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英语课件:冀教版八上 Lesson 61 My Dream

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Lesson 61 My Dream

Lead in
Think about it!
1. Do you have any dream? What are they?

2. When you are afraid to try, what would you like to


They are playing opera.




The stage is so beautiful.


They are dancing.

Read the text and answer.
1. What does Cathy want to be? She wants to be an opera singer. 2. What made Cathy sad? Her classmates said she wasn’t good enough to be an opera singer. 4. What did she want to show in the talent show? She wanted to sing. 5. Did she feel nervous on the talent show? Yes, she felt nervous at first. 6. What did the teacher say when she finished singing? Her teacher said she could become a real opera singer someday.

Language Points
1. I often liked to imagine singing on a big stage. 我经常喜欢想像在一个大舞台上唱歌。 imagine doing, 想像做某事。 2. Some kids at school said I wasn’t good enough to be an opera singer. enough修饰形容词或副词要放在其后面。enough+形

容词/副词+ to do 表示有足够的……去做某事。
e.g. He is old enough to look after himself.

3. Finally, it is my turn. 最后,轮到我了。 这里turn是名词,表示次序。 It’s one’s turn to do sth. 轮到某人做某事。 e.g. It’s our turn to clean the classroom. 4. Well done, Cathy! I know you can make it! 做得好, Cathy。我知道你能做到。 well done,表示对某人做事的称赞。 句中make表示能做成。 5. Would I sound good? 我听起来会不错吗? sound做动词时,表示听起来,是系动词,后跟形容词。 e.g. What you said sounds good. 你说的听起来不错。

翻译下面句子。 1. 我经常听音乐,并看了许多电影。 I often _______ ___ music and _______ many movies. listened to enjoyed 2. 他们的话让我伤心。 made sad What they said _____ me ______. 3. 这个主意听起来不错。 The idea _______ very good. sounds 4. 慢慢地我变得放松了。 became relaxed Slowly, I _______ ________. 5. start 和 begin有相同的意思。 Start and begin have ____ _____ ________. the same meaning



Nothing in the world is difficult for one who sets

his mind to it.

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