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Unit6 I’m more outgoing than my sister.
Period 1


Studying aims:

learn to use comparatives with -er, –ier, more and both. ●To talk about personal traits.(性格) ●To compare people.

? ? ? ? ?

Target language: Is that Sam? No, that’s Tom. He has shorter hair than Sam. He’s calmer than Sam. Vocabulary: more, than, taller, shorter, thinner, longer, calmer, wilder, quieter, funnier, heavier, more serious, more athletic, twin, both

Task 1 ? Tell us the adjective words(形容词) about appearance (外貌) and

personalities (性格) as many as
possible. (Discuss
in groups of 4)

twins 双胞胎

What’s she like ?

What’s he like ?

outgoing 外向的

serious 严肃的

athletic强健 的,健美的, 擅长运动的

quiet内向的, 安静的

What are they like?
wild 鲁莽的 calm 镇静的

Big big wolf

Pleasant sheep

New words
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? twin 双胞胎 wild 鲁莽的,轻率的 calm 镇静的,沉着的 serious 严肃的,庄重的 athletic 强健的,擅长运动的 outgoing 外向的,友好的 quiet 内向的,安静的 funny 有趣的,幽默的

PK Time!

Task 2

They are both very tall. They both play basketball well.

Who is taller, A or B ?

1.98m 2.26m

taller than Yao Ming is _______ _______ Jordan. Jordan is a little ____ than Yao Ming

They are both very ____.

Pang Changjiang is ______ ______ Zeng Zhiwei. Zeng Zhiwei is a little ____ than …

Fei Mao

They are both very _____ . heavier/fatter Fei Mao is ____________


than _____ Liu Huan .



They are both very _____ .

But Liu Yifei is ______ ______ Lin Xinru.

The man is _____ _____ than the woman.


more outgoing



? Can you change the adjs into the comparatives?
? tall--,short--,wild--,calm-,quiet- 直接加er; 不发音e加r; ? nice--,safe--,late--,blue-? funny--, heavy--,friendly-- 辅音字母+y,变y为i,加er; ? fat--, thin--, big--,hot--重读闭音节,双写末尾字母,加er; ? outgoing--,serious--,athletic--, beautiful--, popular--,interesting- 前面加more.

As we all know

Different people have different looks and different personalities.

Can you compare you and your partner/ best friend?

Discuss with your partner.
? Are you the same or different? S1: … and I are the same. We are both very… We both like… S2: … and I are different. I’m…er than her/him. But he is …than me.

Task 3

Find out their differences.
The more the better.

1a Match each word with its opposite.

tall thin long hair calm

wild short hair heavy short


Listen and number the pair of twins [1-3] in the picture. 1 2


Listen again and fill in the blanks:
longer 1.Sam has______hair than Tom calmer Tom’s ______than Sam. 2. Tara is shorter _____than Tina wilder Tina is ______than Tara. 3. Pedro’s ______than Paul. heavier Paul’s shorter _____than Pedro.

Task 4

Oral practice

? Work with your partner. M

ake your own conversations about the three pairs of twins in the picture.
? S1: Is that Sam? ? S2: No, it isn’t. It’s Tom. He is calmer than Sam.

Words: calm, wild, outgoing, serious, athletic ?比较级句型结构: 主语+谓语+adj. 比较级+ than+ 对比 成分 ? Adj.比较级构成: 1. -er / -ier 2. more

My harvest

Class exercises
1.Who is _______(quiet), Mary or Jane? 2.Lucy is much _____ (smart) than Lily. 3.Miss Du is a little ________ (outgoing) than her sister. 4.My English teacher is quite _____(good) at telling stories. 5.Jim runs very _____ (fast), I can’t follow him.

Write a report
? “My friend ”
? Write about the things that are different between you and your friend. (hair, build, character, age…..) ? I have a good friend. His/ Her name is… He/ She is … than … I’m … than …

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