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河北省承德市平安堡中学七年级英语下册《Unit 6 I'm watching TV》单元综合测试

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河北省承德市平安堡中学七年级英语下册《Unit 6 I'm watching TV》单元综


一.词汇部分 (10)每空一分

1. I’m busy ____(打扫) the classroom. I can’t go out with you.

2. The boy’s father often ______ (读)newspapers in the evening.

3.I don’t want _______(等) you so long.

4.Some of his _____(玩具) are from his aunt.

5. He lives in the _____(西部) of the city.

6.There are many _______(活动)at our school after class..

7. What kind of ______(照相机) do you like?

8. .- --- Can you help me with math? .- ---_S______

9. How many swimming ______(池) are there in the neighborhood?

10.What other_____ (鸟) do you like?

二、单项选择(将答案序号写在题号前)(30) 每个2分

( ) 1. What _____ he _____ now? He _____ a book.

A. is?doing?watching B. does?do?are reading

C. is?doing?is reading D. do?doing?reading

( ) 2. - ---Are you listening or writing? - ---_______.

A. Yes, I am B. I’m listening C. I’m listening and writing D. No ,I’m not writing. ( ) 3.He wants _____ at the pool. But now he _____ his homework.

A. to swim?is doing B. swimming?is doing

C. to swim?does D. swimming?doing

( ) 4. What is he waiting _____?

A. for B. in C. at D. from

( ) 5. He likes _____ TV.

A. reading B. watching C. seeing D. looking at

( ) 6. I’m talking _____Frank _______ the sports meeting.

A. about ,to B. with ,about C. to, with D with, to

( ) 7. Here _____ some good news for you.

A. is B. are C. be D. ×

8. _____ photo, I’m _____ at the pool.

A. In second?swim B. At second?swimming

C. In the second?swiming D. At the second?swims

9. Thank you for _____ me.

A. help B. helps C. helping D. to help

10.They are doing _____in the classroom.

A. homework B. homeworks C. a homework D. his homework

( )11. Listen! Your father is____ Tom a story.

A. telling B. talking C. speaking Dwriting

( )12. - ---____ the young woman playing the piano? - ---Yes, she __.

A. Is, is B.Does, does C .Is ,does D .Does, is

13. We want him ____ a song.

A. sing B. sings C. to sing D. singing

14. Look! The boys ____ football on the playground.

A. play B. playing C. are playing D. is playing

15.Listen!The phone _____.Please go to answer it.


A. rings B. ringing C. is ringing D. to ring

三.句型转换(10) 1. We are doing our homework now. .(改为否定句) We _____ ____ our homework now.

2 .I’m cleaning the room(改为一般疑问句) ______ you_______ your room? 3. Tom and Kate are talking about the new movie. (对划线部分提问)

_____ _____ Tom and Kate ______ about ?

4. She doesn’t have lunch at home every day. (用now代替every day)

She ______ _____ lunch at home now. 5. They are waiting for their Chinese teacher.. (对划线部分提问)

_____ _____ they _______ for?


Our teacher __1 some pictures. Every class, she shows those pictures to us. She wants us __2__something from them. In __3__of her pictures, we see a boy at work. He’s cleaning the room. In __4 picture, a girl is singing. She is singing an American song. In other pictures,we see others doing different things. One is running, another is __5a cake. And a girl is doing __6_ homework. We look at our teacher and her pictures. We talk _7 English and our teacher listens __8 us. We learn English from our teacher and her pictures. Our teacher likes __9__ and we like her and her ___10__

( ) 1. A. have B. is C. are D. has

( ) 2. A. learn B. learns C. learning D. to learn

( ) 3. A. a B. an C. one D. the

( ) 4. A. other s B. the other C. another D. the others

( ) 5. A. make B. making C. do D. doing ( ) 6. A. my B. your C. his D. her

( ) 7. A. in B. with C. at D. for

( ) 8. A. to B. at C. in D. for

( ) 9. A. we B. us C.I D. me

( ) 10. A. name B. class C. school D. classroom.\

五.阅读理解(30分) A

There is a park near my home. People like to go to this park after work. Some of them go to the park every day. Look! This is Mr King. He is sitting on a chair and watching the children. Some children are playing a game. Some boys are playing football. Lucy and Lily are standing under a big tree. They are talking about their favorite movies. There is a small river in the park. We can see some boats on the water. Some children are sitting in the boats with their parents. Listen! A girl is singing. It’s really a nice park. I come here every day .

( )1、 like to go to the park.

A. Children B. Parents C. Lucy and Lily D. People

( )2、There are some in the park.


A. birds and cats B. chairs and boats C. balls and kites D. houses and buses

( )3、Lucy is talking with ______.

A. Mr King B. Lily C. the boys D. her parents

( )4、We can’t see ____ in the park. A. children B. men C. women D .birds

( )5、What is the writer doing?

A. He’s watching the people in the park.

B. He’s playing a game.

C. He’s sitting in a boat.

D. He’s singing under the tree. B

A mother and her young son get into a bus in a small city and sit down. The bus conductor(售票员) come to them for their money. The mother says ,“I want a ticket to Oxford” and gives her a shilling (先令)。

The bus conductor looks at the small child and asks,“How old are you, young man?”

The mother begins speaking, but the conductor stops her and the boy says,“I am four years old at home, and two and a half in buses.”

The mother takes six pence(便士) out of her bag and gives to the conductor. The conductor gives her one and a half tickets.

( )6.At first the mother doesn’t give____ money for tickets

A.any B.many C.some D.enough

( )7.At last the mother gives ______ pence to the conductor for his son’s tickets.

A.10 B.6 C.16 D.12

( )8.The mother gives ______ pence to the conductor in all(总共)

A.12 B.16 C.10 D.18

( )9.The boy is ___ years old in fact. (实际上)

A..four B.two C.two and a half D.six and a half

( )10.The mother is _____.

A. honest(诚实的) B. not honest C.very clever D.not clever


Today is Saturday. Mary is going to the zoo. Mary likes animals very much and she takes some food for the animals

There are lots of people in the zoo. Some are watching animal’s shows and some are playing with the animals. What is Mary doing? She is standing near the pool and watching the dolphin show. Now she is giving the dolphins some food. Oops! Mary falls(跌入) in the pool. Help! She can’t swim. Look! A dolphin is helping her get to the side(边) of the pool.

1.Mary likes animals very much.( 根据短文判断正误,正确T,错误F) _________.

2.There aren’t many people in the zoo. ( 根据短文判断正误,正确T,错误F)_________.

3.What does Mary take for the animals?(根据短文回答问题)________________________. 4.Who helps Mary? (根据短文回答问题)_____________________.





It is 5 o’clock on Tuesday afternoon. The students are having different kinds of activities. _____________________________________________________________________________



_____________________________________________________________________________They are having great fun.




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