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2013年秋新目标人教版八年级英语上册Unit5 Section B 1课件

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看图,用所给的单词造句。 Mike, plan, camp in the forest Mike plans to camp in the forest next weekend. Jack, want, help mom do the dishes Jack wants to help mom do the dishes this evening.

Bob, start, skate, when he was five Bob started to skate when he was five.

Jack, hope, play basketball, after class
Jack hopes to play basketball after class.

my sister, expect, have a picnic

My sister expects to have a picnic in the park next weekend.
Eric, decide, ride his bike to school Eric decides to ride his bike to school tomorrow.

What do you think of game shows? Why? I like them. Because they’re interesting.

I don’t like them. Because they’re boring.

What do you think of news? Why? I can’t stand it. Because it’s too serious.

I don’t mind it. It’s educational.

meaningless adj. 毫无意义的; 意思不明确的

名词meaning (意思) + 后缀less (无, 没有) → meaningless, 是个多音节形容词。 e.g. My dad doesn’t like soap operas. He thinks they’re meaningless. 我爸爸不喜欢肥皂剧,他认为它 们没有意义。


action movie

scary movie

e.g. My sister likes cartoons and scary movies, but she doesn’t like action movies. 我妹妹喜欢卡通片和恐怖片, 但她不 喜欢动作片。


What do you think of these TV shows and movies? Choose words from the box and write them under the pictures. Each picture can have more than one word.

educational serious wonderful relaxing meaningless enjoyable exciting boring

______ ______




______ ______




Listen and circle the description 1b words you hear in the box in 1a.

educational serious

wonderful relaxing

meaningless enjoyable exciting



Listen again. Write down the words John and Mary use to describe the TV shows or movies.

Action movies John
Mary exciting meaningless

Scary movies exciting
meaningless Talk shows enjoyable wonderful

Game shows Sitcoms John Mary boring relaxing


Tell your partner what John and Mary like to watch and why. Then tell your partner what you like to watch and why.

John wants to watch talk show because they’re enjoyable. I like to watch action movies because they’re exciting.

Mary wants to watch talk shows because they’re wonderful. I like to watch action movies because they’re exciting. John wants to watch … because they’re … I like to watch … because they’re …

Discuss the following questions with a partner.
Do you like to watch cartoons? Yes, I do. Mickey Mouse.

What’s your favorite cartoons?
Why do you like it?

Because it’s really interesting.

1. culture n. 文化; 文明 e.g. China has a long history and culture. 中国有着悠久的历史和文化。 2. famous adj. 著名的; 出名的 e.g. Liu Huan is a famous singer. 刘欢是一位著名的歌手。

3. appear v. 出现 e.g. A woman appeared at the end of the street. 一个女人出现在街的尽头。 4. become

v. 开始变得; 变成 连系动词,后常跟形容词或名词作表语。 其过去式为特殊变化形式became。 e.g. It became really hot in the afternoon. 下午天气变得很炎热了。

5. rich adj. 富有的

6. successful adj. 获得成功的;有成就的

名词 success + ful → successful
e.g. He is a successful basketball player. 他是一名成功的篮球运动员。

7. unlucky adj. 不幸的; 不吉利的
前缀(un) + lucky (幸运的) → unlucky 例如:unhappy 不高兴的 e.g. She’s unlucky — she never wins a game. 她运气不好——从未赢过一场比赛。 8. might model v. 可能; 可以

e.g. The old man might be 70 years old. 那位老人可能有70岁了。

9. reason n. 原因; 理由
e.g. What is the reason for it? 此事的原因是什么? 10. lose v. 失去;丢失 e.g. I lost my keys. 11. main adj. 主要的;最重要的 e.g. Who’s the main character in the film? 这部电影的主角是谁?


Read the passage and complete the time line below. November 18, 1928

Steamboat Willie came out in New York. He made 87 cartoons with Mickey.
Mickey became the first cartoon character to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

1930s November 18, 1978


Read the passage again and fill in the facts about Mickey.

阅读指导: ? 阅读这五个问题,明确每句话的意 思,带着问题去读短文。 ? 在短文中划出相关问题的依据,并 作出回答。

What does he look like?
Mickey Mouse

a common man Who created him? Walt Disney What was his first cartoon?

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse

Steamboat Willie

Mickey Mouse

Who is his girlfriend? Minnie

Why is he popular? Because he was like a Mickey Mouse common man, but he always tried to face any danger.

Read the passage again and discuss 2d the questions with a partner.
1. What is Mickey Mouse a symbol of? What cartoon character is a symbol of Chinese culture?

It’s a symbol of American culture. Monkey King is a symbol of Chinese culture.

2. Do you think Walt Disney is a smart man? Why or why not? Do you want to be like him?

Yes, he is. Because he knows that most people like to see the “little man” win.

3. Why did people want to be like Mickey? Because he was always ready to try his best. Do you want to be like Mickey? Why or why not? 4. Can you think of another cartoon character that is as famous as Mickey? Why is the character popular. Yes. For example, Monkey King. Because he always tried to face any problems.

1. However, he was always ready to try his best. 然而, 他总是准备好去尽其所能。 此句中的always表示一种长期的行为, 和形容词ready连用, 构成短语always ready to do sth., 表示“总是准备好 做某事; 随时随地可以从事某事”。

e.g. She was always ready to listen to my problem. 她总是随时随地倾听我的烦恼。 英语中try one’s best 是一种固定表达 方式, 表示“尽力;

竭尽全力”的意思。 e.g. He didn’t try his best in the game, I’m afraid. 我恐怕他在比赛中没有竭尽全力。

2. Today’s cartoons are usually not so simple as little Mickey Mouse, but everyone still knows and loves him. 此句中 not so…as 结构表示“不像 ……那样; 不如……这么……”。 e.g. It wasn’t so good as last time. 这次不如上次好。

1. Finish 2e on P38. 2. Remember the words and phrases in the lesson.

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