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The Passive Voice

made by LiQin

For example

water use stop
study do ride



used stopped
studied did rode

used stopped
studied done ridden

Let’s have a try.
clean smoke find make build sweep take buy have sing tell give
finish plant found made built swept took bought had sang told gave play carry found made built swept taken bought had sung told given


What does she do every day?

She waters the flowers every day.
The flowers are watered by her every day.

They do their homework after school.
Their homework is done by them after school.

He plays basketball every week.
Basketball is played by him every week.

My mother sweeps the floor every day.
The floor is swept by my mother every day.

keeping warm Guangzhou

The jacket is used for keeping warm.
The jacket is made in Guangzhou.

knives cutting things


英语中动词有主动语态和被动语态 两种语态。主动语态表示主语是动作的 执行者,被动语态表示主语是动作的承 受者, 在被动语态中动作的执行者有时 用by短语表示出来. 一般现在时(simple present): S(主语)+am/is/are +过去分词(done) 一般过去时(simple past): S+was/were +过去分词(done)

2. I

bought a computer last term.

A computer was bought (by me) last term.


Thomas Edison invented the light.

The light was invented by Thomas Edison .

Jim rode the motorbike to his factory yesterday.

The motorbike yesterday.

was ridden to his factory


had an evening party last week.

An evening party

was had last week.

Chinese people built the Great Wall many years ago. The Great Wall many years ago.

was built by Chinese people

The students planted many trees yesterday. Many trees

were planted by the students

take good care of thecats can. taken good care cats be The
by Ann.

Ann can

情态动词(model verb):

He can carry the basket.

The basket can be carried by him.

They can

sing some beautiful songs.

Some beautiful songs

can be sung by them

We should clean the classroom every day. The classroom should be cleaned by us every day.

Our students mustn’t smoke cigarettes.
Cigarettes mustn’t be smoked by our students.

Ask and answer
water every day at home my grandma

A: When are the flowers watered? B: The flowers are watered every day. A: Where are the flowers watered? B: The flowers are watered at home. A: Who are the flowers watered by? B: The flowers are watered by my grandma. A: Are the flowers watered by my grandma at home every day? B: yes, they are.




sweep on weekends in the kitchen my mother

do after school in the classroom the children

build long long ago in Beijing Chinese people

buy last week in Ningbo Mary



1.People use knives for cutting things.

are used Knives ______ ______ for cutting things. 2.The students clean the windows of their classroom twice a month.
The windows of their

classroom______ are cleaned _______ twice a month.

3.I found the ticket on the floor.
3. We found the ticket on the floor .

______ ______ ______ ______ on the The ticket was found floor.

4.I told her to return the book in time.
was told She ______ _______ to return the book in time.

5. Last year we built a library in our school.

was built A library _______ _______ in our school last year.
6.Now people can use computers to help them. can be Now computers _______ ______ used ______ to help them.

7. Did you plant many trees at this time last year? Were ______ _______ _______ many trees planted _______

at this time last time?
8.Must we finish our work today?

Must be finished _______ our work______ _______ today?

9. The foreign friends gave us some wonderful stamps. we were given 1) _______ ______ _______ some wonderful stamps. 2) Some wonderful stamps _______ were ________ _______ _______. given to us

10.The teacher asked Tom to turn on the computer.
was asked Tom _______ ________ to turn on the computer.

11.In this factory women do most of the work.
Most of the work _______ ________ is done by women in this factory.

12.He can mend the bike in two days.

can be _______ The bike ______ ______ mended in two days.
13.You must take this medicine three times a day. must be This medicine _______ _______ taken ________ three times a day.

Have a try
? 1. The emperor invented tea by accident.
Tea was invented by the emperor by accident.

? 2. Many Chinese can speak English.
English can be spoken by many Chinese.

? 3. They don’t wash their clothes every day.
Their clothes aren’t washed by them every day.

? 4. The boy broke the door of the class.
The door of the class was broken by the boy.

5. We didn’t solve the problem.
The problem wasn’t solved by us.

6. Did Mary finish the work?
Was the work finished by Mary?

7. His mother shouldn’t allow him to wear earrings.
He shouldn’t be allowed to wear earrings by his mother.

8. Should we water the trees every day?
Should the trees be watered by us every day?

9. We must stop people walking on the grass.
People must be stopped walking on the grass.

Fill in the blanks:

was invented Paper ( invent)_______________ in A.D.105 by Cai Lun in China. It is an important part of our everyday lives, but few people ever think about is made how it (make) ____________.Today most paper comes from trees. However, with the concern for the environment (考虑到环境) , more and more is produced paper (produce) ____________from recycled paper products. Since paper products are of different qualities, they first(sort分类)____________before are sorted are recycled they (recycle)_____________.The sorted material is put (put) _____________into a huge machine.

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