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英语课件:冀教版八上 Lesson 58 Georgia Plays Basketball

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Lesson 58 Georgia Plays Basketball

Lead in


Do you know him?

He is Michael Jordan, a famous basketball player.

Think about it!
1. Do you enjoy playing basketball? Why or why not? 2. Who is the most famous Chinese basketball player? 3. Can you think of any famous basketball players from other places in the world?

Think about the picture:
1. What can you see in the picture?

2. Who is the girl?


3. Where does she come from? Make a guess. 4. What’s her main talent? Make a guess. 5. What’s her ambition? Can you make a guess?

Read quickly and get the main idea of each paragraph:
Paragraph 1 Paragraph 2 Paragraph 3 Paragraphs 4-6 Paragraph 7 Introduce herself.

What makes her unique?
Introduce her family.

Her main talent.
Her ambition.

Read carefully and answer the questions.
1. What makes Georgia unique? Nobody else in her school comes from Greece. 2. What’s her main talent? Basketball is her main talent. 3. What’s her sister? She is a professional basketball player. 4. How is Georgia’s basketball team? Her team is great. 5. What’s her ambition? She wants to play basketball in the Olympics.

Language Points
1. I was born there.

be born “出生于”,be只能是was或were。
e.g. Where were you born?你出生于什么地方? 2. I have been in Canada (for) seven and a half years. seven and a half years,七年半。表示几个半的方法是: 整数 + and + a half + 名词 =整数+名词+ and a half e.g. 一个半小时:one and a half hours = one hour and a half

3. My sister returned to Greece to play for the Greek National Basketball Team.我姐姐返回到希腊为希腊 国家篮球队打球效力。 return相当于come/go back, “回;返回”。表示返 回某地要用return to + 地方。

e.g. He has returned to Paris from London.
return还可表示 “归还;放回;送回” ,相当于 give back 。用法为:return sb. sth. = return sth. to

sb. She returned me the book. = She returned the book e.g.
to me.

4. The score was fifty-three to fifty-one.比分是53:51. score n. “(比赛的)分数”The final score was 4 to 3. score v. “(比赛中)得分” She scored 120 in the IQ test. 5. The game was almost over.比赛几乎结束了。 almost adv. “几乎;差不多” e.g. Dinner is almost ready. She has almost finished her homework. be over , “结束;完结”。

6. I was proud of myself. 我为我自己而自豪
be proud of sb./sth. “为(因)??而感到自豪,骄傲” e.g. She is proud of her new car.

Ⅰ. Read and complete the passage.
Georgia is 13. She is in Grade Eight She comes from _____. ______and has been there ___ seven and a half years. Greece for

Her sister is a very good _________ player. basketball
play She returned to Greece to ____ for the Greek basketball team. And basketball is Georgia’s main _____,too. One talent time ,she won a game for her school. She was very proud ____

herself ambition of ______. Her ___

_____ is to play in the Olympics.

Ⅱ. 汉译英:
1) 昨天他回到了北海。 Yesterday he ________ ____ Beihai. returned to 2) 请把我的橡皮檫还给我。

Please return ____the eraser. _____ me
= Please _______ the eraser ___ ____. return to me 3) 我们在这住了一年半了。 We have lived here for one and ___ _____ years/___ a half a year _____and a half.

Ⅲ. 单项选择
1. Li Ming is a player ______ our school football team. A. on B. at C. as D. from 2. Nobody _____ comes from America in our class. They are all Chinese except me. A. other A. young A. tall C. the second tallest B. others C. more D. else D. the youngest 3. Jenny is ________ girl in our school . B. younger C. youngest B. the tallest D. the second taller

4. I’m _______ in our class. Only Li Hui is taller than me.

写作:学习本课后,你对Georgia的情况已经有了一 个了解。请根据课文内容用自己的话介绍一下她,不少 于70词。

A leopard cannot change its spots. 积习难改。

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