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(九上) Unit2 of Module6

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Module 6

Save our world

Unit 2 Remember three words : reduce,reuse and recycle
教学目的:掌握本课的单词、短语、句子并熟练应用 单词:reduce reuse necessary plastic repair care instead cloth sort harm defference product material bottle

短语: instead of

do harm to

make a difference to

throw it /them away

care about

句子:1. Do you care about protecting the environment and saving energy? 2. We all need a healthy environment , but we produce waste every day and it does harm to our environment .

3. In fact , even the simplest everyday activities can make a real difference to

the environment .
4. Although it takes energy to change something into something else , it is better than throwing things away or burning them . 教学重点:掌握本课的单词、短语、句子。 教学难点:灵活运用本课的单词、短语、句子。

三、Explaining. 1. care about = be careful about 2. instead of 3. do harm to 而不是 对……有害 关心

4. make a difference to 5. as long as possible 6. take energy



7. change …into… 把……变成……
8. Something else 别的东西

一、中英互译。 care about 1. 关心 ____________ 而不是 3. instead of _______ save energy 2. 节约能源 _________________ throw it away 4. 扔掉它___________________

do harm to make a difference to 5. 对……有害______________ 6. 对……产生重大影响___________________ 如果可能 7. if possible ____________ 尽可能长久 8.as long as possible ____________________

别的东西 参加 9. something else __________ 10.take part in _______________________ 二、根据汉语意思或者首字母提示完成句子,并注意其正确形式。 ecessary 1. It n__________ for us students to learn English well.

2. We should use a china cup and a lunch box i_______ o____ a paper cup . nstead f
does 3. We mustn’t smoke. It _____ harm to ______ ___ (对……有害) our health . to 4. School education makes __ ___________ ___(对……产生重大影响) the _____ a difference

students’ development .
taken part in 5. Have you ever ______ ______ ___(参加) some helpful public activities ?

三、选择最佳答案。 ( A)1. Reading good books for a few hours every day can make a ___ to children. A. difference B. problem C. product D. harm

( B )2. Their teacher likes going to work by bike ____ by bus . A. instead B. instead of C. but D. and

( C )3. Glass 、paper and metal can ____ .

A. recycle

B. are recycled

C. be recycled

D. be recycling

( B )4. Do you know how ___ anergy ? A. save B. to save C. saves D. saving

( A )5. Would you like to buy ______ ? A. something else B. else something C.anything else D. else anything

( D)6. Look , your shoes are broken. Please ________. A. throw it away B. throw away it C. Throw away them D. throw them away

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