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I. 听力技能:(三部分,共15个小题,计15分)

第一节:根据所听到的内容,选择相应的图画。(每小题1分,共5分) ( )1. A. B. C. ( ) 2. A. B. C. ( ) 3. A. B. C.

( ) 4. A. B. C. ( )5.A. B. C.


( ) 6. What would the woman like?

A. She’d like tea. B. She’d like coffee . C. She doesn’t mind tea or coffee.

( ) 7. What's Anna's job?

A. Police officer. B. Doctor . C. Bank clerk.

( ) 8.What does Kate look like?

A. She wears glasses. B. She has short hair C. She is good-looking

( ) 9. Can Jim answer the phone?

A. Yes, he can. B. No, he can’t. C. We don’t know.

( )10.Where is the pay phone?

A. It's next to the library.

第三节: 笔录要点:根据你所听到的内容,填写下面的表格。每空不超过3个单词。(每小题1分,共5分)

B. It's next to the supermarket. C. It's across from the supermarket.

II. 知识运用(两部分,共20个小题,计20分)


( ) 16. I want to be _______ policewoman because it’s ______ exciting job.

A. a ,a B. an ,an C. a, an

( ) 17________ Mike ________ for the math test last night?

A. Does, study B. Did study D. Did, studied

( ) 18.----What do you think of the program Chinese Cooking?.

—Oh, ________. It’s really boring.

A. I don’t mind it B. I can’t stand it C. I like it very much

( ) 19. —Thanks a lot ________ us so many books.

—You’re welcome.

A. to give B. for giving C. of giving

( ) 20 —What _______ coat would you like?

—A small one.

A. size B. kind C. color

( ) 21. Don’t ________ rules next time!

A. keep B. break C. breaking

( ) 22. ----Is your friend quiet?

-----No, he never stops _______.

A. talk B talking C. to talk

( ) 23. I don’t go to school _____ Sunday morning.

A. at B. on C. in

( ) 24. ---- ___________________?

---- I’d like a dress for my girl friend.

A. Excuse me B. Can you help me C. Can I help you


) 25. Look! Dave ________ on the phone. A. talks B. is talking C. talk

第二节:完形填空:(10分) ’was nine o’ were tired after five days’ ( ) 26. A. told B. took C. brought

( ) 27. A. morning B. afternoon C. evening

( ) 28. A. meal B. supper C. breakfast

( ) 29. A. on B. by C. in

( ) 30. A. people B. cars C. buses

( ) 31. A. saw B. climbed C. left

( ) 32. A. behind B. after C. with

( ) 33. A. time B. home C. work

( ) 34. A. rest B. look C. work

( ) 35. A. hard B. good C. long




Mr. and Mrs. Scott want to buy some new chairs for their new house. They come into a shop and see some very good chairs on the floor. They like the color and want to know how much they are. They see a price tag(标签)on one chair. It says “$ 100”. They like the chair but they are too expensive for them. The Scotts don’t think they can buy them now. They leave the shop and go to other shops. Mr. Scott thinks they can find some cheap chairs.


( ) 36. Mr. and Mrs. Scott have a new house.

( ) 37. They want to buy tables and chairs for their house.

( ) 38. They think the chairs in this shop are cheap.

( ) 39. They leave the shop and go home.

( ) 40. They want to buy good and cheap chairs.


Hello, everyone ! My name is Bob. I live in Toronto, Canada. It’s a very beautiful city. My parents are from France. They speak French. And I can speak English and French.

I am 13 years old and my birthday is in November. I’m a middle school student. There are thirteen girls and fifteen boys in my class. They are from five countries. They all come to learn English. There are eight Chinese students in my class and six of them are my good friends. I like China very much because it is a great country. I want to learn Chinese. And I want to go to China.

( ) 41. Where is Bob from?

A. France. B. Canada. C. China.

( )42. How many students are there in Bob’s class?

A. Thirteen. B. Fifteen. C. Twenty-eight.

( ) 43. What does Bob want to do?

A. He wants to go to China.

B. He wants to learn English.

C. He wants to go to France.

( ) 44. What languages can Bob speak?

A. English and Chinese. B. English and French. C. Chinese and English.

( ) 45. How many Chinese friends does Bob have?

A. Five. B. Six. C. Eight.

( B)

46. If you want to know something about Japan, which of the following program would be the best one?

A. Weather report. B. Around the world. C. Animal world. .

A.19:00 on Channel 2 B.21:15 on Channel 1 C.20:20 on Channel 2

48.The TV play “Sisters” probably lasts(持续A.50 minutes B.30 minutes C.90 minutes

programs if you want to learn English on TV.

A. English news B. English for today C. Both A and B

50.The programs at the end of Channel 2 is about on TV next week.

A .news


Yesterday afternoon, Kate stopped me at the school gate and asked me to her party. I was happy because she often helps me with my English. I hope to talk with more English men .Her family come from Canada. They all speak English. My mother knew Kate liked dumplings and made some for her. Kate’s friends were in the room when I got there. The girl thanked me for my present, the dumplings . The party started at five and we all said “Happy birthday!” to her. She told us to talk in English. We had a good time and learned a lot, too.

51. When did Kate ask me to her party?

52. What did I give to Kate for her birthday?

53. Did the children talk in Chinese or in English?

54. What time did the party start?

55. Where Kate’s friends were when I got there ? B. programs C. TV plays

IV. 写作技能:(四部分,计25分)

第一节:单词拼写 根据所给汉语或英语首字母写出短文中所缺英语单词(每小题0.5分,共5分)

I have three good friends .They are Wang Lin ,Mary and Mike. Wang Lin is 队长体型)。He has hair. He is very (受欢迎的)Mary is thin and is of medium She has 卷的) hair. She is good-looking but she is a little bit ’

第二节:翻译理解 阅读下面的短文,将划线部分译成英文或中文(每小题1分,计5分) 享受城市的安静的街道和小公园.Take a walk through 紧靠旅馆的旁边是一栋带有花园的小房。 70.This is the beginning of the garden tour.







A: 71______________________________________________?

B: I’m watching TV.

A: TV show is boring. 72 __________________________________.

B: That sounds great. 73 ___________________________________?

A: Yes, I do. I have a new soccer.

B:74 _____________________________________________________?

A: It’s sunny outside. It’s good for sports.

B: 75 _______________________________________________________?

A: At the door of the park, OK?

B: Great. See you.

第四节 书面表达(10)

以My Happy weekend为题, 写一则日记. 信息要点如下:

1. 星期六上午起床。早餐之后,去青少年宫(The Children Palace)上钢琴课。




要求:1. 不要遗漏所提供的信息。 2. 字数在60~80之间

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