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导学案模板 (Topic1 Section A)

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二连浩特市第一中学 初中 部 九 年级第一学期 英语 导学案 主备: 审核: 包科领导:

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课题名称:Unit1 Topic1 Section A 第 课时

学习目标:1.读单词并记住 2.读课文并翻译。


学习重点: 1.单词和短语 学习难点:

理解课文并能和同伴表演对话。 学习内容:


6.Kangkang: I have been to an English training school to improve my English. Listen! There goes the bell.

Ⅱ.在文中找到并划出下面的短语并将英语写在横线上: 1.长假过后__________________________________ 2.度过一个愉快的暑假________________________ 3.从?回来__________________________________ 4.巨大的变化________________6.发生____________ 5.越来越漂亮________________________________ 6.如此(那么)多的人___________________________ 7.一个合适的地方_______________ 8.拍照________

9.提高我的英语水平__________________________ 10.顺便问一下__________________ Ⅲ.在文中划出下面的句子并分析

1. Great changes have taken place there. 注意: taken是take的______________形式 点拨:change有名词/动词两种词性,名词词意是_________/__________等; 动词词意是_________ take place --- 发生、举办,指非偶然性事件的“发生”,即这种事件的发生一定有某种原因或事先的安排

区别:happen --- 发生、碰巧,一般用于偶然或突发性事件 注意:take the place of?--- 取代某人的位置 练习:

a. Jason ___________________________ Miss Li to teach us French next term.

b. The Olympic Games of 2008 ________________________ successfully in Beijing. c. What ___________________________ to you yesterday?

2. But there were so many people that I couldn’t find a proper place to take photos. 思考:so?that?意思是__________,引导_______状语从句 区别:so that?意思是_______,引导_______状语从句 练习: a.为了拍照,他爬得很高。____________________________________________________________________ b.他爬得那么高,以至于能拍照。____________________________________________________________ 3. There goes the bell. 译:___________________________ 思考:这是个there提前引起的__________句

1a Look, listen and say

( In the classroom after class)

1.Kangkang: Hi, Sally. Did you have a good summer holiday?


2.Sally: Yes. What about you?


3.Kangkang: Not bad. Rita, you have just come back from your hometown. How was your trip?


4.Rita: I went to many places near my home in India. In one place I saw children working for a cruel boss. I felt sorry for them. Where have you been, Jane?


5.Jane: I have been to Mount Huang with my parents. It’s a beautiful place. But there were so many people there that I couldn’t find a good place to take photos. And where have you been, kangkang?


各学科自填名人名言 学科小知识 激励性口号Early sow, early mow. 早耕耘,早收获。

二连浩特市第一中学 初中 部 九 年级第一学期 英语 导学案 主备: 审核: 包科领导:

编号:1 使用时间:2013-8- 班级: 小组: 姓名: 组内编号: 教师评价:

回忆:副词here, there 提前到句首要引起主谓倒装,但是当主语为人称代词时不倒装。 练习:

a. Here comes the No.31 Bus. 译:_________________ b. There they are. 译:___________________

c. Jim跑过来了。译:___________________________ d.他跑过来了。 译:____________________________ 拓展:看课本P105注解写出(3)句的同义句




一、 根据汉语或首字母提示完成句子

1. We have just _______(回来)from Beijing.

2. The b______ is ringing. Let’s have a class.

3. My best friend lives in Hang Kong now. I haven’t seen him _______ _______ _______ ______(很长时间).

4. It’s so late. It isn’t _______(合适的)to telephone your teacher now. 5. _______ _______ _______(顺便问一下),what time will the cocker match begin? 二、 单项选择

1. --Have you ever been to Summer Palace? --Yes, we have.

--When ____you ____there? --Last month.

A. have; gone B. did; go C. will; go D. is; going 2. –Where is your mother? --She _____ the supermarket.

A. has gone to B. has been C. has been to D. has gone 3. –Have you ever been to the Beijing Zoo? --No, ______. I’ll go there this weekend.

A. I’ll never been there B. I have C. I’ve been there D. I don’t 4. –I didn’t see you the whole summer holiday.

--I ______ Yunnan on August 2nd. I ______there for two weeks.. A. went to; have been B. have gone; have gone C. went to; was D. have gone; have been 5. I saw her _______on the street yesterday morning.

A. run B. to run C. runs D. running 三、 从Ⅱ栏中找出与Ⅰ栏相对应的答语


()1.Where did you go? a. I have been to West Lake. ()2.When will your father be back? b. No, I haven’t. ()3.Where have you been? c. I went to the zoo. ()4.I spent the whole holiday helping d. Next Friday. The farmers do farm work. e. Wow, you’re great! ()5.Have you ever cleaned your room?

各学科自填名人名言 学科小知识 激励性口号Early sow, early mow. 早耕耘,早收获。

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