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Moduel1 Unit 1 encyclopedia (Period 1)

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Oxford English

Unit Module 1 Amazing things


Period 1
Getting ready Study skills Culture corner

Let’s have a revision
1.All my cousins were born in foshan.(be born) _______ 2. Look,he had so many inventions. He must be a great _______. inventor 3.The air in _______(a/the/an/不填) countryside is so the fresh. 4.Lily is only five years old, _________, she can sing however and dance very well. obody 5.I opened the door, but there was n_____ in the room

nclude 6.Mary’s hobbies i______ swimming and singing. bility 7.You have the a_____ to do the job well. I’m sure of it. ie out 8.Lots of animals d_____ _____ every year because of pollution. 9.Dinosaurs lived on Earth before h______ beings. uman in the countryside 10.My grandparents live ______________.(在乡下)

Getting ready
Look at the cartoon and answer the questions.

He thinks that Lo is probably reading his encyclopaedia/is looking for some information in his encyclopaedia.

He is standing on the encyclopaedia to change a light bulb.

He will probably feel angry/unhappy.

Culture corner

Read the article and answer the questions.

Read the first paragraph of the article and explain what each number means.

How many numbers can you find? What are the numbers talking about?

Look at the picture of an encyclopaedia on page 14 and choose the best answers.

Study skills

A. In which volumes can you find information about the following topics? Write the correct volume numbers in the blanks.

B In which of the encyclopaedias below can you find information on the following topics? Write the correct letters in the blanks.

1 Elephants _____ 2 Sound _____ 3 The Stone Age _____ 4 Opera _____

5 Pianos 6 Light 7 Qin Shihuang 8 Trees

_____ _____ _____ _____

C Below are some instructions. Which word in each instruction tells you which topic to look up in an encyclopaedia?

1 Find information on dogs. 2 Find information on the invention of numbers. 3 Talk about festivals in China. 4 Write a passage on the history of computers.


____________ ____________


1. <目标>P.2,练习1-3题。


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