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Ⅰ. 单项选择。(15分)

( )1. —Would you like to climb mountains with me this Sunday?

—I’d love to. But I ______ play table tennis against Class Three.

A. am going B. am going to C. am D. going to

( )2. —Do you like swimming?

—Yes, swimming is a good way _______ fit.

A. keep B. to keep C. keeping D. keeps

( )3. —Would you please _______ so much noise?

—Oh, sorry, I won’t.

A. not make B. don’t make C. not to make D. making

( )4. —When and where _______ we meet?

—Let’s make it 3:00 at my home.

A. do B. must C. shall D. did ( )5. —Would you mind _______ us in the game?

—Not at all.

A. joining B. join C. join in D. joining in

( )6. There _______ a football match next week. Shall we go and watch it?

A. will have B. has C. have D. will be

( )7. Kangkang won the first place in the _______ in the school sports meet last week.

A. boy’s 100-meter race B. boys’ 100-meter race

C. boy’s 100-meters race D. boys’ 100-meters race

( )8. I bought a pair of running shoes because I want to _______ the teachers’ relay race.

A. join B. join in

C. take part D. have part in

( )9. —Shall we go out for a picnic this Sunday?


A. That’s right. B. Best wishes.

C. Good idea. D. It’s nothing.

( )10. All the Chinese were _______ when they heard Liu Xiang won the first. It was

really _______.

A. exciting, excited B. excited, exciting

C. exciting, exciting D. excited, excited

( )11. —Hi, I’m Xiao Li, I’m very glad to _______ friends _______ you. —Me too. I’m Xiao Wang.

A. get; like B. make; with C. get; with D. make; to

( )12. —I’m sorry for _______ I said.

—It doesn’t matter.

A. how B. which C. what D. when

( )13. —I’d like to read the book over there. Could you pass _______, please?

—Certainly. Here you are.

A. me it B. it to me C. me for it D. it for me ( )14. Sam spends two hours _______ his homework every day.

A. to do B. doing C. do D. does

( )15. Xu Xia and her teammates are _______ the U.S.A. next week.

A. leaving for B. leave for C. leave D. left

Ⅱ. 情景交际。(10分)


Mike: Hello! 16. Jack: This is Jack speaking.

Mike: Hi, Jack. This is Mike. Are you free this afternoon?

Jack: Yes, what’s up?

Mike: I have two film tickets. 17.

Jack: Yes, I’d love to. 18. Mike: At 3:00 this afternoon.

Jack: 19.

Mike: Let’s meet at my home.

Jack: OK. 20. Mike: See you.

Ⅲ. 完形填空。(10分)

A lot of students are having all kinds of sports on the sports field. A football game is going on right now Class 3 and Class 4. We don’t know which team will . Look at those people over there! Some students of Class 1 are practicing the jump. One of them is the best high jumper in the school. He practices hard every day. Many people think he will the school record (记录) in the sports meet next spring. Not far away from them, some girls are preparing for a race. They have a 600-meter race in ten minutes. Now on the corner of the field, you can see another group (群) of students. Their teacher is telling them to throw discus (铁饼).

In schools, students love sports now. Sports help people to keep help people to live happily. And doing sports on the sports field, many people will good friends, too. Do you think so?

( )21. A. in B. between C. from D. of

( )22. A. win B. winning C. fall D. falling

( )23. A. long B. far C. high D. tall

( )24. A. break B. turn C. leave D. name

( )25. A. were B. going to C. were going to D. will

( )26. A. what B. how C. which D. that

( )27. A. much and much B. most and most

C. many and many D. more and more

( )28. A. health B. tired C. healthy D. happy

( )29. A. in B. before C. after D. over

( )30. A. become B. change C. get D. bring Ⅳ. 阅读理解。(30分)


Most people make their living (谋生) with their hands, but Bob makes his living with his feet. Bob’s story began in a small city in England. His parents were poor. Seven people lived in a small house. Bob had no place to play but on the street.

Bob’s father often played football. Little Bob wanted to play football, too. So his father made a soft (柔软的) ball for him to kick. It was a sock full of old cloth. He kicked it every day.

At last Bob learned to kick a real football. And after a few years he could play football very well.


( )31. People usually make their living _______.

A. by learning by themselves B. with their feet

C. by playing football D. with their hands

( )32. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. Bob was born in a small village. B. Bob’s house was very big.

C. There were eight people in the family. D. The little boy often played on the street.

( )33. Why did the father make a soft ball for his son?

A. Because the family all liked football.

B. Because Bob also liked to play football.

C. Because they had lots of old cloth.

D. Because he didn’t want to throw the sock away.

( )34. The word “kick” in the story means _______.

A. 踢 B. 玩 C. 射门 D. 弹起 ( 35. From the story we can see _______.

A. Bob’s age

B. it’s about an American boy

C. Bob’s mother’s name

D. the boy became a good football player at last


When you enter a junior high school, everything is new: new school, new teachers, new students…Then what should you do? Now I give you some advice. When you meet problems, you should speak them out. You can tell your problems to your parents. They can help you with your problems. Of course, you can also let your teachers know. I am sure they will be glad to help you. Most of time we work and play with our classmates. You can communicate with your classmates. You will find you are not alone because they have the same problems as you. Another way is to take an active part in the school activities. It’s good for you to make more friends. If you are good at swimming, you can join the school swimming club. If you do well in English, you can go to the English corner often. One day, you will leave school and come into the society (社会). You will also meet many problems. The advice above will help you. 根据短文内容,选择正确答案。 ( )36. The passage mentions (提到) _______ ways to solve the problems. A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 5 ( )37. The underlined (划线) word“environment”in the first paragraph means _______. A. 社会 B. 学校 C. 环境 D. 城市 ( )38. You can’t _______ when you are in trouble (麻烦) at school. A. ask your teachers for help B. tell your parents C. take part in the activities D. stay alone and solve the problems by yourself ( )39. How many new students have the same problems in a new school? A. None. B. Some of them. C. Almost everyone. D. Everyone.

( )40. The passage tells us _______.

A. how to solve the problems in a new environment

B. how to swim

C. how to take part in the swimming club

D. how to make friends


In China, many young people like playing soccer. It’s very popular. But the Chinese don’t call it soccer. They call it football. Are they different?

In fact, there are two kinds of football games. One is American football, and the other is soccer. There are 11 players in a soccer team. And the soccer is round. Only the goal-keeper can play the ball with hands. The others can’t play the ball with hands, and they can only play it with their feet.

In the U. S. A. , soccer is not very popular. They prefer American football to soccer.

There are also 11 players in an American football team. The ball is not round. It’s oval. All the players can play the ball with hands and feet. And the goal is bigger than the one of soccer games. American football is quite different from soccer.


( )41. An American football team has the same number of players as a soccer team.

( )42. Most Americans like soccer.

( )43. The two kinds of balls look the same.

( )44. Only the goal-keeper can play the ball with hands in an American football match. ( 45. The goal of soccer games is smaller than that of American football games. V.根据中文意思,完成句子。(20分)

(长大成人)? (在将来).

3.Are you going to come and ?(为我加油)

4.The sports lovers _______ most of their main players _______ (把· · · · · ·变成) famous persons.

5.Some of the world’s famous sports (例如) football and cricket

6.I’ll try my best the sports meet? (为…..做准备)

7.Which sport do you ,swimming or cycling?(更喜欢)

8.I’ll finish the work..(尽力做……)


1. Running can help you keep _______ (health).

2. Listening to music can make us (relax).

3. He practices (play) the piano (钢琴) every day.

4. He is a great _______ (invent) because he invented many new things.

5. He plays basketball very well and he is a good _______ (play).

6.One of my (classmate),Lucy,will come to my home,Mom.

7.I’m not good at (sing) English songs.

8.Miss wang would like to take part in the (teacher) relay race.

(practice) his English in the garden.

10.Li wei ______ (join) the school English club last term..

VⅡ. 句型转换。(10分)

1. Could you please help me?(同义句转换)

Could you please _______ _______ _________ ________?

2. There is a football match. (改为一般将来时)

There _______ _______ _______ _______ a football match next weekend。

3.I kick the ball to you . (同义句转换)


4.With Tom’s help, Jim did well in English exam.. (同义句转换)


5.Basketball has a history of over one hundred years. (同义句转换)

Basketball has a history of_______ ________ one hundred years.



classmate, Sunday, the West Hill, go hiking, 8:00, meet, school gate,

8:30, leave, take, guitar, kite, bread, water, fun

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