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八年级英语下册 Unit 3 What were you doing when the ufo arrived Period 3 Section B(1-2c)预习学案

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广东省阳东广雅中学八年级英语下册 Unit 3 What were you doing when the ufo arrived Period 3 Section B(1-2c)预习学案(无答案)



知识目标:in a tree 在树上 be scared 害怕 think about考虑到

句型:1.It’s climbing a tree.

2. While John was walking to school, he saw a cat in a tree.

能力目标:1. 能独立完成本节课的听力任务



★【预习闯关一】预习课本 Page21 of unit 2Read the new words and recite them . 你很轻松闯关,顺利得到一颗星_______.

★【预习闯关二】预习课本Section B(1a)of page21 of unit 3. Translate the following phrases into English

1.害怕 _______________ 2.爬树 ___________________

3. 树上的猫 ___________________ 4. 报警 _______________

5.照相 _______________

闯关成功的同学奖励自己一颗 !__________.

★【练习】 1. I ___________ (cook) dinner when my daughter came back home yesterday. 2. Look! A cat _________ (climb) up the tree. 3. John _____ (walk) to school every day. 4. John was climbing the tree when a man ___ (see) him. 5. I ___________________ (be) a teacher in five years. 6. John can ____ (draw) a horse very well.

7. I ________(sleep) when I ________ (hear) a knock at the door.

8. When I saw him , he ________ (wait) for the bus.

9. What __________ you _______ (do) at this time yesterday? 10. I __________ (not go ) to the cinema last night.

11, I saw him __________ (play) in the park just now.

12.When you __________(call) me a moment ago , I ________ (write) .

13.They enjoy ________ (live) here very much. 这一步能闯关成功的同学真了不起,你可以得到两颗星______________ 本次预习你一共得到了几颗星_________________


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