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姓名_______________ 班级__________座号 _________


I. 单项选择:(20分)

( ) 1 I can’t do such kind of things. Could you make a(n) _____ for me ?

A help B exercise C example D help

( ) 2 -- ____ are the Olympics held ? -- Every four years.

A How many B How much C How often D How long

( ) 3 – Shall I take the camera for the picnic ? -- ____. It’ll be fun.

A Good idea B I’d love to C I’m glad to hear that D Thanks

( ) 4 – Don’t put your shoes here and there. – Sorry. I ____ do it again.

A won’t B will C would D can

( ) 5 There ____ a soccer game ____ October 10th. Shall we go to watch it?

A will have, on B will be, in C is going to have, on D is going to be, on

( ) 6 – I think you will do very well in the English exam.

– Oh, yeah. I’m sure I can. Because I’m ____ English.

A weak in B good at C angry with D popular with

( ) 7 Jane is ____ active girl, and she always likes playing ____ volleyball after school.

A an; / B a; / C an; the D a; the

( ) 8 This kind of T-shirt is very ____ this summer. Many young people like to wear it.

A important B exciting C popular D dear

( ) 9 His parents often tell him not to ____ much time ____ computers games.

A take; to play B take; playing C spend; playing D spend; to play

( ) 10 –Would you mind not playing basketball here? – I’m sorry ____ that. I’ll go ____ else.

A about, anywhere B about, somewhere C on, somewhere D on, anywhere

( ) 11 Now ____ Chinese people are learning English, because they want to visit foreign


A more and many B more and most C more and more D more and much

( ).12-- You look ________.Can you tell me why you are so happy?

-Sure. I saw an ________movie just now. It has great fun.

A excite ,exciting B exciting ,excited C excited ,exciting D exciting, excite

( ) 13 – I’m sorry for losing your book. -- ____.

A Oh, it’s nothing B You’re welcome C That’s OK D Thank you all the same

( ) 14 The rose is a ____ of love. A motto B symbol C way D word

( ) 15 – When did you ____ the high jump club? -- Last month. I’m going to ____ the high jump in our school sports meet.

A join; join B take part in; join C join, take part in D take part in; take part in

( ) 16 Kangkang won the first place in the _______ in the school sports meet last week.

A. boy’s 100-meter race B. boys’ 100-meter race C. boy’s 100-meters race D. boys’ 100-meters race


( ) 17-- I’m sure our team will win. -- ____.

A I don’t know B That’s all right C I’m sorry to hear that D I hope so

( ) 18 I think I ____ free on Sunday. Let’s ____ skating.

A be, to go B am, to go C will be, go D am going to be, go to

( ) 19 – I will take part in the long jump. - ____

A Have fun B I’m sure you will win C See you later D Take care

( ) 20 ____ soccer is Tom’s favorite. He has great fun ____ it .

A To play, play B Playing, to play C Plays, playing D Playing, playing


Peter is thirteen years old. He is Grade Tow this year. He likes to and watch football matches. And he often newspapers. He does his best to know when and where Peter lunch. He is listening to the radio(收音机),too. He is very English and Chinese lessons. He thinks for a while and “Hello, Mr. Black,” Peter says to his teacher on the telephone, "Peter is ill(生病). He wants to ask for half a day’s leave(假).”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that,” says Mr. Black," But ?”

“It’s my father, Mr. Black.”

( )21. A. for B. in C. on D. at

( )22. A. play the football B. play basketball

C. play football D. play the basketball

( )23. A. reads B. looks C. sees D. watches

( )24. A. are B. have C. were D. is going to be

( )25. A. has B. is having C. have D. had

( )26. A. sad B. happy C. sorry D. fool

( )27. A. every afternoon B. every day

C. this afternoon D. yesterday afternoon

( )28. A. having B. has C. had D. have

( )29. A. finds B. looks for C. found D. looked for

( )30. A. who are you B. who’s this

C. you are who D. who you are

III. 阅读理解(20分)



The game is between two teams. There are eleven players in each team. To score a goal, a player must put the ball into the other team’s goal. They may use their feet, heads or other parts of the body(身体), but they must not use the hands. The goalkeeper(守门员) may use the hands in each team.


There are two teams and each team usually has six players.


The players try to make the ball hit(碰) the ground on the other side of the net(球网). They may use their hands, fists(拳头) or arms , but they must not catch the ball while playing.


There are ten players in a team. But only five players in each team may play at one time. If a team need change a player, the player can’t leave the court until says “Yes”.

To score a goal, a player must throw the ball into the other team’s basket. Players must not carry the ball. A player must not touch another player.


( )31. How to score in a volleyball game?

A. Just make the ball hit the other side’s ground.

B. Just put the ball into the other side’s goal.

C. Just make the ball pass over the net.

D. Just put the ball into other side’s basket.

( )32. The volleyball players can only_______ while playing.

A. use their heads B. use their arms or feet

C. use their hands, fists or arms D. use their hands

( )33. Each basketball team can have _____ player at most.

A. five B. ten C. twenty D. eleven

( )34. What does the underlined word “referee” mean?

A. 队长 B. 教练 C.裁判 D.观众

( )35. Which of the following is NOT TRUE ?

A. In a football game, there is only one goalkeeper in one team.

B. There are six players in two volleyball teams.

C. The basketball team will score when they throw the ball into other team’s basket.

D. In a basketball game, a player mustn’t touch another player.


Helen Keller lived in the U.S.A. She was a great woman. When Helen was a baby, she got very sick. After many weeks, the doctor said, “she is better, but she can’t see or hear.” Her mother and father were very sad.

After a few years, things got worse(更糟). There was no way for Helen to speak with other people. She heard nothing. She saw nothing. She didn’t understand anything.

Then one day a teacher came to live with Helen and her family. The teacher helped Helen learn about words. Helen was a very bright child and soon she leaned to spell her first word. When she was older, she went to college(大学).

After she left the college, she helped many blind(盲) and deaf(聋) people. She traveled around the world and helped many people.

Helen was a very old woman when she died. The world remembers her today as a brave(勇敢的) and wonderful person. She was blind and deaf, but she found a way to see and hear. 根据短文内容,选择正确答案。(5分)

( )36. Helen Keller got very sick when____________.

A. she was a baby B. she went to college


C. her teacher came to her home D. she was very old

( )37.____ taught Helen Keller her first word.

A. Her mother B. Her teacher C. Her father D. The doctor

( )38.Helen Keller was famous because__________.

A. she was an American

B. she traveled around the world

C. her teacher taught her many things

D. she learned to read and write and helped many people in the world.

( )39.The world remembers Helen Keller today because________.

A. she was very bright

B. she was blind and deaf

C. she was a brave and wonderful person

D. she went to college

( )40. Helen Keller was blind and deaf, but____________.

A. she found a way to understand the world

B. her mother and father didn’t feel sad

C. she found a way to travel around the world

D. she found out how people became blind and deaf


One Sunday, Cody decided to go sailing in his boat with his friend Dane, but Dane happened to be away. Dane’s brother Brett wanted to go instead though he did not know anything about sailing. Cody agreed and they set out to sea.

Soon they found themselves in a thick fog. Cody was sure they would be hit by a big ship. Fortunately (幸运地), he saw a large buoy (浮标) through the fog and decided to tie the boat to it for safety. As he was getting onto the buoy, however, he dropped the wet rope. The boat moved away in the fog carrying Brett who did not know how to use the radio. He drifted (漂流) about and was not seen until twelve hours later.

Cody spent the night on the buoy. In the early morning he fell asleep and was having a dream when a shout woke him up. A ship, the Good Hope, came up and he climbed onto it and thanked the captain. The captain told him that Brett had been picked up by another ship and the ship’s captain had sent out a message.


( )41. Cody went sailing in his boat with his friend’s brother Brett.

( )42. About sailing, Brett knew a little.

( )43. Soon they got into trouble because of the thick fog.

( )44. They drifted about and were not seen until twelve hours later.

( )45. Brett was saved by the ship, the Good Hope.




Jogging(慢跑) became popular about twenty years ago and has been a favorite way of keeping 4

fit for lots of people. People of any age like to do it. Teenagers(青少年) can jog and people in their seventies or eighties can jog, too. They can jog anywhere. People jog around college campuses(校园),around the houses and in parks.

Jogging doesn’t need any special training. Do some warm-up exercises(热身练习) and then you are ready to start.



51.Michael likes running. He thinks it can make him ___________.(健康)

51.At the ____________ of the party, the students are all very excited.(开始)

53.I saw some girls ____________ when I was walking in the park this morning.(骑自行车)

54.Shanghai is a ____________ city in China. There are lots of tall buildings there.(现代的)

55.Please let me know __________ you go to the zoo this Sunday.(是否)

56.The man is one of the greatest __________ in the war.(英雄)

57.Li Lei likes playing basketball, but Michael prefers _______________________(打乒乓球)

58.The world is like a big family and we have lots of friends _____________________(全世界)

59.They’re ____________________ Shanghai the day after tomorrow for an important meeting.(动身去)

60.Maria will take part in the girls’ 400-meter race. We’d like ________________.(为她加油)

61.Tom wants to be a doctor when he _______________________.(长大成人)

62.The room is so big. It can hold _______________ 30 people.(至少)

63.During the sports meet, David ______________________ with Kangkang.(交朋友)

64.In 2008, Beijing held the Olympic games, we Chinese _________________________ to win the games.(尽全力)

65.Michael didn’t come to school because he __________________ yesterday.(病倒了) V. 选择所给词的正确形式填空.(10分)

James Naismith __66__ PE. Class in a sports school in the USA. He also wrote some books __67__ his life. But the most important thing is that he is the __68__ of basketball. One morning, it snowed heavily. The students could not do __69__ exercise. They had to stay in the classroom and have __70__ to do. At __71__, James Naismith came up with a good idea, “Why not play __72__ in the classroom ?” So they found a basketball and played it. At first, __73__ team had 9 players. Soon after, it changed to __74__ players on each side. In 1936, basketball __75__ an Olympic sport in Berlin. It was popular around the world since then.

66 __________ 67 __________ 68 __________ 69 __________ 70 __________

71 __________ 72 __________ 73 __________ 74 __________ 75 __________


Ⅵ. 补全对话(10分)

A: Tomorrow is Sunday.76______________________________________?

B: I’m going to visit my uncle’s farm with my father. Will you join us?

A: 77__________________________. I’m sure it’s fun. Where is the farm? 78 ____________________________?

B: No, not very far. It’s about half an hour’s walk.

A: 79______________________________?

B: we’ll go there by bike.

A: 80_______________________?

B: Let’s meet at the park gate at 8:00 a.m.

A: Ok, see you then

VII. 书面表达:(10分)


1. 非常喜欢运动及其原因。

2. 最喜欢的运动项目及体育明星,自己的梦想。

3. 平时花多少时间运动。

4. 运动的收获。


姓名___________ 班级 __________座号 __________得分 __________

I. 单项选择:(20分)

1. __________ 2.__________ 3. __________ 4. __________ 5. __________

6. __________ 7.__________ 8. __________ 9. __________ 10. __________

11. __________ 12.__________ 13. __________ 14. __________ 15. __________

16. __________ 17.__________ 18. __________ 19. __________ 20. __________ II. 完形填空:(10分)

21. __________ 22.__________ 23. __________ 24. __________ 25. __________

26. __________ 27.__________ 28. __________ 29. __________ 30. __________ III. 阅读理解:(20分)

31. __________ 32.__________ 33. __________ 34. __________ 35. __________

36. __________ 37.__________ 38. __________ 39. __________ 40. __________

41. __________ 42.__________ 43. __________ 44. __________ 45. __________ VII. 书面表达:(10分)


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