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七年级英语上册 unit 2 This is my sister period 1 1a-1c

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Unit 2 This is my sister.
Period 1

Teaching aims: 1. Learn how to introduce people by using This is …/ That’s…/ These are …/ Those are… 2. Review the words about family numbers: mother ,father, parents, grandmother, grandfather, grandparents, sister, brother 3. Know the singular and plural forms of some words Teaching difficult and important points: 1.master the differences of that and this, these and those 2. Make conversation fluently and correctly.

Teaching procedures: Step 1 :revision and lead in 2: presentation 3: drill 4: finish 1a 5: listening practice in 1b 6: role play in 1c 7: sum up 8: Homework

Talk about the pictures.
? ? ? ? ? ? A: What’s this in English? B: It’s a … A: Spell it, please. B: … A: What color is it? B: It’s …

This is my cup.

That’s my cup.

These are my books.

Those are my books.

this 这个 that 那个

these 这些 those 那些

Who’s she? She’s Xiao Wanzi.

My family

What is “family”?

Father and mother I love


grandmother grandfather

parents father mother



This is my father.

Hi, I’m Xiao Wanzi.

That’s my mother. That is

These are my parents.

This is my grandmother.

That’s my grandfather. That is

Those are my grandparents.

This is my sister.

This is my friend.

That’s my friend. That is

Those are my friends.

1a Match the words with the people in the picture.

1. mother ___ a 2. father ____ c

b 3. parents ____ h 4. brothers ____ f 5. grandmother ____ e 6. grandfather ____

i 7. friend ____
d 8. grandparents ____ g 9. sister ____

1b Listen and circle the words you hear in 1a.

1. mother ___ a 2. father ____ c

b 3. parents ____ h 4. brothers ____ f 5. grandmother ____ e 6. grandfather ____

i 7. friend ____
d 8. grandparents ____ g 9. sister ____

1c Role play the conversations in 1a.

A: That’s my family. Those are my parents.

B: Who’s she?
A: She’s my sister. Oh, and these are my brothers. B: Who are they? A:They’re my grandparents.

Sum up (小结)
家庭成员: 1.爸爸______ 2.妈妈________ 3.父母亲______ 4.爷爷;姥______ 5.奶奶;姥姥________ 6.祖父母;外祖父母______ 7.兄;弟______ 8.姐;妹________ 9.家庭______

Sum up (小结)

This is…

That’s… These are…

3.这些是… 4.那些是…

Those are…

is This___ my sister. is That____ his brother. is She_____ his aunt. is / are ? He_____ my uncle . is These are her parents. ____ Those are her friends. ____ are They _____my family.

Draw a picture of your family and introduce your family to your friends. We will check it next time.

Have a good day! Bye~~

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