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人教新目标英语七上unit 3 Section A 3

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Unit 3 Is this your pencil?



pen dictionary

pencil box school bag



Listen and check (√) the things you hear.


Listen again. Complete the conversation with the words in the box.

erasers pencil ruler pencil box


Tom: Excuse me, Grace. Is this your pencil ? Grace: Yes, thank you. And those are my _______. erasers Tom: And Jane, is this your ______? ruler Jane: No, it isn’t. It’s hers. Tom: OK, and these are my ______. This is books your ____________, Jane. pencil box

Teacher: Hi, Anna. Are these your pencils?
Anna: No, they’re Bob’s.

Teacher: And is this his green pen?
Anna: No, it isn’t. The blue pen is his.

Teacher: What about this dictionary?
Anna: It’s Helen’s. And the green pen is hers,

Teacher: And the eraser? Is that yours? Anna: Yes, it is. Teacher: Thank you for your help, Anna.

一、重点句型。 1. 这是你的铅笔吗? __ ____ your pencil? Is this 2. 是的。它是我的。 Yes, ___ ___. It’smine _____. it is 3. 那是你的书包吗? __ ____ your schoolbag? Is that 4. 不是。它是他/她的。 No, __ ____. It’s ___/_____. it isn’t his hers 5. 这是他的绿色钢笔吗? __ this ___ _____ pen? Is his green

6. 不是。那只蓝色钢笔是他的。 No, __ _____. The ____ ____ is ____. blue pen his it isn’t 7. 这些是你的书吗? ____ ______ your books? Are these 8. 是的。/ 不是。 Yes, ____ ____. / No, _____ ______. they are they 9. 那些是她的钥匙吗? aren’t ____ _____ her _____? Are those keys 10. 不是。它们是她的。 No. They’re _______ hers.

it 1. it is = ______ 2. they are = _______ they’ isn aren 3. is not = ’s _______ 4. are not = _______ re that ’t ’t 5. that is = _______ 6. name is = ________ name’s ’s 三、名词所有格。 the name of the dog 狗的名字 __________________ 1. 表示无生命事物的所有关系,用“名词 + of + 名词”结构,表示前者属于后者。 2. 表示有生命事物的所有关系,在名词其后加 ’s来表示所属关系,意为“…...的”。

人称 单 形代 my 一 复 二 单 /复 单 单 三 单 复

our your his

her its their

名代 mine ours yours his hers its theirs

四、含有 be 动词的一般疑问句。 Is that your bike? ↗ 那是你的自行车吗? Are they your friends? ↗ 他们是你的朋友吗? 其答语: 肯定回答:Yes, 主语 + be (am, is, are)

否定回答:No, 主语 + be (am, is, are) not
-- Is this your pencil? ↗ 这是你的铅笔吗?

-- Yes, it is./ No, it isn’t. ↘ 是的。/不是。


Complete the questions and answers about each picture. Yes, it is. Is ____ your book? this No, it ___. is

Are _____ my pencils? these

Yes, ____ are. they No, they aren’t. Yes, it ___. is No, it isn’t. Yes, they are. No, they ____

__. aren’ t

Is ____ his ruler? that Are _____ her pens? those


Read the questions and

complete the answers.

_____. 1. Is this her ruler? Yes, ____. It’shers it is 2. Is that her ruler? No, ______. ___ Sally’s. it isn’tIt ’s 3. Are these his pencils? Yes, _______. They’rehis ___. they are

4. Are those Anna’s books? No, __________. ________ mine. they They’re aren’t

一、单项选择 1. -Is this your key, Jenny ? C -No. ______ is in my schoolbag. A. His B. Hers C. Mine 2. — Is this _______ book? C — No, it isn’t ________. A. theirs; their B. hers; his C. your; mine B 3. The green pen isn’t ____. It’s ______. A. his, his B. his, yours C. yours, my

4. — Excuse me, are these ___ new shoes? A — No, they aren’t. ____ are black over there. A. her; Hers B. her; She C. hers; Her 5. These aren’t B ____ yellow pencils. The blue pencils are _______. A. mine, my B. his, his C. hers, her 6. — Is that ____ pencil box? C — No, it isn’t. It’s _______. A. Eric, Linda’s B. Linda, Eric C. Eric’s, Linda’s

二、用所给单词的适当形式填空。 pencil boxes 1. — Are those your ____________ (pencil box)? mine — Yes, they are. They’re _____ (my). Anna’ 2. — Is that _______ (Anna) green eraser. s — No, it isn’t. The red eraser is ____ (her). hers 3.-Are ______ (this) your keys? these -No, _____ (it) aren’t. they yours 4. -Is the blue pencil ______ (your), Linda? -No, it isn’t. It’s ______ (Bob). Bob’s 5. That isn’tEric ______ (Eric) schoolbag. His ’s ____ (his) is red.

三、完成句子。 1. 这是我的字典。 This is ____ English _________. my dictionary 2. 杰克,谢谢你的帮助。 your help Thank you for _____ ____, Jack. 3. 今天去公园怎么样? ______ ______ going to the park? What about 4. 那些不是琳达的书。 Those aren’t ______ ______ Linda’s book. 5. 那是他的铅笔盒吗? Is that ___ ____ his pencil box?

A. What’s this? B. Yes, it is. It’s mine. C. Excuse me. D. No, they’re Mike’s. E. Thank you for your help. F. Is that yours? G. What about this dictionary?

A:1 ____ Are these your pens? C B: 2 _______ D G A: 3 ____________ B: It’s Anna’s. And the blue schoolbag is hers, too. F A: And the eraser? 4 _______ E B: Yes, it is. A: 5 __________, Gina.

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