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Lesson 18 Li Ming’s Birthday

Talk about your own birthday party.

Listen and answer the question:
What presents did Li Ming get

from Jenny and Danny?

Read and answer the question:

1.Did Li Ming get presents from China?
2. Did he love the jacket? 3. What did he think of the colour and the style? 4. Who bought the cake for Li Ming?

5. Why do you think Danny bought a cap of the same style for Li Ming?

6. Look at the picture. Do you think the presents fit Li Ming very well? 7. Did Li Ming have a birthday party?

Who did he invite?
8. Have you had an interesting birthday before? Talk about it.

Read , ask and answer :

1.When you get presents from your friends, what will you say? Many thanks ______ the presents. for

e.g. Many thanks for helping me. Many thanks for your help.

2. Where did his mother get them?

from His mother got them ______ the post office yesterday.

3.What does he think of the jacket?

she gave him He loves the jacket ______________. The in fashion style is ___________, red is his __________ colour. It _____ him favourite fits very well _________. e.g. Her clothes are always in fashion,
but very cheap. Do you know the fashion this year?

4. How did they know what size to buy?

the same size as Because Brian is _________________ as Li Ming. If the jacket fits Brian, it will fit Li Ming.
I don’t know where to go.

She doesn’t know how to do.
She doesn’t know when to leave.

5. How did Li Ming’s parents celebrate his birthday? They _______ him a Chinese party ____ gave for his birthday.

6. What did his mother buy for him?

She bought a delicious birthday cake, with thirteen candles. _____ Ms Wang came in, with an English book under her arm.

7. What did his family members do when they celebrated the party? Li Ming’s mother turned off the ___________ carried light, his father ________ the cake into blew out _____ the room and he ______ _____ the candles.

Read and retell:

Many thanks ____ the presents! My mother ____ them yesterday ____ the post office.
I love the jacket _________. The style is _______ and red is my ______ colour. The jacket _____ me _____. How did you know __________? I also love the cap. It _____ your cap. I __________ when I saw it. Every time I wear it, I will_______ you.

My parents _____ me a Chinese party ____ my birthday! They invited ______. We ate _____. My mother bought a ______ birthday cake _____ thirteen candles. When it was time ____ dessert, she _______ the light. My father _____ the cake ____ the room and I ______ the candles. Li Ming looks _____ in the jacket and cap.

考考你的记忆力,补全单词。 1.The style is in f_______ here in China. ashion 2.Red is my f________ colour. avourite 3.The jacket f_____ me very well. its

4.We eat n_______ on my birthday. oodles
5.I b______ out the candles on the cake. lew


1.I can’t decide where ______. A
A. to go B. go C. going D. went

2.Shall we go to _____ a film tonight? C
A. look

B. read C. see D. watch

3.The accident happened ______ a cold B wet morning. A. to B. on C. at D. in 4.There was ______ a small card in the box. C A. nothing B. something but C. nothing but D. everything but 5.Good luck ______ your maths! B A. to B. with C. for D. on


1.Tom is in Class Six. Mary is in Class Six,
too. (改为同义句) same the class They are in _____ ______ ________.

2.It is time for supper. (改为同义句)

It is time ____ ______supper. to have
3.Maybe he is at home. (改为同义句) He _____ _____ at home. may be

1. Write a thank-you note. 2. Write your birthday party.

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