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姓名_________ 班级______ 等级_______

Ⅰ. 单项选择(30分)

( 幼儿园) this September.

A. four year old B. four-years-old

C. four years’ old D. four-year-old

( A. decision B. trouble C. pride D. mistake

( ) 3. When I entered the classroom, quickly. A. for B. with C. to D. in

( the window open.

A. in B. with C. on D. at

( ) 5. — Do you still remember that accident, Danny?

— Of course. I’ll never forget it A. only if B. even though C. because of D. ever since

( ) 6. He is terrified of alone in the street at night.

A. to walk B. having walked C. walking D. walked

( ) 7. I used to bed. A. read; read B. reading; read C. read; reading D. reading; reading

( ) 8. — Would you like to play computer games with me?

— Sorry, I have playing them.

A. gone on B. given up C. looked up D. given back

( in it.

A. interesting; interested B. interesting; inter esting

C. interested; interesting D. interested; interested

( ) 10. — What do you think of your Chinese teacher?

— She is kind and with us.

A. patient B. mad C. angry D. bad

( before. A. changes B. changed C. will change D. has changed

( ) 12. — Could you go to the beach with us this weekend?

— I’m sorry I can’t. I study for the history test.

A. can B. could C. may D. have to

( in this small mountain village when I was a child.

A. use to live B. used to living C. used to live D. used to life

( ) 14. —you take a bus to school?

— Yes. But now I usually go to school on foot.

A. Did; use to B. Were; used to C. Do; use to D. Will; use to

( ) 15. — I used to play tennis, but now I’m on the swim team.

— A. Thanks. B. Good idea. C. All right. D. People sure change.


Dear Tommy,

I’m writing to you on your third birthday. I want to tell you something about your grandma’s time. I was born sixty-eight years ago in a small village.

Transportation used to be a big problem. When we traveled from village to village, we used to walk or ride horses.

Shopping was not an easy job, either. There were no supermarkets in the

neighborhood. We used to grow most of our own food: rice and vegetables. We kept things cool in a special underground room.

The biggest difference is that you have electricity (电). We didn’t have electricity until very late in our small village. We didn’t have any televisions of course. We used to perform our local (地方的) music and enjoy it very much.

Life used to be very hard, but I was not upset. I would like you to know about the old d ays and be happy about what you have when you grow up. Remember, feeling good about life is the key to happiness.

Your grandma

( A. a grandfather to a grandson B. a grandmother to a grandson

C. a grandfather to a granddaughter D. a grandmother to a granddaughter

( when the letter is written.

A. one B. two C. three D. four

( )18. This letter is mostly about .

A. the writer’s old life experience B. the writer’s future life

C. what a kid can do for old people D. how the writer has changed

( )19. Which is NOT true about the writer?

A. She was born in the countryside. B. Sh e felt good about the village life.

C. She used to grow vegetables in the village.

D. She used to walk or ride horses from city to city.

( )20. Why did the writer write this letter?

A. She wanted to show that life now is really happy.

B. She wanted to tell others that life was so hard in the past.

C. She wanted the kid to be positive about life in the future. D. She wanted the kid to dream about his future life.

阅读判断正误 正确用T 错误用F (10分)

Bob and Jim once worked in the same factory. One day, Bob lent Jim ten dollars, but then Jim left his work and went to work in another town without paying back the money.

Bob didn't see Jim for a year, and then he knew from another friend that Jim was in another town and staying at a hotel. So he went there to see him late in the evening. When he got to Jim's room, he saw his shoes near the door. "Well, he must be in," he thought, and knocked again, and said, "I know you are in, Jim. Your shoes are out here."

"I've gone out in my boots," answered Jim.

( )1. Bob and Jim once worked in different factories.

( )2. One day Jim borrowed ten dollars from Bob.

( ) 3. Jim paid back the money to Bob and went to work in another town later.

( ) 4. Bob hadn't seen Jim for a year when he learned that Jim was in another town. III.根据句意,选词完成 句子(10分)

1. The girl was ____________ of the snakes when she was young.

2. His mother made a difficult ____________ to send him to a boarding school.

3. He often _________ some problems for his family.

4. He should look after _________ at school.

5. Every morning, his grandfather reads ___________ morning newspaper.

6. He_____ to be short,but now he is really tall.

7. Because of his father’s death, his mother couldn’t __________ to pay for his education.

8. Mr Zhang is very ____________ with his students, and his students love him .

9. It’s ____________ for us to keep healthy.

10. As students, we should pay more ____________ to our study.


1,Amy ___________(use) to have short hair.

2,Now I am _____________(interest) in sports.

3,She used to be afraid of _______________(speak) in front of the class. 4,I’m never _____________(terrify) of the dogs.

5,When I was young , I spent a lot of time ____________(chat) with my mother. 6,His brother often makes him ____________(get) angry.

7,The doctor tells his father to give up _______________(smoke).

8,It’s necessary for us to make our own _____________(decide)

9,After the dog’s ______________(dead), the boy was very sad.

10 I think ____________(watch) English movies is a great way to learn English. V.根据要求完成句子(10分)

1.Mr Green used to have long curly hair.(改为一般疑问句)

__________ Mr Green _________ to have long curly hair?

2.My parents used to be really quiet.(改为否定句)

My parents ________ ________ to be really quiet.

3.She used to be really shy.(改为反义疑问句)

She used to be really shy, ________ __________?

4.She always ________ ________ ________ (睡觉) with the light ______(开着)。 VI.根据对话内容,补全其中所缺单词,每空一词。(10分)

A: Hey, Steve! Over here! Don't you remember me?

B: Oh, wow! You're Paula, aren't you?

A: That's .

B: But you used to be really quiet, you?

A: Yeah. I wasn't very outgoing.

B: No, you weren't. But you were always friendly. Wait a minute! you use to play the piano?

A: Yes, I did. But now I'm more interested in sports. I play soccer and I'm the swim team.

B: Wow! People sure .


假如你是韩梅,进入初三,你的生活发生很大变化,根据提示,写一篇60 词左


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