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一 单项选择( 15×2=30分 )

( )1.I think kids will stay at home____computers____the future.

A.on, at B.in, in C.on, in

( )2.There will_____ robots in people’s homes. A. be B. are C.have ( )3.In future, there will be_______trees, and will be_______food. A.fewer,less B. less,fewer C.less, less

( )4.One day people______to the moon for vocations. (往届统考题 )

A. flies B. fly C. will fly

( )5. The old man lives in the house______,but he doesn’t feel______.

A.lonely, alone B. lonely, lonely C. alone, lonely

( )6. She is not friendly. So she has_______friends here.

A.a few B.little C.few ( )7.I can’t remember his phone number. What_______I do?

A.can B. should C.may

( )8.Please do the same things______I do. A. like B. as C. \ ( )9.If you want to talk to Tom, you should____.

A. call up him B. call her up C. call him up

( )10.Please______ who broke the window.A.find out B.find C.look for ( )11.My friend Kate is really nice.We ___well with each other(互相). (往届统考题) A.get up B.get along C. get out

( )12.He worked hard but he still______ in the exams. A.failed B. passed C.fail ( )13. He found it difficult_____others with English. A. help B. helped C. to help ( )14. All the fruit is free.You can eat_______.

A. as many as possible B. as much as possible C. as much as possibly ( )15.All the students went to the zoo except_____. A.I B.me C. myself

二 完形填空 ( 10×2=20分 )

In year ten years, I think I’ll be a reporter, I’ll live in Shanghai, because I 1 to Shanghai last year and in with it. I think it’s really a beautiful city. As a reporter, I interesting people.I think I’ll live in an apartment with my best friends, because I don’t likealone. I’ll have pets. I can’t have

( )3.A. met B.meet C.meets ( )4.A. living B.lived C.live ( )5.A. many B. any C. some ( )6.A. In B. During C.On ( )7.A.keep B.feed C.feeds ( )8.A. go B.ging C.went ( )9.A. seem B.look C.look ( )10.A.At B. During C.On

三 翻译语篇 阅读短文,将文中划线部分译成汉语或英语。(5×3=15分 ) I have a problem, and 1. I always think 2.欢迎. But I just found out that my friends were planning a birthday party for my best friend, and they didn’t invite me. 3. And I don’t know why I can’t think what I did wrong. 4.and 5.What do you think? Can you help me?

1. __________________ 2. __________________ 3. _______________

4. _________________ 5. __________________

四 阅读填空,根据下列短文内容,在短文中的空格处填上一个恰当的单词,使短文完整、通顺。(10×2=20分 )

My friend is the 1.___age as me. She’s really nice,and we 2.___on well, but she always 3.___ my things.Last week,she borrowed my math book and didn’t 4.____it.

5.___ I couldn’t do my homework.Idon’ t want 6.___ fight with my friend, because she’my 7.___ friend.I don’t know 8.___ to do.Could you please give 9.___ some


1.______ 2 ______ 3 ______ 4 ______ 5 ______

6 ______ 7 ______ 8 ______ 9 ______ 10 ______

五 作文(15分 )

暑假将至,同学们就自己暑假生活安排进行了交流。请你用英语向你的老师介绍有关情况以及自己的暑期计划,可以适当发挥。 内容应包括以下要点:

1.有的同学打算外出旅游(take a trip),放松一下。

2.有的同学计划在家中多读书(do more reading),为将来的学习做准备(prepare for the future studies)。3.有的同学准备参加体育锻炼(do exercise),保持身体健康(keep fit)。4.谈谈自己的暑期安排。


1. 不要逐词翻译,文中不要提及真实的校名和姓名。 2.词数60-80左右。 Summer vacation is coming. __________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________。

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