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河北省承德市平安堡中学七年级英语下册《Unit 6 I'm watching TV Sself check》导学案

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河北省承德市平安堡中学七年级英语下册《Unit 6 I'm watching TV Sself


姓名: 小组: 评价等级:

学习目标:1. 识记P25--30页单词和短语 教师复

2.通过谈论正在做的事情,使学生热爱生活。 备栏

导学过程: 或学生—. 预习检测:(阅读P25--30内容,要求所有学生课前完成单词和短语的背诵,并且准备笔记栏 课上过关检查。(5分钟)


A: I’m watching TV. Are you watching TV?

B: No ,I am not..

A: What are you doing?

B: I am reading a book.

三:题组训练 (20分钟) A 组:词汇

1.He can’t____ his room, he is too young.( 打扫)

2.My mother often _______newspapers in the evening. .( 读)

3. ——Can you help me do some housework?.——S_____

4.I must go now. My parents _________(等待)me. 5.He often gets _______ from the toy shops.( 玩具) 6.How many _________(活动) do you have at school?

7.Tibet( 西藏)is in the _______(西部) of China.

8. I often go _______(买东西) on weekends.

9.Please show me your new ________(照相机).

10.How many ______(鸟) can you see in the picture?

11.He is talking to his friend o_____ the phone.

B组:( )1.Please be quiet, my grandfather ______ .

A. sleep B. sleeps C. is sleeping D. are sleeping

( )2.Look! Mary and her brother ________ their school.

A. are talking with B is talking about C. are talking to D. are ( )3. Thank you for ______ me the good news.

A. tell B. to tell C. telling D . talking

( )4. It’s Sunday today. .Jack’s ______are all at home. A .home B. family C. house D. room

( ) 5.I_____my room every day. But now I ______..

A. clean , am reading B. am cleaning, reading C. am cleaning, am reading

D. clean, read

6.—— Who is he waiting _____?——Jenny. A. for B. with C. out D. on

( )7.Here _____ .some good books on the desk.

A. are B. is C. have D. has

( )8.We are busy doing _____..

A. we homework B .our homework C. us homework D. our homeworks

( )9.___ the third photo, I ____ at a mall.. . A .On, shop B. On, shopping C. In, am shoping D . In, am shopping





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