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英语课件:冀教版八上 Lesson 60 You Are You1

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Lesson 60 You Are You

Pair work
What are your talents? Are you unique in your class?

My talents are…What about yours?


They look quite different, but they’re still friends.

quite different

He is striving for the future.

strive– strove – striven

Now let’s learn the song.
Be confident in yourself, Be proud of who you are. Strive to be the best you can be! We are unique — You are you and I am me. Be yourself and celebrate How no one is quite like you! Be yourself and celebrate — You are special through and through!

repeat: 重复


v. 意思是

meaning n. 含义

Language Points
1. Be confident in yourself. 对自己充满信心。

confident 形容词, ―自信的,有信心的”常用作定
语或表语,还常与介词 “of‖ 搭配。 e.g. I am confident of success. 2. Strive to be the best you can be ! 力争达到最好。 the best 表示 “最好的 (一类人或物)‖ 。 the+形容词,表示 “一类人或物” 。 e.g. the rich, 富人。the old,老人。

3. How no one is quite like you ! 没有谁会跟你一样。 quite 可以修饰动词,形容词或副词。 4. You are special through and through ! 你跟别人完全不同。 through and through ―完全, 彻底”。 e.g. He is an Englishman through and through .

I. 英汉互译
through and through 1.完全地;彻底地 ___________________
2.奋力做某事 __________________ strive to do sth. be confident in 3.对??有信心 __________________ the same as 4.和??相同 _________________ a special friend 5.特别的朋友 ___________________

再唱一遍这首歌 6.repeat the song ________________
为……感到骄傲 7.be proud of _________________ 写一篇短文 8.write a short passage ___________

II. 根据汉语提示完成句子
repeat 1.Please________(重复)the song. It is very beautiful. quite 2. The book is ______(相当) different from that one. strive 3. We should _________(努力) to be the best! 4.There are many ___________(不同)between us. differences 5. _____(成为) yourself and celebrate it. Be

写作:你有与众不同的朋友吗,他/她和别人有什么 具体不同的地方?请写出来介绍给大家,不少于60词。

Diamond cuts diamond. 强中自有强中手。

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