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Unit 1

Ⅴ. 根据句意和首字母提示补全单词

1. Shanghai has many tall b_____ . Most of them are 200 meters high .

2. Lucy went to Beijing yesterday, s_____ be back in two days .

3. Yang Liwei is a famous a_____ of China .

4. There are millions of stars in s_____ .

5. The old man lives a_____ , but he doesn?t feel lonely .


1. 她希望活到200岁

She hopes to _____ _____ _____ 200 years old .

2. 随着城市的扩大,将会有较少的小汽车和更多的公共汽车。

As cities get bigger , there will _____ ______ cars and _____ buses .

3. 他每天都弹吉他。

He _____ _____ _____ every day .

4. Tom一见到那个女孩就爱上了她。

Tom _____ _____ _____ _____ the girl as soon as he saw her .

5. 告诉Mary尽可能多读英语。

_____ Mary _____ _____ English _____ _____ _____ _____ .

Ⅶ 书面表达。


Unit 2 What should I do ?


( )1. Maybe he put it in his pocket , ______ he ?

A. does B. doesn?t C. did D. didn?t

( ) 2. The boy is ______to go to school .

A. enough old B. enough young C. old enough D. young enough

( ) 3.Please show me the ticket ______the concert .

A. of B. for C. to D .on

( ) 4.I need to get some money to _____the summer camp .

A . pay on B. pay in C. pay with D. pay for

( ) 5.When I arrived home , I remembered that I ______ my key in the classroom .

A. forget B. forgot C. leave D. left

( ) 6. They are ______ the summer holiday .

A. planning B. planing C. planned D. plans

( ) 7. I ______ it everywhere , but I didn?t _____ it .

A . looked for , looked for B. looked for , find

C. found , looked for D. find , look for

( ) 8.Our teacher often tells us _____ to the old politely .

A. speak B .speaking C. to speak D. speak in

( ) 9.I really don?t know _________.

A. what should I do B. what to do

C. what does D. what doing

( )10. Please ______ who broke the window .

A. find out B. find C. look for D. look out

( ) 11.He came to ask ____ .

A. what is the matter B. what was the matter

C. what the matter is D. what the matter was

( ) 12. I don?t have any money and he doesn?t, ____ .

A. too B. either C. also D. neither

( ) 13. — ____ do you go to the cinema?

— Every two weeks.

A. How long B. How many C. How often D. How much

( ) 14. Yesterday Dick made me ____ for a long time.

A. to wait B. wait C. waited D. waiting

( ) 15. I need some money to buy clothes ____ my mother. Her clothes are out of style.

A. after B. to C. of D. for

Ⅳ. 阅读表达

A lift is very useful. It looks like a small room. It goes up and down all day. Sometimes a worker stands in the lift. He or she operates(操作)

Lifts are very important to us. Why? Think about a tall building. Maybe it has twenty floors. Maybe it has fifty or more. Who can walk up all the stairs(楼梯)?Maybe people can climb them once. Can someone climb thirty floors to an office every day? Can small children walk up to their rooms on the twenty-four floor? Can their mothers or fathers carry food up to all those stairs?


1. What is a lift like?

2. What does a worker do when he or she stand in the lift?


3. ______________________________________________________________________

4. ______________________________________________________________________


5. ______________________________________________________________________

Ⅴ. 根据句意和首字母完成单词

1. Tom p_____ his CDs every evening . The sound is too loud and I can?t fall asleep .

2. We often a_____ with each other because we don?t agree with each other .

3. If you want to be p_____ , you must be friendly to others .

4. What he said s_____ me , I can hardly believe my ears .

5. Ted won?t go there . Tim won?t go there , e_____ .

Ⅵ. 根据汉语完成句子每空一词。

1. 我该怎么办呀?

What _____ I _____ ?

2. 你的衣服全都过时了。

Your clothes are all _____ _____ _____ .

3. 也许你应该请家教。

_____ you _____ _____ a tutor .

4. 我们不应该穿一样的衣服。

We _____ wear _____ _____ clothes .

5. 收音机太吵了,告诉他调低一点。

The radio is too noisy . Tell him _____ _____ _____ _____ .

Ⅶ 书面表达


提示:1. 单词很重要,而记单词的一个很好的方法就是通过读英文杂志

2. 学习语法也是学好英语的一个途径

3. 参加学校的英语俱乐部是提高英语口语的好方法

4. 总而言之,多听、多说、多读、多写一定能提高英语水平

参考词汇:提高 improve vt. 总而言之 in one word

How can you learn English well?

Unit 3 What were you doing when the UFO arrived ?


( )1. What ______ you _______ when she came in?

A. did, do B. are, doing C. do, do D. were, doing ( )2. The girl is ill. She?s ______.

A. in hospital B. in the hospital C. at hospital D. at the hospital ( )3. The patients (病人)are waiting _______.

A. at the doctor B. at the doctor?s C. in the doctor D. in doctor?s ( )4. Where was Davy ______ Linda was looking for him?

A. that B. while C. at D. where

( )5. They are thinking about _______ the poor children.

A. help B. to help C. helping D. helps

( )6. The woman couldn?t see her son ________. She?s very worried.

A. anywhere B. somewhere C. nowhere D. where ( )7. They are talking about something ______ the telephone.

A. in B. on C. at D. for

( )8. We were very ________ that Jim didn?t pass the exam.

A. surprise B. surprising C. surprised D. surprises ( )9. Just now she saw the man ________ into the room.

A. go B. went C. goes D. to go

( )10. There?s a big tree _______ the building.

A. in front of B. in the front of C. in front D. at the front of

Ⅳ. 根据句意和首字母完成单词

1. The cat is c_____ a tree now .

2. Don?t s_____ . I can hear you .

3. What?s the m_____ of the word ?

4. L_____ she passed the exam .

5. What h_____ to him yesterday .

Ⅵ. 综合填空

Miss Richards was a teacher at a school for boys and girls. She t chemistry and physics from the lowest to the highest classes in the srapidly,but sometimes they were very s,and then Miss Richard's had to r things many times.

One year,the first class had been studying chemistry for several w 6 when Miss Richards suddenly asked,“What is water? Who knows? H up?”

There was silence (沉默) for a few seconds,and miss Richards felt saddened(难过),but then one boy r 8 his hand. “Yes,Dick?” said Miss Richards encouragingly(鼓励地). He was not one of the brightest children in the class,so she was g that he could answer.

“Water is a liquid which has no c 10 until you wash your hands in it,Miss. Then it turns black,”the boy replied with great confidence(信心).

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Ⅶ. 根据汉语完成句子每空一词

1. 在街上踢足球很危险。

It?s _____ _____ _____ _____ in the street .


The boy _____ _____ when he saw _____ _____ _____ .


You?d better not _____ _____ _____

4. 我前几天听说了那件事。

I _____ _____ the event a few days ago .


September 11 , 2001 _____ _____ _____ most Americans .

Unit 4 He said I was hard-working .

( )10. I hope you are ______ good health.

A. in B. on C. with D. for

( ) 11. She said that she could _____ four languages .

A. say B. tell C. talk D. speak

( ) 12. We can do the work better with _____ money and _____ people .

A. less; fewer B. fewer; less C. less ; less D. fewer; fewer

( ) 13. My teacher says that I drew _____ and my handwriting is _____ .

A. good; good B. good ; well C. well ; good D. well ; well

( ) 14.I saw him _____ yesterday . He danced very beautifully .

A. dance B. to dance C. danced D. dances

( ) 15. She said she _____ to the cinema every Saturday .

A. goes B. went C. is going D. was going to Ⅳ.根据句意和首字母补全单词

1. You can believe me . The story is t_____ .

2. She felt a little n_____ before so many strangers .

3. Jim did w_____ in the test . His mother was mad at him .

4. We t_____ that we could do better .

5. He said that he w_____ go to Hainan .

Ⅶ. 完成下列句子

1. 李华问我能否照抄我的作业。

Li Hua asked me _____ _____ _____ _____ my homework .

2. 琳达说她再也不想做我的最好朋友了。

Linda said she didn?t _____ ____ _____ _____ ____ _____ _____ _____ .

3. 他们大多数人能上大学。

Most of them are _____ _____ ______ ______ ______ .

4. 我说那会养成坏习惯。

I said it _____ _____ _____ _____ _____

5. 她说她明天会给你打电话的。

She said she _____ _____ you _____ tomorrow .

6. 约翰比我擅长游泳。. John is _____ _____ swimming than I .







短语提示:1.be mad at 2.not…any more 3.argue with

One possible version:



( ) 1.They didn? t go to bed ______ they finished their homework. A. until B. because C. when ( ) 2.My watch is not here. Maybe ______ took it. A. somebody B. everybody C. nobody ( ) 3.He was supposed ____ more songs at the concert A. hearing B. sing C. to sing

( ) 4.We______basketball on the playground when it began to rain. A. played B. were playing C. play ( ) 5.—What did she ______? —She said she ______to Beijing for a trip. A. said; will go B. say; was going C. said; was going ( ) 6.These funny stories made all the people in the train ___. A. to laugh B. laugh C. laughing ( ) 7. Kids won?t go to school. They will study _____ home ______ computers. A. in, in B. at, on C. at , by ( ) 8. People will live ____________ 200 years old in the future. A. / B. be C. to be ( ) 9. --Will there be fewer trees? --_______________. A. Yes, there will. B. Yes, they will. C. No, they won?t. ( ) 10. I finished my __________ exams last week. A. end of year B. end-of-year C. year-of-end ( ) 11. Some scientists think that it may take ____________ years to make robots look like people, and do the same things as us. A. hundreds of B. two hundreds C. two hundred of ( ) 12. Not all events in history are as ________ as this. A. more terrible B the most terrible C. terrible ( ) 13. He doesn?t have any money, ____________. A. too B. also C. either ( ) 14. I think you should _______ some money _______ your friends. A. borrow; for B. borrow; from C. lend; from ( ) 15. My friend has the same haircut __________ I do. A. as B. like C. seem ( ) 16. What do you think Sally and Bill ____ in five years? A. was B. will be C. are ( ) 17. On Sunday, I?ll ____ myself more casually. A. can dress B. be able to dress C. can wear ( ) 18. When you arrive in Changchun, you should ____. A. call up me B. call my up C. call me up ( ) 19. —Could you please give me ____? —Certainly. A. some advices B. any advices C. some advice

( ) 20. Ann said that she wasn?t mad ____ Linda anymore.

A. of B. at C. in


Have you ever asked yourself why children go to school? You may they go to learn languages, P.E., history, science and all other . But why do they learn these things?

We send our children to school to prepare them for the time they will grow up and will begin to work for . Nearly everything they study at school has some practical use in their life. But is that the reason why they go to school?

There is more in education than just facts. We go to school above all to learn how to learn, so that then we have left school we can to learn. A man who really knows how to learn will always be successful, because whenever he has to do something new which he has never had to do he will rapidly teach himself how to do it the best way. The uneducated person, on the other hand, is unable to do something new, or does it badly. The purpose of school, therefore, is not to teach languages, math, geography, etc, but to teach pupils the way to learn.

( ) 1. A. speak B. tell C. say D. talk

( ) 2. A. matters B. subjects C. math D. physics

( ) 3. A. while B. when C. which D. where

( ) 4. A. oneself B. they C. them D. themselves

( ) 5. A. only B. nearly C . lone D. alone

( ) 6. A. study B. studied C. learning D. learn

( ) 7. A. make B. keep C. keep on D. go on

( ) 8. A. later B. ago C. then D. /

( ) 9. A. from B. in C. with D. on

( ) 10. A. either B. neither C. other D. nor

Ⅲ. 阅读理解:


Jean is a bright young woman who comes from a rich and famous family. She goes to a good university and has everything

that money can buy. Well, almost everything. The problem is that the people in Jean?s family are so busy that they can hardly find time to be with her. In fact, Jean is quite lonely.

So Jean spends a lot of time on her QQ. She likes being anonymous(匿名), talking to people who do not know about her famous family and her rich life. She uses the name Linda on QQ and has made a lot of friends who she keeps in touch with quite often.

Last year Jean made a very special friend on QQ. His name was David and lived in San Francisco. David was full of stories and jokes. He and Jean had a common(共同的) interest in rock music and modern dance. So it always took them hours to talk happily on QQ and sometimes they even forgot their time. Of course, they wanted to know more about each other. David sent a picture of himself: He was a tall, good-looking young man with a big, happy smile. As time went by, they became good friends and often sent cards and small things to each other.

When Jean?s father told her that he was going on a business trip to San Francisco, she asked him to let her go with him so that she could give David a surprise for his birthday. She would take him the latest DVD of their favorite rock singer. But when she knocked on David?s door in San Francisco, she found that her special friend was a twelve-year-old boy named Jim! 根据以上短文内容,然后从每题所给的四个选项中选择最佳选项。

( ) 1. Jean spends a lot of her time on QQ because she is _______.

A. rich B. famous C. young D. lonely

( ) 2. Jean thought “David” was special because he _______.

A. made her quite happy on QQ B. was from San Francisco

C. sent her a picture of himself D. was tall and good-looking

( ) 3. When Jean and “David” met and introduced themselves to each other, who felt surprised?

A. “David”. B. Both “David” and Jean.

C. Jean. D. Neither “David” nor Jean.

( ) 4. What?s the main idea of the passage?

A. Don?t believe those you get to know on QQ so easily.

B. People don?t use their real names on QQ so often.

C. Don?t go to meet those you get to know on QQ.

D. People should tell their real names to others on QQ.

Ⅳ. 首字母填空

1. I a________ with my best friend yesterday.

2. There will be robots in the f________.

3.--Where is your mother? --- She is cooking in the k________.

4. The little girl likes to f_________ her mother.

5. There are some p _________that never came true.

6. We can find the kind-hearted person e____.

7. The manages of the center are on their v ____ to America.

8. I r____ that getting up early is good for our health.


1 .你们总是和老师相处得好吗?

_______ you always get _______ _______ _______ your teachers?

2. While she ______ _______ _______ the phone (正在通电话 ), Davy met another dog outside the station.

3. I __________a really__________ __________ with (真的不好过 ) science last semester.

4. 十年后他会成为一名宇航员。

He will be ____________ __________ _________ ten years.

5. 昨天Tom与英语老师争辩。

Yesterday Tom ________ _________ the English teacher。

Unit 5 If you go to the party ,you’ll have a great time ?


( ) 1. We ______ better if we eat less food.

A. aren?t feel B. don?t feel C. didn?t feel D. won?t feel

( ) 2. I asked her ______.

A.what she was going to do the next year

B.what was she going to do the next year

C.she was going to do what the next year

D.she was going to do the next year

( ) 3. I won?t go if it ______ tomorrow.

A. rain B. is raining C. rains D. will rain

( ) 4. I think math is as ______ as English.

A. important B. very important C. less important D. the least important

( ) 5. It took me two hours _____ my homework last night.

A. to finish B. finishing C. finish D. for finishing

( ) 6. What about _____ the hill?

A. climb up B. to climb up C. climbing up D. to climb

( ) 7. The radio is too noisy. I can?t go to sleep. Would you please _____?

A. turn it up B. turn it down C. turn up it D. turn down it

Ⅳ 短文填空

Are you able to send a letter with pictures and sounds to someone anywhere in the world without putting a stamp on it ? W__1___ e-mail you can just do that . Using a c__2___ you can send e-mail quickly and easily . The post is much s__3___ than e-mail . E-mail can send i___4__ message to the other side of the world in seconds .

E-mail is easy to use and it s___5__ time and money . The differences in time in different parts of the world do not matter w__6__ sending e-mail . It is twenty-four hours service that you can send e-mail at any time of the day or n__7___ . No one has to be t___8__ to receive e-mail . It d__9___ matter if your friends are in bed when you send e-mail to them , or you are seeing a f__10___ at the cinema when they send e-mail back .

1._____ 2. _____ 3. _____ 4. _____ 5. ______

6. _____ 7. _____ 8. ______ 9. _____ 10. ______


1、My cousin is an a _____ in the Middle East.

2、He had to work in a building-field to make a l____.

3、I don?t want to wear my j____.

4、This is the most important e ____of the year.

5、I hope our football team will be l____ in Asia Cup.

Unit 6 How long have you been collecting shells ?


( )1. -When did you get your first pair of skates?


A. For 6 years B. Since I was 7 years old.

C. When I was 7 years old. D. Since 6 years ago.

( )2. He raised ______ for the charity to help the poor children.

A. thousand of dollars B. thousand of dollar

C. thousands of dollars D. thousands of dollar

( )3. -______ does the first class begin? -At 7:40.

A. How long B. Where C. When D. How

( )4. Mr. Smith _______ here for about two hours.

A. has left B. left from C. went away from D. has been away from ( )5. _____ of them has an English dictionary.

A. Every B. All . Both D. Each

( )6. ______ is really hard _______ them to climb up the mountain at night.

A. This, to B. It, for C. This, for D. It, to

( )7. Signs can been seen on the road. _______ can people see them?

A. Where else place B. Where place else

( )8. -Who cleaned the blackboard yesterday, Dick? -John ______.

A. cleaned B. does C. did D. is

( )9. Do you know _______ over there?

A. What happens B. What was happened

C. What is happening D. What did happen

( )10. I?m waiting for my friend. If he _______, I will go swimming alone.

A. doesn?t come B. won?t come

C. will come D. is coming


Linda has brought all her books home today. After lunch she puts the out on the table and begins to do the homework for each subject. She begins with math. She finds that she has no it. After a little while, she doesn?t feel comfortable window shines . She moves back to the table. She has made a good start on her when she stops to listen to her mother talking on the telephone. When she comes back to her work, her little sister Betty asks her for some . Betty joins her at the table and begins to draw a horse. Linda has to her. When they have finished, both go to the some cakes there and brings a tin Coca Cola to her table. She says to herself, “I?ll finish my English exercises at school before classes start ” Then she starts to review her history lesson, but she feels . She doesn?t know what she is reading. She closes her books and goes to bed.

( ) 1. A. balls B. books

( ) 2. A. cake C. toys D. pictures B. water C. ruler D. bag

( ) 3. A. on the floor

( ) 4. A. on the door B. near the window C. on the table D. in the chair B. on the walls C. on her feet D. in her eyes

C. history

C. sweets D. math D. apples

D. write to ( ) 5. A. English B. Chinese ( ) 6. A. money B. paper ( ) 7. A. pull

( ) 8. A. bedroom B. help C. listen to B. bathroom C. classroom D. kitchen

( ) 9. A. today B. tomorrow C. this evening D. this afternoon

( )10. A. cold B. sorry C. tired D. hungry


This is really a very fast game. Both sides are fighting for the ball all the time. We are enjoying every minute of it. Loud shouts can be heard here and there.

Willis has the ball now. This is only his third game for England, but he?s playing so well that it won?t be his last, I?m quite sure.

Willis passes the ball to Cotton. Cotton kicks it over the heads of the Frenchmen towards the goal. But he?s too far away. Dupont picks it up easily and throws it to Paton.

France and England still have one goal each, and there are only two minutes left. At this moment, anything can happen. Paton kicks the ball across to Crozat. It?s a beautiful kick. But Stevens jumps and just stops the ball with the side of his head. But Menier is there. He passes it to Crozat, and Crozat, without any hesitation(犹豫), puts the ball into the back of the goal. It's a great surprise to us. I've never seen such a goal like this.

And the game is over. France has won the cup.

( ) 1.It wouldn?t be Willis’ last game for England because ______.

A. he had played three already B. this was only his third time

C. he was a good player D. he had kicked three goals for England

( ) 2.Why couldn't Cotton kick the ball into the goal?

A. Because Willis was too far away from him.

B. Because he wasn?t near the goal.

C. Because Dupont picked the ball up easily.

D. Because the Frenchmen stopped the ball with their heads.

( ) 3. “ At this moment, anything can happen” means “______”.

A. The ninety minutes will end in a draw(不分胜负)

B. There is time for another goal

C. The game is nearly over D. Either A or B

( ) 4.How many goals had the French players kicked by the end of the match?

A. One B. Two C. Three D. Four

( ) 5.Who were all from the French team?

A. Cotton, Stevens, Menier and Crozat. B. Paton, Crozat, Sevens and Dupont

C. Dupont, Crozat, Menier and Paton. D. Willis, Dupont, Cotton and Menier. Ⅴ. 完成句子,每空一词

1. 会议持续了数小时。

The meeting has _____ _____ for _____ hours .


Don?t tell the secret to _____ ______ .

3. 她去过北京两次。

She ______ ______ to Beijing twice.

4. 你喜欢集邮吗?

Do you like _____ ________?

5. 她今天滑冰滑了多长时间了?

How long ____ _____ _____ skating today?

Unit 7 Would you mind turning down the music ?

Ⅲ 阅读理解

What are you going to do if you are in a burning house? How will you escape? Do you know how to save yourself? Please read the following passage.

Escaping a fire is a serious matter. Knowing what to do during a fire can save you life. It is important to know the ways you can use and show them to everyone in the family, such as stairways and fire escapes, but not lifts.

From the lower floors of the buildings, escaping through windows is possible, learn the best way of leaving by windows with the least chance of serious injury.

The second floor window is usually not very high from the ground. An average(平均高度的) person, hanging by the finger-tips will have a drop of about six feet to the ground. It is about the height of an average man. Of course, it is safer to jump a short way than to stay in a burning building.

Windows are also useful when you are waiting for help. Be sure to keep the door closed. Or smoke and fire may be drawn into the room. Keep your head low at the window to be sure you get fresh air rather than smoke that may leaked(渗) into the room.

On a second or third floor, the best windows for escape are those that open onto a roof. From the roof a person can drop to the ground more safely. Dropping onto cement(水泥) might end in injury. Bushes(灌木丛) and grass can help to break a fall.

( ) 1. It is important to _______.

A. put out the fire in the burning house B. know the ways to escape the fire

C. jump off a burning house D. keep the door closed

( ) 2. It is possible to escape through the windows _______.

A. if there are some bushes on the ground B. if you are strong enough

C. if you live on a lower floor D. If you have a long rope

( ) 3. Which of the following escaping way is NOT right? _______.

A. You can escape though stairways. B. You can choose fire escapes.

C. Escape from the windows that open onto a roof.

D. Use a lift to come down at once.

( ) 4. Open the window so that _______ if the building is on fire.

A. you can get fresh air B. you can call for help

C. you can easily jump off D. you can be seen first

( ) 5. The best title of the passage is _______.

A. Escaping from the Windows B. Save Yourself in the Burning House

C. Knowledge on Fire D. Waiting for Help

Ⅴ. 根据首字母及句意,用单词的适当形式填空。

1. Do you like c_______ stamps?

2. England is one of the E__________ countries.

3. He m_______ his parents very much when he was in Beijing.

4. She answered me p_______ yesterday.

5. Mother will bring me a hamburger r_______ away.

Ⅵ. 阅读填词:

A child of four is studying at college because he is too intelligent for school. Nicholas McMahon has computer lessons at the West London Institute.

Nicholas 1.s____ well before he was one. At eighteen 2.m ____ he took telephone messages for his 3.p ____ .At two he began to learn 4.F____.The strange thing about Nicholas is that he taught 5.h____ to read before he could speak.

“We knew 6.i____ that he could read. When he could speak, he corrected my 7.s____”,said his father. His teachers did not have time to prepare 8.s____ lessons for Nicholas. The McMahons had no idea what to do 9..w____ him. Then the West London Institute 10.o____ to help.

1.s____ 2.m ____ 3.p ____ 4.F____ 5.h____

6. i____ 7.s____ 8.s____ 9.w____ 10.o____

Unit 8 Why don’t you get her a scarf ?

Ⅱ. 完形填空

Some day little cars may take the place of today's cars. If everyone (1)______ such a little car in the future, there will be less pollution in the air, there will be more parking space in cities, and the streets will be (2)______ crowded. The space now for one car of the usual size can hold (3)______ one such little car.

The little cars will (4)______ much less to own and to drive. Driving will be (5)_______, too, because these little cars can go only 50 kilometers an hour.

The cars of the future will be fine for going (6)______ the city, but they will not be used for going far away. The little car needs only two batteries—one battery for the motor, and (7)______ for the horn and the lights.

If we still (8)_______ the big cars along with the small ones, we will need to (9)______ two kinds of roads. Some roads will be used (10)______ the big fast cars, and other roads will be needed for the small, slower cars.

( )1. A. drives B. sits C. makes D. sells

( )2. A. more B. less C. much D. fewer

( )3. A. at most B. no more C. less than D. more than

( )4. A. pay B. spend C. cost D. have

( )5. A. faster B. harder C. safer D. more dangerous

( )6. A. over B. around C. from D. past

( )7. A. another B. one C. the other D. others

( )8. A. think B. use C. park D. love

( )9. A. build B. put C. found D. open

( )10.A. to B. as C. for D. in


A famous teacher was speaking to the students at our school. He began his lesson by holding up a ¥100 bill. Then he said to the three hundred students, “Who would like this ¥100 bill?” The students began to put up their hands at once.

Then he said, “I am going to give this ¥100 to one of you, but first, let me do this.” He then made the bill into a ball. Then he said, “Who wants it now?” The hands went back into the air.

“Well,” he said, “What if I do this?” and he dropped it on the floor and stepped on it. He picked up the dirty, crumpled bill and said, “Who still wants it?” Hands went back into the air.

“My friends,” he said, “you have learned a valuable lesson today. No matter (无论) what I did to the money, you still wanted it because it did not go down in value (价值). It was still worth ¥ l00!”

Many times in our lives, we are dropped, crumpled, and stepped on by the chances we take and the things that happen to us. We feel as if we are worth nothing. But remember, no matter what has happened to you, you will never lose your value: you are always valuable to those people who love you. Your value doesn?t come from what you do or whom you know, but WHO YOU ARE.

You are special and valuable. Don?t ever forget it!


( ) 1. Even though it was dirty, the money _______.

A. still went up in value B. was worth nothing

C. didn?t go down in value D. was still ours

( ) 2. We are always valuable to the people _______.

A. who pay us B. who call us C. who hate us D. who love us

( ) 3. Your value doesn?t come from what you do but _______.

A. who you know B. who made you C. who you remember D. who you are

( ) 4. The sentence “Hands went back into the air” means “_______”.

A. the students put up their hands again

B. the students put down their hands

C. the students put their hands behind their backs again

D. the students put their hands in front of them

( ) 5. Why did the famous teacher use a ¥100 bill at his lesson?

A. Because he wanted to make the bill into a ball.

B. Because he used to drop a bill on the floor and stepped on it.

C. Because he was going to give the bill to one of his students.

D. Because he wanted to make the students know what value was.

Ⅳ. 根据句意和首字母提示补全单词

1. She found it difficult to fall a____ on the plane .

2. There are a lot of m_____ in our house , we must get a cat .

3. He has just r_____ a letter from his parents .

4. Mrs Wang has two c_____ . One is a son , the other is a daughter .

5. He didn?t go to Beijing . I _____ , he went to Paris .

Ⅴ. 短文填空

A foolish (傻) man went to a food shop to buy a fish. As he didn?t know h__1____ to cook fish, he asked the shopkeeper to tell the way of c___2___ it. The shopkeeper did so.

“But I can?t remember your w___3___,” the foolish man said, “Will you please w__4___ them down for me?” The shopkeeper was kind e___5___ to write his words down for the man. The foolish man left happily w__6____ the fish in his basket and the note in his pocket. On his way home, a cat saw the fish and f___7___ the man.

Suddenly the cat jumped at him, took the fish away from the basket q____8__ and ran off at once. The foolish man stood there, not k___9___ what to do. Then he laughed to the cat, “Never mind. You don ?t know how to eat it. The note is s__10____ in my pocket.”

Ⅵ. 完成句子


_____ _____ buy him a bike ?


_____ , life _____ a pig isn?t always _____ .


Sometimes I don?t have _____ _____ to _____ _____ her .


Have you ever _____ _____ the story ?


This book isn?t _____ _____ , I don?t like it .



( ) 1. 1. Will people live to be 300 years old? _________.

A. No, they aren't B. No, they won't C. No, they don't D. No, they can't ( ) 2. There will be _________ pollution this year than last year. A. fewer B. much C. less D. many ( ) 3.He doesn?t have any money , ______. A. either B. too C. also D. but ( ) 4. My friend _____the same clothes . A. wear B. wears C. put on D. puts on ( ) 5. They are thinking about _______ the poor children. A. help B. to help C. helping D. helps ( ) 6. The woman couldn?t see her son ________. She?s very worried. A. anywhere B. somewhere C. nowhere D. where ( ) 7. She told us things there were ________ better than before. A. more B. much C. very D. nice ( ) 8. I don't think it's good to copy other's homework. You should _________ it. A. get over B. get on C. get up D. get off ( ) 9. The radio is too noisy. I can?t go to sleep. Would you please ___? A. turn it up B. turn it down C. turn up it D. turn down it ( ) 10. I am looking forward to ___ you soon. A. hear from B. hearing from C. hear D. hearing

( ) 11. _____ of them has an English dictionary. A. Every B. All C. Both D. Each ( ) 12. ______ is really hard _______ them to climb up the mountain at night. A. This, to B. It, for C. This, for D. It, to ( ) 13. — May I help you? You have lots of things to carry. — Would you mind ______ for me? A. carrying these books B. carry these books

C. to carry these books D. will carry these books

( )14. — Will you come to the net bars(网吧)with me? — Sorry.My mother always tells me ____ there. A.not go B.go C.not to go D.to go

( ) 15. Why don't you ________ a camera? That’s too cheap.

A. got B. get C . gets D. getting

Ⅱ 完型填空

One day the wind starts an argument with the sun. “I'm much (1)______ than you are!” says the wind. “No,” answered the sun, “I'm much stronger than you!”

While they are arguing, they see a man walking down the road. He is wearing a heavy (2)_____. The sun says to the wind,” Now let (3)_____ see which of us can make the man take off the coat, then we will know (4)______ is stronger.”

First the (5)______ tries. It begins to blow very hard. It blows so hard that the man pulls his coat round him. The wind is

(6)_____ with the man. Then the wind says to the sun, “Now it's your (7)______. Let me see if you can make him take off his coat.” The sun (8)______ to shine on the man, soon it gets very hot! The man (9)_____ his coat. The argument is (10)______.

( )1. A. strong B. strongest C. strongly D. stronger

( )2. A. trousers B. hat C. coat D. shoes

( )3. A. us B. we C. ourselves D. our

( )4. A. whose B. who C. when D. what

( )5. A. sun B. rain C. cloud D. wind

( )6. A. happy B. worried C. angry D. sad

( )7. A. way B. home C. hope D. turn

( )8. A. began B. begins C. begin D. beginning

( )9. A. takes off B. takes down C. puts on D. puts down

( )10.A. out B. over C. on D. off

Ⅲ 阅读理解

Many young people can use the computer, but few of them know how to look after them. Remember the following when you use the computer. ? Keep your computer in a cool, dry room. Too much or too little heat is bad for computers. Damp is also bad for them. Most computers work best at a temperature of 5-30 degrees centigrade. ? Do not let people smoke cigarettes near your computer. Smoke of all kinds is very bad for many parts of a computer and can cause many problems. ? Do not eat or drink when you are near your computer. Pieces of food and a little water in the keyboard can also cause many problems. ? Make sure that the keyboard and the screen are the correct height for you. If they are not correct, you?ll get backache. ? Make sure the screen is the correct distance from your eyes. If you wear glasses, make sure these glasses are correct for using with the computer. Some people use a different pair of glasses when they use a computer. ? Keep your screen clean and do not have it too bright. A dirty screen can hurt your eyes. A very bright screen can also be bad for your eyes. If you can afford one, buy a computer screen. It will be better for you than using the screen of a TV set. ( ) 1. According to this passage, ________. A. more and more people can control computers as well as take care of them. B. fewer and fewer people pay any attention to the protection of the computers nowadays. C. most young people can control computers well while paying little attention to keeping them well. A. Most computer lovers are fond of eating their food while playing computer games. ( )2 . Computer, just like some people, may prefer(更喜欢) ________. A. autumn to(比起)summer and winter B. neither winter nor summer or autumn C. summer to winter and autumn D. both summer and winter ( ) 3. Putting the keyboard and screen too high means you ________. A. have to straighten your back long every time B. have to lower your head while using the computer C. don?t have to look at your manuscript while typing D. don?t have to look sideways from time to time ( ) 4. Some people use a different pair of glasses when they use a computer because they want to ________

A. protect the computer B. prevent their eyes being hurt C. make them look cool D. show off his glasses ( ) 5. Which is NOT true according to the passage? A. If the height of the screen isn?t correct, you?ll get backache. B. Smoking is bad for a computer and is one of the cause of many problems. C. You should wear a different pair of glasses when you use a computer. D. You should use a computer screen instead of a TV screen.

Ⅳ. 单词拼写

1. I hope your dream will c_________ true.

the floor when I left home.

4. “Help y____ to some meat,Mary,”my aunt said to me.

5. Who g_________ the first gift to you? My mom.

Ⅴ. 完成句子。请根据汉语意思把句子补充完整。


I _____ a hamburger _____ the waitress got me a hot dog.

2.我们应该尽量做到不烦恼。 _ be _____.


This pen doesn?t ______. _____ you _____ showing me _____ one?


This _____ to me_____ ______ _____in the school library.


Could you _____me _____ my homework _____ I _____ doing the dishes?

Ⅵ. 短文填空

American people like to say “Thank you”, when other people help them or say something kind to them. People of many o__1____ countries do so, too. It is a very good habit.

You should say “Thank you” when someone passes you the salt on the table, when someone walking before you k___2___

the door open for you, when someone s___3____ you have done your work well, or you have bought a nice thing, or your city is very beautiful.

“Thank you” is u_____4__ not only between friends, but also between parents and children, brothers and sisters, husbands and w___5___.

Excuse me” is a____6___ short sentence they use. When you hear someone say so b____7___ you, you know that somebody wants to walk past you.

It is not p____8___ to interrupt others while they are talking. If you want to speak to one of them, say “Excuse me” first, and then begin t___9____. You should also do so when you want to cough or make any unpleasant n____10__ before others.

U 1

Ⅰ 根据汉语完成句子

1. 明天下午将有一场电影。

_____ _____ _____ a movie tomorrow .

2. 人们将活到200岁。

People _____ _____ _____ _____ 200 years old .

3. 一百多年以后人们将不再使用钱,一切东西都是免费的。

People _____ _____ money , everything _____ _____ _____ in 100 years .

4. 在未来将有更多的树。

There?ll be _____ _____ in the future .

5. 五年后,你打算做什么?

What are you going to do _____ _____ _____ ?


1. E_____ will be free in the shop 100 years , won?t it ?

2. Chinese u_____ Chinese as their first language .

3. I have l_____ money than you . You are richer than me .

4. The boss uses f_____ people to do more work in his factory .

The p_____ of the city is very serious , the water and the air are very dirty . Ⅰ 根据句意和首字母提示补全句中所缺单词

1. Yang Liwei is a famous a_____ of China

2. There are millions of stars in s_____ .

3. The tall b______ has one hundred floors.

4. The p______ is the most important problem of world today.

5. I wish I could f_____ like a bird .




5. 我想以后将会有更多高楼大厦。



1. — Are these millions of t_____ on the hill ?

— Yes . We planted them last year .

2. Shanghai has many tall b_____ . Most of them are 200 meters high .

3. Lucy went to Beijing yesterday , s_____ be back in two days .

4. No one knows what will happen in the f_____ .

5. Most birds can f_____ .

1. 你认为人们的家里会有机器人吗?

Do ______ ______ there will be robots _____ _____ homes?

3. 我认为她会当医生。

I think she ______ ____ a doctor.

4. 你住哪儿? 我住在北京。

_____ _____ _____ ______? I live in Beijing.

5. 他反复看她的来信。

6. 等了很长一段时间后他厌烦了。

He ______ ______ after he waited for long.

Unit 2


This style of dress _________ _______ ________ now.


I don?t like this computer, it?s _______ _________ _________.


The students shouldn?t _________ _________ _________ _________.


If you have something to ask me, please ________ ________ ________.


Maybe you could _________ him _______ _________ _______ a ball game.

6. 我不想在电话上谈这事。

I don?t want to talk about it _________ ________ __________.

Ⅰ 根据句意及首字母提示补全单词

1. I always thought I was p_____ at school .

2. She felt u_____ because she failed the exam .

3. O_____ means special and interesting because of not being the same as others .

4. I need some m_____ to buy gifts for my family .

5. I don?t know what to do . Could you give me some a_____ ?

Ⅱ 完成句子

1. 我发现学好英语不容易。

to learn English well.

2. 我头疼, 心烦意乱, 我不知道该怎么办。

I?ve got a ______, I?m very ______and I don?t know______ ______ _____ .

3. 我不想在电话上谈这事。

I don?t want to talk about it _______ _______ _______.


He is _____ _____ _____ _____his classmates.

5. 我不喜欢这部电脑,已经过时了。

I don?t like this computer, it?s _______ _______ _______


1. Tom p_____ his CDs every evening . The sound is too loud and I can?t fall asleep .

2. We often a_____ with each other because we don?t agree with each other?s .

3. Ted won?t go there . Tom won?t go there , e_____ .

4. Jim is very poor in Chinese , he has to get a t_____ to teach him at home .

5. I want to book two t_____ to fly to Beijing .

6. Many parents are always c______ their kids with other children .

7. Tom f_____ in his exam . He didn?t pass it .

8. Wang Wei s_____ me a good present on my birthday .

Unit 3


1. I often borrow books from the school l_______.

2. My hair is too long. I should go to the b_______ shop.

3. There is only a bed in my b________.

4. Tom is talking a shower in the b________.

5. Your k_______ is so big. Do you like cooking meals here?


( ) 2. When I ____ school, Mr Zhang was playing football with the boys.

A. arrived B. got C. came D. reached

( ) 3. Yesterday he ____ a new dictionary from the bookshop.

A. buyed B. bought C. brought D. boughted

( ) 4. While the girl ____, the alien got out.

A. is shopping B. was shopping C. shopped D. went shopping

( ) 5. I ____ school at around ten o?clock in the morning yesterday.

A. walked B. was walking C. walk to D. was walking to

( ) 6. ____ interesting news!

A. What B. What an C. How D. How a

( ) 7. Oh, I?m too tired. How about ___ a rest?

A. to have B. have C. having D. has

( ) 8. —I was doing my homework at 9 o?clock last night.

—You?re ___. I saw you in the cinema.

A. hard-working B. kiding C. kidding D. kidded

( ) 1..

A.on B.in C.at D.for

( ) 2..

A.talked B.was talking C.talk D.is talking

( ) 4..

A.out B.off C.on D.up

( ) 5..

A.enough easy B.easily enough

C.easy enough D.very easily


1. I had a very unusual e________ on Sunday.

2. Most Americans remember what they were doing when the World Trade Center in New York was destroyed by t__________.

3.Do you know what will h________ in 100 years.

4.When he h_________ the good news , he was very excited.

5.Yang Liwei f________ around the earth on October 15,2003.

Unit 4


1. Don?t be n_____ . Take it easy .

2. He left a m_____ on your table .

, she caught the last bus and got home before midnight.

5. Don?t worry about me. Please tell me the t.

Ⅱ. 完成句子

1. 这个婴儿不再哭了

The baby didn?t cry .

2. 我们克服了所有的难题

We all of the problem.

3. 读书可以开阔你的眼界

Reading books can .


When I face to strangers I will 5. 他所有的功课当中,历史是最差的。

History is the of his 根据句意和首字母提示,完成单词

1. Please be careful. It is d_________.

2. Don?t be n______. He?ll be all right soon.

3. When you send a letter, You must put a stamp on an e________.

4. Lana passed the exam l________.

5. I think I?ll do b_______ than last year .

Ⅱ 根据汉语意思完成句子


Yesterday I with my mother.

2. 老师对我们很恼火。

The teacher us.

3. 抄别人作业不是一个办法。

It isn?t a good way to 4. 李明常常忘记做家庭作业。

Li Ming often homework.

5. 我们确信他是对的。

We that he is right.


1 . In the past, there was no school in the poor mountain v_______.

2. Sally borrowed my jacket, but she didn?t r________ it to me.

3. Lucy, will you please pass the m_________ to Lily?

for Green Peace.



1 He said: “ I have lost my keys in the library .”(改为间接引语)

He said _____ _____ ______ ______ keys in the library.

2.“What is her name ?” , the lady asked .(同上)

The lady asked ____ ____ name ____ .

3.“Is there another bus this afternoon ?” the woman wanted to know.(同 The woman wanted to know ____ ____ ____ another bus ____ afternoon. 就画线部分提问) ____ ____ he unhappy ? 就画线部分提问)

____ ____ your report ?

Unit 5 根据汉语完成句子

1. 如果明天不下雨,我们将去公园。

We ______ ______ ______ the park _____ it _____ _____ tomorrow .

2. 她只吃了半个苹果。

She only _____ _____ an apple .

3. 如果你不努力学习,你就会考试不及格。

_____ you _____ study hard , you?ll fail the exam .

4. 如果他有时间,他会来郑州看我们。

_____ he _____ _____ , he _____ _____ and see us in Zhengzhou .

5. 如果我今晚不打游戏会怎样呢?

______ ______ _____ if I play computer games tonight ?


1 如果你去参加晚会,你会玩得很高兴的!

____ you go to the party , you ____ ____ a great time !

2 我想我明天要待在家里.

I think I ____ ____ ____ ____ at home tomorrow.

3 如果你在聚会时大喊或乱跑的话,你就得离开.

If you shout ____ run at the party, you?ll ____ ____ leave.

4 露西擅长英语.

Lucy ____ good ____ English.

我也是. _________.

1. He won the first place in the long jump, so he is a c__________.

2. That old man makes a l_______ by collecting and selling waste paper.

3. My Chinese friends tell me Chongqing is f___ for “Hot Pot”.

4. They said they enjoyed t_______ during the winter holidays.

5. Jack?s father is a l________; he knows a lot about law.

1.We should always try to s_____ our problem ourselves .

2.Students these days often have a lot of w_____ .

3.Her temperature is n_____ .

4.He is c_____ so he always makes mistakes .

5.Do you want to s_____ your problems with me ?

Ⅱ 单项选择

( ) 1. If I get up late tomorrow , I _____ late for school .

A. am B. will be C. will D. should be

( ) 2. If we hold party at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow , most of them _____ to the party .

A. won?t come B. don?t come C. doesn?t come D. aren?t come

( ) 3. If you _____ , you _____ some snacks .

A. will be hungry ; bought B. are hungry ; bought

C. be hungry ; will buy D. are hungry ; could buy

( ) 4. Run quickly , _____ you?ll be late for school .

A. if B. or C. and D. /

( ) 5. You will miss the train _____ you take a taxi .

A. if B. and C. or D. unless


Linda has brought all her books home today. After lunch she puts the out on the table and begins to do the homework for each subject. She begins with math. She finds that she has no it. After a little while, she doesn?t feel comfortable window shines . She moves back to the table. She has made a good start on her when she stops to listen to her mother talking on the telephone. When she comes back to her work, her little sister Betty asks her for some . Betty joins her at the table and begins to draw a horse. Linda has to her. When they have finished, both go to the some cakes there and brings a tin Coca Cola to her table. She says to herself, “I?ll finish my English exercises at school before classes start ” Then she starts to review her history lesson, but she feels . She doesn?t know what she is reading. She closes her books and goes to bed.

( ) 1. A. balls B. books

( ) 2. A. cake

( ) 3. A. on the floor

( ) 4. A. on the door C. toys D. pictures B. water C. ruler D. bag B. near the window C. on the table D. in the chair B. on the walls C. on her feet D. in her eyes

C. history

C. sweets D. math D. apples ( ) 5. A. English B. Chinese ( ) 6. A. money B. paper

( ) 7. A. pull

( ) 8. A. bedroom B. help C. listen to D. write to B. bathroom C. classroom D. kitchen

D. this afternoon

D. hungry ( ) 9. A. today B. tomorrow C. this evening ( ) 10. A. cold B. sorry C. tired


My name is Ben. I come Australia. I have been living in Australia I was born. Her weather is very particular and it?from China?s. When it?s summer in Australia, it?in China. We?re interested in surfing(冲浪). Every year t 5 of people go to the sands and go surfing in the water. I have a h 6 of collecting globes. I have been them for many years. Do you any globes? Please me. I want to them. My telephone number is 6093278.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

6 7 8 9 10.

Ⅱ 根据汉语提示完成下列句子。

1. 孩子们对玩电脑游戏很感兴趣。

Children are very ____ _____ ______ computer games.

2. 昨天我买了一双运动鞋。

Yesterday I bought _____ _____ _____ sports shoes.

3. 我买不起这本字典了。因为我用完了钱。

I can?t afford to buy the dictionary, because I have ____ _____ ____ my money.

4. 非常感谢你把这些精美的邮票送给我。

Thanks a lot for ______ ______ the beautiful ______.

5. 自我7岁起,我就一直听音乐。

I have been listening to music ______ ______ ______ _______ old.

1.I can s_______ my lunch with you if you forget to bring yours.

2.The cake t_______ sour. It may have gone off.

3.He likes collecting telephone cards. He is a telephone card c_______.

4.Those peasants live in a small v_______ in the west.

5.It's i________ for me to be there before 8.00p.m.

1. They are not from this country, so they are f_______.

2. I don't understand your argument. Could you e________ yourself a bit more?

3. What are your other special interests b________ English?

4. Although I am new, I have s________ friends here

5. Mr. Green is busy w_______ a book on the history of England.

Unit 7

1. If you finish your t_____ ,you can play football with your friends .

2. Would you mind t_____ down the music ? I?m reading newspaper .

3. Could you help me with my English ? No p_____ .

4. — Would you mind cleaning the windows ?

— OK , I’ll do it right a_____ .

5. There are many trees and flowers in our school y_____ .

6. Don’t w_____ those old jeans .

( ) 1. — Do you mind if I sit here?

— ______. It's for Mr. Brown.

A. Not at all B. Never mind C. Better not D. Of course not

( ) 2. — Can you write a letter in English?

— No,I ____.

A.may not B.mustn't C.can't D.needn't

( ) 3.“Help ____ to some meat,Mary,”my aunt said to me.

A.themselves B.ourselves C.yourself D.himself

( ) 4. He asked ____ they needed some more tea.

A.that B.what C.whether D.which

( ) 5. Wei Fang is young,but she plays ping-pong ____ her mother.

A.as good as B.as well as C.as better as D.as best as

( ) 6. Could you ____,please? It's too loud.

A.turn down the radio B.turn on the radio

C.turn on the TV D.turn it on

1. I had a bad cold. I c_____ a lot last night.

2. Be a good child means you must be p_______ to other people.

3. I left my umbrella in the library. I must r_____ to get it back.

4. Mary works as a w____ in this restaurant.

5. There are so many people. We have to wait in l____ to buy tickets.

6. Don’t f_____ me around. I’m annoyed.

7. A strange thing h_____ in the village last month.

8. The pen I bought last week didn’t w_____ . I’m very angry.

Unit 8

( ) 1. What should I get my mom _______ her birthday?

A. on B. for C. at D. in

( ) 2. Why don't you ________ a camera? That?s too cheap.

A. got B. get C. gets D. getting

( ) 3. What?s the best gift John ________ ever received?

A. have B. has C. had D. having

( ) 4. When did Joe get his first gift? On his _________ birthday.

A. six B. sixth C. the six D. the sixth

( ) 5. What a _________ boy!

A. luck B. lucky C. luckily D. lucking

( ) 6 Who _________ the first gift to you? My mom.

A. give B. gives C. gave D. giving

( ) 7. __________ are the most popular pets.

A. Dog B. The Dog C. Dogs D. A dog

( ) 8. Dogs are _________ to people

A. friend B. friends C. friendly D. make friends

( ) 9 Dogs are too __________ to take care of.

A. more difficult B. the most difficult C. difficult D. most difficult

( ) 10. Mrs Green is a ___________ woman.

A. 30 years B. 30 year C. 30-year-old D. 30 years old

2. Singing English songs can i________ our English.

4. A necklace is too p_________ to send as a gift.

5. What?s the opposite of the word “cheap ”? It?s e_______.

1.We should learn our n________ language well.

3.Jack made good p________ in the Chinese exam.

4.It?s too far, I can?t hear you c _______.

5.She n________ won the first prize .



______ are _______ _______ _____ pets.

2. 这些天来最流行的宠物是大肚猪。

3. Tom养了一只叫做Connie的乌龟.

Tom has a _______ ______ Connie.

4. 这些书将会被赠送给孩子们。

These books will ______ _____ ______ to children.

5. 然而,和猪一起的生活并不总是完美的。


The movie was too boring. I _____ ______ half way through it.


3. If you can?.

5. The children didn?every day.

me fifty yuan.

1. 胡先生每天花半小时吃午饭。

It ______ Mr. Hu half an hour ______ have lunch every day.

2. 你喜欢集邮吗?

Do you like _____ ________?

3. 他们比我想的友好的多。

They are ______ than I thought.

4. 她说她要举办一个惊喜晚会。

She said she was having a _________ 5. 这个男孩够大,可以上学了。

The boy is ______ to go to school .

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