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unit 7 Where would you like to visit导学案

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Unit 7 Where would you like to visit? Section A 1a—1c(第1课时)

【Learning objectives】

1. Knowing: tiring, educational, peaceful, fascinating, thrilling, take it easy, trek, jungle, fall, Florida, Amazon, Niagara

2. Understanding: Be able to understand the meaning of the listening material.

3. Habit-forming: 1)---Where would you like to go on vacation?

---I'd like to go somewhere relaxing.

2) I like places where the people are really friendly.

4. Communicating: Talk about the places they would like to visit and the reasons.

【Learning process】

一.自主学习。 Task 1 Talk about the plans of vacation.

1. Read the adjectives and understand them.

2. Look at the two pictures carefully, and write adjectives to describe the vacations .

A: Where would you like to go on vacation?

B: I'd like to trek through the jungle, because I like exciting vacations. What about you?

A: I 'd like to ... ...

Task 2 Talk about the places

1.读2a 部分句子,听录音排序。2.Listen again, choose the right answers.


对...感兴趣_______________ 有一天_________/___________支付___________


1)Wouldn't it be great if we could go on a vacation together?


2) I hope to visit Hawaii one day .__________________________________

3) Would you be interested in going there?__________________________________

4) I like places where the weather is always warm.


5) I love places where the people are really friendly.


6) There's not much to do there. _______________________________________

7) It has exciting things to do._________________________________________


6.Role play: 利用2a&2b 中的信息问答。


1. I like places where the weather is always warm.

2. I love places where the people are really friendly.





Would you like / love to 表示意愿would … like to do sth./ would …like sb. to do sth.是表示“愿意做某事”的常用句型,使用这一句形式应注意:



(1) 我想要些面包。I?d like __________ ____________.(根据汉语提示完成句子)

(2) 你能帮我一下吗?

Would you like _____________ (give) me a hand? (用所给词的适当形式填空)

(3) 父亲想要他去看望叔叔。

His father would like him _______________ his uncle. (根据汉语提示完成句子)

2.would like / love to 句式的形式分为以下两种情况:(1)would you like+名词?表示征求意见,其肯定答语常为:Yes, please. 否定答语为:No, thanks.

例如:— Would you like some bread?

— ___________ ___________. I?m full.(根据句意,用适当的词填空)

(2)would you like to do sth.?表示客气的表示请求。其肯定答语常为:Thanks / I?d love / like to.否定答语为:I?d like / love to, but….

例如:— Would you like to go shopping with me on Sunday?

— _________ __________ _________, but I have much work to do.

(3)Would you like…?与Do you want…区别:

Would you like …?语气委婉表示礼貌;Do you want…?用于好友和家庭成员之间。


I. 用所给词的正确形式填空:

1. I hope _______(see) Niagara some day. 2. He likes _______( visit) Hawaii.

3. He would like ________(visit) Hawaii. 4. There is too much________(do) today.

5.It has exciting things ___________(do) there.

6.Are you interested in ______________( go ) on a vacation?

7. What about _____________(trek ) through the jungle?

II. 翻译句子:










Unit 7 Where would you like to visit? Section A 3a—4(第2课时)

【Learning objectives】

1.Knowing: touristy, spotlight, consider, lively, sight, including, church, wine, translate, light, wonderful. 2. Understanding: Be able to understand the meaning of the newspaper. 3. Habit-forming: ---Where would you like to go on vacation? ---I'd like to visit Kunming. 4. Communicating: Talk about the places they would like to visit and the reasons. 【Important points】

1. Habit-forming: --Where would you like to go on vacation? ---I'd like to visit Kunming. 2. Communicating: Talk about the places they would like to visit and the reasons. 【Learning process】


Task 1 Learn 3a 1. Read this newspaper article about Paris. Circle the things you like about visiting Paris. Underline the things you don't like. 2. Write these phrases: 下个星期_____________________ ??的首都_____________________ 最热闹的城市之一__________________________________ 在欧洲_______________________举例______________________






1.consider 作“考虑”讲时,是及物动词,其后可接名词、动名词或从句。作“认为、以为”讲时,后常跟that从句,复合宾语或consider…as/ to be…,相当于think。例如:

(1)我们正考虑出国的事。We?re considering ___ (go) abroad.

(2)你得考虑下一步该怎么办。You have to consider ___________________

2.including 是介词,译为“包含、包括”,后面可跟名词,代词。


The band played many songs, ____________ my favorite.

3.translate 译为“翻译”,是动词,常用短语“translate… into…”“将……翻译成……”。


Please ____________ the following sentences ________ Chinese. (根据汉语提示完成句子)


1.in general 译为“通常,大体上,一般而言”,常用来概括,相当于mainly,常见的表示概括的词组还有:generally speaking, on the whole。


_________ ____________ they do some cleaning on Monday. (根据汉语提示完成句子)

2.some day 译为“某一天”,相当于one day,多用在表示将来或愿望的句子中,但one day还可以用在一般过去时中,而some day不可以。


I?ll come and see you ________ _________ next month. (根据汉语提示完成句子) 三.句子.

(1)Paris is the capital of France, and one of the liveliest cities in Europe.

the capital of….意思是?..的首都 翻译下面的句子: 北京是中国的首都。_________________________

(2)It doesn't have any beaches or mountains… or,连词,或者,用于否定句或疑问句中,肯定句用and.


我有三个苹果和两个梨。______________________________. (3)Travelling around Paris by taxi can cost a lot of money.

动名词做主语,谓语用____________.吃的太多对身体有害。___________________________. Task 2 交际练习 1.仿照3b部分对话,两人一组编造自己的对话。2.交际对话展示。

Task 3 学习4 Think of a city you know. Make a list of things you like and things you don't like about the city. then talk to your partner about it. 二.合作共建。.区别spend , take, cost, pay 四个单词的区别。



( )1. Mount Emei is one of_______in China.

A.the most beautiful mountains B.most beautiful mountains

C.the most beautiful mountain D.most beautiful mountain

( )2.There are_____stars in the sky and you can see them at night.

A.thousand of B.two thousands C.thousands of D.two thousands

( )3.The dictionary________me $5. A.paid B.cost C.spend D.took

( )4.You look tired, why not____a short rest?

A.have B.having C.to have D.will have


1. Every year many___________(tourist)go there for their vacation.

2. There are many things__________(do)in Singapore.

3. Hong Kong is a beautiful place for____(shop).

4.Hawaii has beautiful___________(beach).

5. I decide_____________(visit)Beijing next month.


1.Can you t___________ the sentence into English.

2.We c__________ his suggestion last night.

3.Any country, i____________ the US, can?t prevent Taiwan from coming back to our motherland.

4.The new supermarket is a w___________ place for shopping.

5.His father likes to drink w___________ in France.




_________________________________________________ 3.在新加坡坐地铁观光是最容易的。

_______________________________________ 【课后反思】

Unit 7 Where would you like to visit? Section B 1—2a(第3课时)

【Learning objectives】

1. Knowing: brainstorm, agency, package, depend, advertisement, whale,


2.Understanding:The meaning of the listening contents.

3. Practicing: answer the phone, take messages, call sb. back, some information on somewhere warm/cold, go on vacation, go on a nature tour, a great whale watch, depend on, find out.

4.Communicating: be able to practice the listening contents fluently in pairs.

【Important leaning points】

1.Understanding:The meaning of the listening contents.

2.Practicing: answer the phone, take messages, call sb. back , some information on, somewhere warm/cold, go on vacation, go on a nature tour, a great whale watch, depend on, find out.

3. Communicating: be able to practice the listening contents fluently in pairs.

【Learning process】


Task1: Learn 1&2c

1. Answer some questions, such as,

①Where would you like to go for your vacation? Why?

②What are important to you when you go on vacation?

③Can you introduce some places of interest in the world?

2. Make a conversation according to the questions above, then practice in pairs ,such as,

A: Where would you like to go? B: I'd like to go somewhere warm.

A: What else can you tell me?

B:I don't want_________________________.



Task2: Learn 2a---2b 1. Jeff has a summer job at a travel agency. Listen to the conversations and number the pictures. 杰弗在一家旅行社有一份夏天的工作,听对话并给图片标上序号。

2. Listen to the conversations again and complete the chart. 3. Role play Jeff's conversations and pay attention to the sentences using on the phone. answer the phone_______________take messages______________ call sb.back______________ Is that…speaking?_______________________ 二.合作共建。根据下列句子,小组讨论划线部分的含义。

1. Could you please answer the phone?_________________________________. 2. Just take messages and I'll call people back.________________________. 3. I'd like some information on vacation packages, please. _________________________________ 4. I don't know. Somewhere warm._________________________________. 5. I hope to go on a nature tour..______________________________. 6. We have a great whale watch tour. __________________________ 7. It depends on where it is.______________________________.

8. I'd like to go somewhere that's fun for kids.____________________________ 三.系统总结。 1.试总结常见的电话用语:_____________________________________________ 2.试回忆表达建议的句型:_____________________________________________ 3.总结would like的用法以及相似的结构__________________________________ 四.诊断评价。

(一)用括号中所给词的适当形式填空 1. Hawaii is a______________ (tourist) place. 2. I hope____________(make) more friends in China. (二)选择

( )1. I'd like to visit Sydney _________ my next vacation. A.for B.on C.at D.in ( )2. What _________ can you tell me? A.other B.else C.the other D.others ( )3.—Would you like to go out for a walk with us? —_____, but I must finish my homework first. A.Of course not B. That's all right C. I'd love to D. Yes, I do ( )4.Where would you like _____vacation , Jack ?

--I hope ________Canada some day .

A. to go on , going to B. to go on , to go to

C. going on , going to D. going on , to go to

( )5.That is the hotel _____they are staying .

A. where B. that C. which D. what

( )6.A:Let?s go _____________. B: That?s a good idea .

A. somewhere warm B. warm somewhere

C. warm anywhere D. anywhere warm

( )7.The cat jump ________the window into the room .

A. over B. across C. through D. on

( )8. I ____ you to find a good job .

A. hope B. wish C. want D. love



___________ ___________to stay a place with a big pool. 2.下个假期你要去哪儿? ___________ would you like to go ___________ your next ___________? 3.我希望游览夏威夷。I hope ___________ ___________ Hawaii one day.



What things are important when you ____________ ____________ ___________?


I?d like to go ___________ ____________ for a trip.


Jack had ____________ ____________ _____________ at a travel agency.

4.你还能告诉我什么呢?__________ ___________ can you tell me?

5.他们不想去寒冷的地方。They don?t want to go ____________ ____________


Unit 7 Where would you like to visit?

Section B 3a—4-----Self check

【Learning objectives】

1. Knowing: eastern; provide; firm; spot; Confucius

2.Uderstanding: the meaning of 3a.

3. Practicing: take a trip; provide sb with; would like to; outdoor activities; need to;enough for; be away

【Important points】

1.Uderstanding: the meaning of 3a.

2. Practicing: take a trip; provide sb with; would like to; outdoor activities; need to; enough for; be away

【Learning process】


Task 1 学习第4部分: 谈论你想去的地方及说明原因

A: Where would you like to visit ? B: …… A: Why ? Task 2 Learn 3a

(一)Read the e-mail message and then write T F or DK for the following statements.

(二)Understand the following sentences.

1. My family and I want to take a trip this summer somewhere in eastern China.

2. I hope you can provide me with some information about the kinds of vacation.

3. The room needs to be big enough for three people.

4. Could you please give me some suggestions for vacation spots

5. Please let me know if it's best to travel by plane

6. We'd like to be away for about three weeks,

(三)Try to retell the passage as quickly as possible.



1 go somewhere = go to some place (表示到不具体的地方去)

eg We must find somewhere to put these things.

2 in eastern China

介词 in 在这里表示?位于?,表示在范围之内;to 表示在范围之外;on 表示?毗邻 接壤?,在---之畔。

体验:用 in; on;to 填空

(1) Shanghai lies the east of China

(2) Japan lies (3) Liaoning Province is the west of Jilin Province.

3. provide 提供 供应

provide sb with sth 为某人提供某物

eg The rich man provided our school with a lot of money

provide sth for sb 为某人提供某物

eg The man had to provide food and clothes for his family

provide for sb 赡养某人

eg Who can provide for the old man ?

相关链接: provide与offer 的区别

provide一般意义上的“提供”,提供所需物品,常与for 、with一起连用

offer 表示向别人提供可接受也可拒接的某物,如帮助 服务 物品

The hotel provides us with good meals

I offered him a glass of wine.

4. Could you please do sth ?相当于Would you please do sth ?

Will you please do sth ?其否定句在________加_________.

5.I?m saving my money so I can buy a new bicycle.

save 在此句是“______ ”之意。

Doctors work hard to save lives. save 在此句是“_______”之意。

相关短语: save--- from (doing )---“拯救---以免---”

We are trying to save the school from closure.(关闭)


1. provide sb with sth __________________________= provide sth for sb


___________________________________ ___________

2. enough for sb to do sth ________________

not enough for sb to do sth___________________



3. It's best to do sth … ______________


4.学生交换项目 ____________________ 一年的这个时候___________________






1) Could you please p_______me with some information about your vacation sports?

2) He is s___________ money so he can buy a new computer.

3) Going to the beach for vacation is r___________.

4) It's dangerous to trek t____________the Amazon jungle of Brazil.

5) Why not c____________ going to London to study?


( )1. love the place ________ is fascinating .

A where B who C it D that

( )2.—What about going to Beijing this coming Spring Festival?

—I don't think it's a good idea.

I like places _______ the weather is always warm.

A that B what C where D it.

( )3. The room isn't____ to have a meeting.

A big enough B enough big C bigger enough D the biggest

( )4. Do you know the place _______ she was born?

A what B which C when D where


Unit 7 Where would you like to visit? Reading (第5课时)


Read the passage quickly and find out the phrases and remember them 横渡太平洋______________________ 梦想_________________ 遍及中国________________ 在将来______________

参加______________ 问题的不同回答_________________________

尽可能快地_______________ 上大学_____________ 继续做某事____________ 根据____________ 各种各样的___________许多_______________ 乐意干某事________________实现他们的梦想_____________________ 一方面 ___________________另一方面_______________________ 继续 ,坚持__________________相当多_______________________ 学习流程:

Read “ I?d love to sail across the Pacific” again and answer 3b




(1)continue doing / to do sth.继续做某事例如:晚饭后你还继续工作吗? Will you continue _____________ (work) after supper? (用所给词的适当形式填空)

(2)continue with sth. 译为“继续……”。


( )He continued __________ his homework after school.

A. in B. with C. of D. on

2.dream 作名词时译为“梦想,幻想”,作动词时译为“做梦,梦到”;过去时、过去分词有两种:dreamed / dreamt 。常用于短语 dream of / about…, 译为“梦想…….,幻想……”,后跟名词,代词或动名词。其中about强调梦的内容。 例如:(1)人人都会向往美好的生活。

( )Everyone dreams ____________ good life.

A. for B. with C. to D. of

(2) 昨天晚上我梦到了我的好朋友。

( )I had a dream___________ my good friend last night.

A. for B. with C. about D. to


1.quite a few译为“相当多,不少”,该短语可单独使用,也可修饰可数名词复数形式,表示数量很多。


I have _________ __________ __________ friends in Nanjing. (根据汉语提示完成句子)

注:quite a little , quite a lot of 都译为“相当多,不少”,只是前者用来修饰不可数名词,后者既可以修饰可数名词,又可以修饰不可数名词。


The boys made _________ ________ _________ stir at the party. (根据汉语提示完成句子)


He has _________ _________ __________ __________ friends. (根据汉语提示完成句子)

2.hold on to 译为“抓住,不放手,不放弃”。

My father said if we believed something was true , we should hold on to it . 例如:在刮风的日子抓住你的帽子。

___________ __________ __________ your hat on windy day.

注:hold on 为打电话常用语,译为“稍等,别挂电话”。

例如:— 请找布朗先生接电话好吗? — 请稍等。

—Hello. May I speak to Mr. Brown? — ___________ _________, please. be willing to do sth “乐意做某事” I told them I was _______(乐意) to help them.


It seems some students would like to start work as soon so possible, so they can help provide better lives for their parents.似乎一些学生想尽快的开始工作,以便能够为父母提供更好的生活。

It seems (that)…译为“似乎,看来…”通常用于根据某些见到的迹象推断出的某种结论。


1.I hear ______ boys in your school like playing badminton after school.

A. quite a lot B. quite a bit C. quite a few D. quite a little

2.I love places _________ the weather is always warm.

A. that B. which C. where D.when

3 First you should go _____ the bridge. Then you?ll see a jungle. Go _____ it.

A. across, across B. through, across

C. through, through D. across, through.

4. I can provide you ______ some information and you must offer me ______ a job.

A. to, with B. with, / C. with, to D./ /

5.I hope to go to France ________.

A. someday B. some days C. some day D. somedays

6. I love places ________ the people are really friendly.

A. that B. what C. where D. when

7. France is ________ place.

A. quite expensive a B quite a expensive

C. quite an expensive D. a quite expensive

8.It?s difficult ____ the robot ____ this work.

A. of, to do B. for, doing C. for, to do D. of, doing


1. May students hope to continue _________ (study) after _________ (finish) school.

2. She wants to find a job in ___________ (east) China.

3. Shanghai is one of _______________ (big city) in China.

4. Yu Jialiang is supposed _________(answer) this question correctly.

5. My father is considering _____________ (fly) to London.

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