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英语课件:冀教版八上 Lesson 63 Christmas Is Coming!

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Lesson 63 Christmas Is Coming!

Lead in


Merry Christmas

Can you say something about Christmas?
1. When is Christmas? It is on December 25. 2. What is it for? It is for the birth of Jesus Christ(耶稣). 3. What are the three Christmas colors? They are white, red and green. 4. Who is busy at Christmas?

Father Christmas is busy. He gives presents to people. 5. What do people do at Christmas? They put up Christmas trees, have Christmas dinner and do many other things.


He is decorating the house.



They are decorations.

Christmas cap

Christmas tree

They are knitting for the children.


Learn and remember the new words.
Christmas spirit without decorate n. 圣诞节

n. 实质,心灵
prep. 没有 v. 装饰 n. 装饰 adj. 愉快的

merry volunteer knit

n. 志愿者
v. 编织

Look at the pictures in the book and answer the

1. What are Brian, Jenny and Danny doing? They are decorating the Christmas tree.
2. Who can put the star on top of the tree without a chair? Why?

Danny can do that. Because he is very tall. 3. What are Christmas decorations? Give some examples.
People use Christmas decorations to decorate their house. Such as some toys, colorful light and so on.

Read the text carefully and answer the questions.
1. Is Christmas only about celebrations, gifts, feats and family? If not, what is it about?

No, it isn’t. Christmas is about giving. 2. What do Jenny and Brian want to do? Jenny wants to knit mittens and socks for the poor
kids. Brian wants to make cards to go with gifts. 3. What does the girl who plays the piano want to do?

She volunteers to help the class learn some
Christmas songs.

Language Points
1. Christmas is about giving. 圣诞节是关于给予 的。 about是介词,后面跟动词现在分词形式。 e.g. She goes out without saying anything. 她 一句话没说就出去了。 2. I can reach the top of the tree without a chair! 不用椅子我就能够到树的顶端。 reach,到达,够到,后面直接跟名词或代词。the top of,……的顶端。without,介词,没有,与with 相对应。 e.g. Don’t stand on top of the building. It is dangerous. 不要站在楼顶,那危险。

3. She volunteers to help the class learn some Christmas
songs. 她自告奋勇帮助同学们学习一些圣诞歌曲。 句中volunteer作动词用。volunteer to do 表示自告奋 勇去做某事。 e.g. The boy volunteers to go to the west. 那个男孩自告奋勇去西部。

4. Oh, by the way. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 1) by the way,“顺便说(提及)” 。 e.g. By the way, here is a letter for you. 2) Merry Christmas. 圣诞快乐。类似说法有:Happy birthday. 生日快乐。 Happy Teachers’ Day.教师节快 乐。 Happy New Year!新年快乐! 对别人的祝福要表 示感谢说Thank you,对于共同的节日要说The same to you.


. There are many __________(志愿者) in the Olympic volunteers Games. decorations 2. These ___________(装饰物)on the wall look beautiful.

3. In the morning, she goes to work without _______(没有) breakfast.
4. Giving is the real s_____about Christmas. pirit

5. She can k nits scarves very well. ____

根据本课所学内容,自已做一张圣诞卡片,用你喜 欢的颜色装饰,写上一些圣诞祝福用语,送给你的朋友、 同学或老师。

Every advantage has its disadvantage.


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