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Where did you go vacation ?

Class_____ Name ______

一. 请写出下列动词的过去式

is/am__________ study_________ go _______write_______

visit___________ play__________ are ________do_______

make________ have_______ help______ find ________

give________ eat ________ tell________ sit_________

buy _______ teach ______ see ______ think ________


( )1.He helped me _____ my lost book.

A. found B. find C. finding

( )2. I don’t want to go to the museum , it’s too ____

A. relaxing B. boring C. awful D. beautiful

( )3. We had great fun ____ in the water.

A. play B. to play C. plays D. playing

( )4. Yesterday afternoon , we ____to the park.

A. went B. go C. goes D. goed

( )5.It’s cold ,so we decided _____ at home.

A. stay B. to stay C. staying D. stayed

( )6. –How were the people? ---They ____ unfriendly.

A. was B were C. are D. is

( )7. I have only ten yuan with me,______ I can't buy the expensive dictionary.

A. thought B. but C. so D. because

( )8. Today is Children's Day. There are lots of people in Happy Valley. It's very _____.

A. busy B. uncrowded C. hot D. crowded

( )9. I didn’t have any money for a taxi , ______ I walked back to the hotel.

A. and B. because C. so D. or

( )10.She didn’t ____ me about it .

A. told B. tell C. telling D tells

( )11 ______ was the food in the restaurant?

A. How many B. Why C. How D. Where

( )12. –Where ___she _____ on vacation? ---She ____ her uncle.

A. did, go , visited B. does , go visited C. did , went , visited

D. does , went , visit


( )13. Did you visit your grandma on Friday evening?

—No, I ______ to a wonderful movie with my mother.

A. didn't go B. went C. go D. did went

( )14.That made me_____ very happy.

A. to feel B. feel C. felling D. fells

( )15. —How was your summer camp in Dalian last year?

—______.I had a good time with my friends.

A. Awful B. Fantastic C. Expensive D. Not good


A. 组句。(请注意大小写和标点符号) 1.did,where,you,go,on vacation 2.went,the mountains, I, to 3.New York City, they, went to 4.Vera,like,vacation,her,did 5.playing,we,great,had,fun,in the water

B. 用所给单词的适当形式填空。

1.We went ______(camp) in the mountains last Summer Vacation.

2.We went ______(shop) in the afternoon.

3.There were a few people in the library on Sunday, it was ______(crowd) there.

4.On my way home, I found a little girl ______(cry) in the corner.

5.It was sunny and hot yesterday. We went to the park and ______(fly) kites.


1.Were you at home yesterday m_______.

2. There were many people on the bus ,it’s c______.

3. It was s____ and hot every day.

4.We had a wonderful dinner at this restaurant. The food was d______.

5.I had a very good summer v______ in Shanghai with my parents.


1.今天天气很凉爽。 Today the was .

2.那个孩子迷路了,我们帮他找到了他的父母。 That child ,we helped him his parents.

3.在街的拐角处有一家小饭馆。 There a small restaurant at of the street.

4.Sarah病了,她呆在家里,哪里也没有去。 Sarah was ill. She at home. She went .


It was a Sunday afternoon. It was very ① and nobody was glad to

stay at home. Mike decided to go and swim in the river. His brother,


little Jim, wanted to go with him.

“ ② him with you ,Mike, ”said their father. “He’ll listen to you ,I think.”

They ③ arrived all the river soon. A lot of people were ④ in it. Mike told Jim to play on the bank(岸),then he ⑤ into the water. About an hour later Mike swam to the bank with a fish in his hand. Jim was very ⑥ . He found a bottle and put the fish in it.

The evening little Jim did ⑦ but(除了)watching the fish. Suddenly Mike heard Jim ⑧ in the room .He ran to him and asked, “What is wrong ⑨ you, Jim?” “The fish is dead, ” Jim said in tears(眼泪汪汪). “I thought it was ⑩ . So I brought it out of the bottle and put it on the chair. I only wanted it to have a rest!”

( )①A. warm B. hot C. cool ( )②A. Carry B. Bring C. Take

( )③A. both B. each C. all ( )④A. washing B. playing C. swimming

( )⑤A. ran B. walked C. jumped ( )⑥A. happy B. unhappy C. angry

( )⑦A. everything B. anything C. nothing ( )⑧A. singing B. crying

C. laughing

( )⑨A. with B. to C. in ( )⑩A. hungry B. busy C. tired


delicious play playing played shopping cool

back lost happy sunny rained

Monday, July 15th Great weather! It was and hot all day. We went to a beautiful beach. We had great fun in the water. In the afternoon, we went . The shops were too crowded, so I didn’t really enjoy it. Tuesday, July 16th

Today it , so we went to a museum. It was kind of boring. I found a small boy crying in the corner. He was and I helped him find his father. That made me feel very . I didn’t have any money for a taxi, so I walked to the hotel. I was really tired.

Wednesday, July 16th Today the weather was , so we decided to tennis. We all morning. It was really fun. We had Sichuan food for dinner. It was .

六、补全对话 A. A: Hi, did you go on vacation? B:I to the beach. A: How was the ? B: hot and humid. A: you swim?

博达助教通 B: Yes, I did. The weather was really warm. What about you? was your vacation?

A: It’s .I went nowhere. I at home.

B.. Betty: Hello, Sally.

Sally: Oh, Betty! Nice see you again. How's it going you? Betty: Great! I came back from Paris just two days ago.

Sally: Paris? My god. It's one of my favorite cities. Betty: I it very much. It's really a beautiful

city. Sally: What you go there for? Business? Betty: No, I just went there vacation. Sally: It must a wonderful vacation. Betty:

Sure. Sally: What did you there? Betty: Shopping! I almost shopping every day. Sally: Wow! How the stores there? Betty: They very expensive. But the fashionable dress (时装)in Paris is good. I bought a of them. I love Paris'

fashionable dress.


A.根据短文内容, 判断下列句子正(T)、误(F)。

Kim went to a beautiful beach on Monday with his friends . It was sunny and hot. So they had great fun playing in the water. In the afternoon, they went shopping. But the shops were crowded, they didn’t really enjoy it.

The next day, it was rainy, so they went to a museum. It was boring. Kim found a small boy crying in the corner. The boy was lost. He helped the boy find his father. Kim was very happy. But he had no money for a taxi. So he had to walked back to the hotel. That made him very tired.

On Wednesday, the weather was very cool. So they played tennis. They played all morning. It was really fun.

( )1. On Monday, Kim had fun going shopping.

( )2. It was very hot on Wednesday.

( )3. They went to a museum on Tuesday.

( )4. Kim helped a boy find his father and went back to the hotel by taxi.

( )5. They played tennis on a cool day.

(B).从所给的七个选项中选出适当的选项完成对话,其中有两个多余选项。 A: Hi, Mary. ①

B: Hi, Huiming. Nice to see you, too. Where did you go last month?


A: Well, we went to our home town in Jiangxi, ②

B: Oh, they must have been very happy to see you again. A: Sure. B: ③

A: My parents took Dick and me to a few cities in the south. B: That must have been very interesting. ④

A: We visited Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuxi and Hangzhou.

B: Oh! ⑤ I think you were sure to have a good time.

A: Yes, we really enjoyed ourselves very much.


一. 略


三.(A)1.Where did you go on vacation?

2.I went to the mountains.

3.They went to New York City.

4.Did Vera like her vacation ?

5.We had great fun playing in the water .

B.1.to camp 2.shopping 3.crowded 4.crying 5.flew

C.1.morning 2.crowded 3.sunny 4.delicious 5.vacation

D1.weather cool 2.was lost ,find 3.is the corner 4.stayed nowhere




七.(A)FFTFT (B)


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