English since I was nine years old.

3. —你什么时候开始学英语的? When did you start learning English? —五年前。 Five years ago. 4. 我收集贝壳,因为他们有趣。 I collect shells because they are interesting. 5. 学生们正在溜旱冰为慈善机构捐钱。 Students are skating to raise money for charity. 6. Alison是第一个开始的,并且已经滑了整整五 个小时。 Alison was the first one to start and has been skating for the whole five hours.

7. 谢谢您送给我的魔鬼雪球。 Thanks for sending me the snow globe of the monster.

8. 我们已经用光了所有的空

间储存他们。 We have run out of room to store them .
9. — 你的爱好是什么? What’s your hobby? —我的爱好是收藏旧硬币。 My hobby is collecting old coins. 10. 我想告诉你关于我的爱好。 I want to tell you about my hobby.

1、He is acollector ,he likes collecting stamps, shells and kites. (collect) 2、 A new pair of skates is important for the little skater (skate). 3、Yang is a famous writer (write) for children. Australia , she is 4、Julia is from an Australian (Australia).

5、Some people knew several (几种) languages, such as English, French and Japanese. 6、There are two thousand (千) students in the school. 7、 Thousands of (上千名) foreigners from all parts of the world come to Qingdao every year.

B 1. There _____ a pair of sport shoes under the bed. A. are B. is C. have 2. There are many trees on _____ sides of the road. C A. all B. every C. both 3. We ______ 1000 English words since we ______ to C this school. A. learn, come B. have learning, came C. have been learning, came 4. We have run ____rice, we will have to buy some C this afternoon. A. out B. of C. out of

5. He is interested in _______ English songs. C A. to collect with his parents. B. collect C. collecting 6. The child _____trees for the whole four hours C

A. plants B. have been planting
C. has been planting

7. Mr. Li __ swimming for 3 hours, and his son __
an hour ago.

B. started; started

A. has been; started

C. have started; has started

8. —How long have you been there? —__________. B A. Twice a year B. For two years C. Since two years 9. I'd like _______ because it's interesting. B A. skating B. to skate C. skate C. to get 10. Zhang Li is always the last one C home. __ A. get B. to get to

11. In Great Britain it isn’t polite ______ from each B
other’s plate. A. eat B. to eat C. eating 12. That bag isn’t mine. It may be __________. C A. else somebody’s B. somebody else

C. somebody else’s
13. _______, what’s your hobby? C

A. In the way

B. On the way

C. By the way

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