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( B ) 1. You can improve your English ______ reading more.

A. of B. by C. in D. on ( D ) 2. Can you tell me the best way ______ a foreign language well?

A. learn B. learnt C. learning D. to learn ( D ) 3. --- Would you mind______ your bike?

--- No, not at all. I?ll put it under the tree right away.

A. move B. to move C. moveing D. moving ( C ) 4. They enjoyed _____ piano.

A. play B. playing C. playing the D. to play a ( A ) 5.He usually spends much time ______ his lessons.

A. doing B. to do C. does D. did

( A ) 6. _____ you _____ to go to the park when they were children?

A. Did, use B. Did, used C. Do, used D. Do, use ( A ) 7. Mary _____ six dollars on the pen.

A. spent B. paid C. cost D. took ( B ) 8. I?m _____ in the _____ film.

A. interested, interested B. interested, interesting

C. interesting, interested D. interesting,interesting ( C ) 9.--What a beautiful sweater! How much did you for it?

--198 yuan.

A. take B. cost C. pay D. spend

( C ) 10.If you don?t know how to spell new words , ____ in the dictionary.

A. look up them B .look for them

C .look them up D. look them for

( C ) 11. Most Chinese children like to sleep with their mothers.

They are the dark.

A. interested in B. afraid

C. terrified of D. sure of

( C ) 12.When you practice English speaking, you should not end up ____in

Chinese .

A. speak B. spoken C. speaking D. to speak ( D ) 13. --- Tom has a lot of rules at his house.

--- So _____.

A. we are B. we do C. are we D. do we ( A ) 14 . --- How hard she studies !

--- .

A. So she does B. So does she C. So do I D. So I do ( B ) 15. What would you do if your friend _____ your book without


A. lent B. borrowed C. borrow D. lend ( D ) 16. It is impolite to those persons in trouble.

A. laugh to B. laugh with C. laugh of D. laugh at ( B ) 17. — She didn?t come to school yesterday, did she ?

— ______. Though she was not feeling very well.

A. Yes, she didn?t B. Yes, she did

C. No, she did D. No, she didn?t

( D soccer, but he doesn?t like playing


A. /, / B. the. / C. the, the D. /, the ( A ) 19. —What ________ the forest of the USA in the last 350 years?

A. has happened to B. is happened to

C. has happened at D. is happening

( C ) 20. There must be something in the bag, there?

A. mustn?t B. needn?t C. isn?t D. is ( B ) 21. —Listen! What?s happening?

—Oh, it might be a girl next door.

A. to cry B. crying C. cry D. cries ( C ) 22. Excuse me, can you tell me next?.

A. how to do B. what should we do

C. what we should do D. how we should do

( B )23. The teacher came in ____ a book under his arm .

A. by B. With C. for D. as

( C ) 24. I had my bike ___________ yesterday. It was broken.

A. repair B. repairs C. repaired D. repairing ( A noise. sleep well last night..

A. too much; so B. much too; so

C. too much; too D. many; much

( C ) 26. I don?t know ________ he lives.

A. what B. how C. where D. which

( C ) 27. I don?t know _________.

A. what to do it B. how to do C. what to do D. to do what ( A ) 28. --Can you understand me?

--Sorry, I can _____understand what you have said.

A. hardly B. almost C. nearly D. easily ( B No, I've grown up.

A. alone


1. —How are you your classmates? —Very well.

in the last 60 years in China.

speaking in front of a group.


三、完形填空 (20分)

B. being alone C. lonely D. being lonely

home. The shop sold many jackets. He looked ?At that time his friend Bruce came into the shop. They hadn?t seen each other for they were busy talking on and on happily. Henry picked up the bag, and walked the door of the shop. The him in surprise at first, but soon he remembered that he hadn?t paid for it. He

( ) 1. A. fruit B. book C. food D. clothing

( ) 2. A. up B. for C. after D. at

( ) 3. A. put B. tried C. got D. turned

( ) 4. A. bag B. cup C. car D. pocket

( ) 5. A. worried B. interested C. pleased D. anxious

( ) 6. A. nobody B. anybody C. something D. everything

( ) 7. A. though B. so C. because D. but

( ) 8. A. towards B. through C. out of D. round

( ) 9. A. dinner B. bag C. jacket D. ticket

( ) 10. A. goodbye B. yes C. hello D. sorry

四. 阅读理解(15分)

Almost everyone likes dogs, and almost everyone likes to read about dogs. I have a friend. He has a big police dog with the name Jack. Police dogs are very clever. Every Sunday afternoon my friend takes Jack for a long walk in the park. Jack likes these long walks very much.

One Sunday afternoon a young man came to visit my friend. He stayed a long time. He talked and talked. Soon it was time for my friend to take Jack for a walk. But the visitor still stayed. Jack became much worried. He walked around the room several times and then sat down in front of the visitor and looked at him. But the visitor paid no attention to Jack. He went on talking. At last Jack

got angry. He went out of the room and came back a few minutes later. He sat down again in front of the visitor, but this time he took the visitor?s cap in his mouth.

( ) 1. The young visitor stayed a long time in my friend?s house, didn?t he?

A. Yes, he was. B. Yes, he did.

C. No, he wasn?t. D. No, he didn?t.

( ) 2. Jack became worried because _______ .

A. he wanted to go out for a walk B. he wanted to play with him

C. he didn?t know the young man D. he wanted to eat something

( ) 3. Jack sat down in front of the visitor because he wanted _____.

A. the visitor to talk with him B. to join the talk

C. to show the visitor how clever he was D. the visitor to leave the house soon

( ) 4. The visitor went on talking and ______.

A. he paid no attention to his cap B. he didn?t like Jack

C. he paid no attention to Jack

D. he didn?t know that his cap was taken away by Jack

( ) 5. At last Jack took ______ in his mouth.

A. food B. nothing C. the visitor?s cap D. the visitor?s bag



1. 学英语的基本方法(listen carefully; read aloud; speak much; read widely; learn….by heart; practice writing…..)

2. 你的体会和其他建议。


Dear Xiao Ming,

I?m glad to receive your letter. In your letter you asked me about how to

learn English.



你原来身体状况不好,经常感冒,经过一段时间的锻炼,你感到身体好了,学习效率也明显提高了。此时校报英语角正在征集“Sports and Health”的文章,你想就此机会写一写你参加体育活动后的感受。

提示词语:the Physical Trainning Centre体育健身中心 join in, energetic精力充沛

Sports and Health

My name is Lin Tao. I'm from Class 1, Grade Three.

I think sports are very good for our health and study. I have kept doing exercise for a long time. Several months ago, I was weak in health. I often had a cold. So I went to the Physical Training Centre every week. There I joined in swimming, playing basketball and some other sports. Now I'm feeling much better than before. I'm very energetic. Good health makes me study better now. I hope other students should keep taking exercise every day. Start right now!

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