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课题:unit 6 I like music that I can dance to


更喜欢;更喜爱 ______ 歌词,抒情词句________ 轻柔的;柔和的__________ 定语从句:在复合句中充当_______的从句叫做定语从句。定语从句所修饰的词 ______ _______和关系副词_____ ______ _______关系词不仅起连接先行词和从句的作用,还在所引导的从句中做一定的成分。

I like music that I can dance to .先行词_____ 关系代词______ 做从句的_____ 定语从句________________________________ Carmen likes musicians who play different kinds pf music.

先行词____关系代词______做从句的_________ 定语从句_______________________________ Rosa like music that’s quiet and gentle.

先行词_________ 关系代词_______ 做从句的________

定语从句_____________________________________________________ I like music that isn’t too loud. 先行词_________ 关系代词_____ 做从句的___


What kind of music do you like?

I like music that I can______________ (跟着唱) What about you ? I prefer music _____________________ (有优美的歌词)

Does Xu Fei like the modern?

No, he doesn’t. He perfers _____________ (演奏轻柔音乐的组合) Does Carmen like the modern?

Yes , she loves music _________________ (声音大而有活力的音乐) Does xu fei like Dan Dervish ?

No, he likes musicians ________________ (写自己原创歌曲的音乐家)

Does Carmen like Dan Dervish ?

Yes ,she likes musicians ______________________ (演奏不同种类音乐的音乐家) 6 prefer = like……better

prefer…to…..= like ……better than……后接______


比起红色我更喜欢绿色。___________________________ 叫_______。引导定语从句的词叫关系词,关系词分为关系代词___ ____ _____


Prefer to ……rather than……宁可…….也不…….后接__________



Prefer 名词to 名词,prefer ing to ing prefer to do rather than do

7 演奏不同种类的音乐____________________________

跟着跳 ________ 跟着唱_________ 轻柔的歌曲_________ 你在开玩笑____________酷小孩乐队____________ 雄狮乐队 ____________


1I prefer noodles _______dumplings.

A than B better than C to D of

2.Do you prefer bananas _____apples? Apples. I think.

A to B or C than D and

3Do you know the man _____is sitting behind Nancy?(08中考)

A what B which C who D whom

4 I like the ______who writes his own songs.

A music B musician C musicians D musics

5 I like music ______I can dance to

A who B that C how D when

6Tony prefers groups that _____their own songs.

A write B writes C writing D to write

7 My parents prefer to stay at home rather than ____ to parties.

A go B going C goes D to go

8 The man ____ we visited yesterday is a famous doctor.

A which B what C who D when

9 Which do you prefer, apples or bananas?

_______. I like oranges.

A All B Both C Either D Neither

10 He likes singers. They write their own songs.(合并为一句)

11 girl with long hair is my aunt.(同义句改写)

The girl ______ ________ long hair is my aunt.



不喜欢___________ 心 ,内心________ 细绳,线_________


2.3a. Read Jennifer’s CD review. Then match the sentence parts.

3.3b. Talk with your partner about a CD you listened to recently. Ask and answer the questions in 3a.

4. airwork. Complete this survey. hen find classmates who agree with you.


1.What’s the name of your favorite CD? 你最喜欢的唱片的名字是什么? What’s the name of……?表示_____________eg.这本书的名字是什么?

______________________________ with the name 意为_______相当于_______或_______eg.我认识一个名叫卡门的女孩。_________________________________

2.Whatdoes it remind you of ?它使你想起了什么?

remind 意为_______,常与____连用。Remind sb.of sth.意为____________=_______________



remind sb.to do sth. 意为___________________


妈妈经常提醒我们出门时关上窗户。__________________________ 3 I can’t stand music that……. 我不能忍受…….的音乐

Stand 在这里是______的意思,后接___________




4.heart 她心肠好。___________________

5. I listened to one called Heart Stings. 我听了一个叫心弦的CD.

One 指_______; it 指_________

Called Heart Strings 是过去分词短语做定于,其中called 可以换成_____

6.What do you think of it ?=_____________________ 你认为它怎么样? 一般的答语为____________ ______________ _____________ etc.


1 我更喜欢唱抒情歌曲的歌唱家。________________________________

2 我喜欢能够跟着唱的歌曲


4 我只喜欢穿起来舒适的衣服_________________________


6 你认为这盘CD 怎么样?

What do you ____ ____ the CD?

7 那会让你想起什么?

What can it___ you _____?

8 这就是我昨天买的字典。

This is the dictionary ____I _____ yesterday.

9 My ______(心) is beating faster and faster.

10 You can tie the horse to the tree with a ______(细绳)

11 The lake _________(使……想起)me of many things .My tears fell down. 12 The boy______is watering the flowers is my cousin.

A what B which C whom D that

13 The number of people _____ lost homes reached 250,000.

A which B who C whom D/

14They prefer ______ to ______

A sing; dance B singing ; dancing

C sing’ dancing D singing ;dance

15 What kind of food do you like ? ____________

A Certainly, I like them B Yes, I’m hungry

C No , I don’t know D Food that tastes delicious

16 Sorry, we don’t have the coat______you need. (09河北中考)

A what B who C whom D which

1.定语从句的关系代词只能用that 的情况

(1) 被修饰的先行词为不定代词,如________________,只能用that, Eg_____________________________________________________

(2)先行词被___________________________________等词修饰时,只能用that. eg._______________________________________________________


Eg _____________________

(4) 先行词是最高级或被最高级修饰时,只能用______


(5) 先行词既有人又有物时,只能用______ eg __________________

(6) 如果有两个从句,其中一个是关系代词which ,另一个只能用_____ Eg.____________________________

(7) 主句是 there be 结构,修饰定语从句用that 引导。


关系代词只能用which 的情况

(1) 当关系代词前有介词时,引导词用


(2) 一个句子中有两个定语从句时,为了避免重复,一个用that ,另

一个用____. Eg.______________________

关系代词只能用who 的情况。

行词为 one , ones, anyone 或those, 并且作主语时,一般用who. Eg._________________________

在there be 结构中,像行词指人,,只能用who eg.__________________________.当先行词是I,you ,he, they 等时,(常用于谚语中),只能用who.eg____________________________


1 2a.Listen and write down the three things in the picture that Michael and Ali talk about.

2. 2b. Listen again.Write what Michael likes and why he likes each thing.

3.他喜欢不同寻常的衣服。He likes clothes ____________________

他喜欢能解释清楚事情的作家。He likes writers _______________

他喜欢关于怪兽的影片。He likes movies ___________________

我喜欢悲伤的电影。I like movies _____________________

他喜欢有怪兽的电影。He likes movies_________________

四 巩固提升

1 Do you know the girl ____ sunglasses?

A that wear B who is wearing C who is putting on D that puts on 2The text is very easy for you . There are ____ new words in it.

A a few B a little C few D little which.

3 We have two rooms ___, but I can’t decide ______

A to live; to choose which one

B lived; choose which one

C to lice in; which one to choose

D live; which one

4We should give love to the children ____ lost their parents in the earthquake.

A who B whom C those D whom 5 I like movies that have _____monsters

A scare B scared C scares D scary 6This is the doctor _______ saved the boy’s life.

A who B whom C which D what 7 This isthe book _____ tells about the sea.

A who B that C what D where 8He is the most hard-working student _____ I have ever known.

A that B which C whom D who 9 Is there anything ____ you want to buy in the town?

A which B that C who D what 10 I will never forget the day _____ I met him .

A that B when C who D whom

11All ____ is needed is a long time.

A which B who C whom D that

12 The engineer ____my father works is about fifty years old.

A to who B on that C from which D with whom

13 Do you know Mrs Jackson ______daughter is a famous pote?

A that her B whose C who D of whom

14This is the house _____ I live.

A which B in where C with which D in which

15The house _____ he lives ___ is very beautiful.

A that;/ B which;/ C where ; in D which; in

16 The place ____I grew up is a beautiful town.

A which B that C where D from which

17We live in the TV factory now ____ they visited last year.

A where B what C who D which

摄影,照相______ 摄影者,摄影师_______ 照片,相片________

Fishman (复数)_______ on display =_________ whatever =______

Suggest (名词)_______ energy (形容词)______honest (反义词)______

多年来______ 一定/务必去做某事___________ 看到某人做某事_________ 说实话________ 不幸得是________ …….其中之一__________ 拍电影_______ 适合某人_________ 传统音乐________ 六个月的英语课程__________ 印度电影节___________


1 3a. Play the tape for the Ss. Then read the reviews. Circle the things the reviewers like .and underline the things the reviewers don’t like.

3b. Now use the information from the reviews to complete this chart. Check the answers.

2.suggest 是动词。意为______,后常跟_________________.

He suggested a way out of trouble. 他提出了一个摆脱困境的方法。

This suggested he was happy. 这表明他是高兴的。

The manager suggests that we plan it right away.经理建议我们马上部署这件事。 3 interest 作名词时,意为_________,作动词时,意为_______. 形容词interesting 用来修饰_____,interested 用来修饰____.


4 whatever 是连接代词,意为________,相当于______ eg 无论你在哪里我都要跟随你_____you are , I’ll go with you .

无论谁_____ 无论怎样_____ 无论何时________无论哪里______

5 latest 是______ 意为______ eg _____________

5 It does have a few good feathers ,though. 可是,它的确有一些好的特点。 助动词does 在本句中表示______,说明我们对讨论的事情感情强烈。 I do miss you . He does like music. We did finish my homework.


1 完成self-check 1.2.

2 I prefer not to eat too much food ____ is fried , like french fries (08杭州)

A that B what C it D 不填

3 This is the tuestion ____ we are talking about now .(08吉林)

A that B who C where D when

4 – What are you looking for?(08长沙)

- I am looking for the book ____ I bought yesterday.

A who B which C whose

5 We should give a hand to the people __ need help (08云南)

A who B whose C whom D when

6 We all like the teachers __ class is interesting and creative (08兰州)

A which B whose C who D that

7 He is the only student ___ plays table tennis better than Jim(08南京)

A why B shere C who D which

8 The teacher ___ teaches us English is Mr. Green (08哈尔滨)

A who B which C whom D whose

9 Jack, there is someone in the office ____ would like to speak with you (08厦门)

A who B which C whom Dwhose

10 Last summer I went to Lu Xun’s hometown and visited the house ____ he was born(08广州)

A that B there C which D where

11 Beijing is the 29th city _____ holds the Olympic Games (08芜湖)

A where B that C which D what


对……..有害________ 意见一致___________ 远离……______ 1 keep healthy =__________

2 discussion (v.)=________



5 健康的食物________

油炸的食物__________ __________




6 判断正误

Peter spoke last. ( )

Laura says tasty food is bad for you .( )

Tony doesn’t mind eating burnt food. ( )

Peter is shocked by what others eat. ( )

Laura eats a balanced diet. ( )

7 完成短文。

Peter wants to stay healthy but he thinks food that tastes good is bad for you . Tony agrees with him ,he thinks food ____________can taste good.but he prefers not to eat ____________.Laura loves to eat _________________,she never eats fast food.She stays away from ____,Laura also thinks food that’s been cooked in oil can _____ the risk of cancer. It’s good to eat lots of fruit and vegetables, it’s also fine to eat _____________.people who eat a ______diet should be _____than those who only eat ______and _____.The main thing is to have a good _____.

五 巩固提升

1We’re_____ agreement that we’ll go to Wuhan next week.

A for B to C of D in

2This kind of apples tastes ____ and sells ____

A good good B well well C good well D well good

3 Food that tastes good is usually _____ health.

A good to B food of C bad to D bad for

4Keeping______is important to us.

A health B healthy C healthily D in good healthy 5The boy _____ I talked with just now is my best friend

A which B that C whose D where

6I don’t know the student who ____ English well in our grade

A study B studies C are studying D studying

7We love the places ____the weather is really cool.

A what B that C which D where

8 We know Jackie Chan ____ novies are are very popular with the young()

A whose B that C who D which

9 This is the dictionary ____ Mum gave me for my birthday ()

A which B what C whose D whom

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