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仁爱版七年级英语下册Unit 8 Topic 2导学案

Section A


1. We got ___________(一起) to celebrate her birthday last night.

2. We went to the zoo last Friday and had a lot of _____ (乐趣) there.

3. I’d like to visit some ___________________(名胜) in China.

4. Beijing is my ___________________(故乡).

5. I have a pen pal from ___________(德国).

6. Tom is ___________(谈论) his plan with his friends.

7. Maria will _______________(返回) Canada tomorrow.


1. wish to 2. plan to 3.hope to

4. would like to 5. places of interest 6.travel around

7. get together 8.get together with


1. I want to go to Canada.

2. I plan to go to Australia.

3. I wish to travel around the country and take some pictures.

4. I hope to get together with them.

5. I’d like to visit some places of interest in China.


( )1.—What’s your plan for summer holidays, Michael?

—I wish _____ Australia and take lots of pictures.

A. to travel around B. travelling around

C. to travel for D. travelling for

( )2. They are new students and _____ of them _____ a new schoolbag.

A. each; have B. each; has C. every; has D. every; have

( )3. He hopes _________together with his old fiends.

A. getting B. get C. to get

( )4. Each of them ________an English-Chinese dictionary.

A. have B. has C. to have D. having

五、句型转换 对画线部分提问)

_____ _____ Lucy _____ English? 对画线部分提问)

_____ _____ you _____ for your holidays?

3. I’对画线部分提问) _____ _____ you like to visit Tibet _____ in your holidays?

Section B


1.在任何时候_______________ 2.一年到头______________

3.照相机______ 4.帐篷__________ 5.准备_____________



1. plan to do sth. 2. tell sb. about sth. 3 it’s the best time to do sth. 4 all year around 5. had better (not) do sth.


1. What’s the best time to go there?

2. I think you can go anytime.

3. You shouldn’t miss Xishuangbanna.

4. The weather there is always fine all year round.

5. It sounds very interesting.

6. You’d better take a camera, a pair of sunglasses, a map and so on.


( )1.—When you go on a visit to Beijing, you should’t miss the Great Wall. It’s beautiful.


A. It sounds very interesting! B. Why not?

C. Thank you all the same. D. I won’t do that again.

( )2.—It’s the best time _____ in summer.

—You’re right. But don’t go _____ alone.

A. to swim; to swim B. swimming; swimming

C. swimming; to swim D. to swim; swimming

( )3.—Meimei, could you tell me _____ about Beijing?

—Of course.

A. anything B. everyone C. something D. everything

( )4.—What places should I _________ in Yunnan?

A. visit B. visiting C. to visit

( )5. Welcome to our city ________.

A. some time B. anytime C. every time

( )6. I have __________sunglasses.

A. a B. two C. a pair of



We plan to _______ ______ _______ _______ on this summer holidays.


The story __________ really interesting.


_________ _________ money do you ________ ______ take?


__________ would you like to ________ _______?

Section C


1.分享,共用____________ 2.乐趣__________ 3.携带,拿,提__________

4.决定___________ 5.有危险的_____________ 6.待,停留__________

7.独自,单独___________ 8.远离____________________ 9.高山__________


1. take a trip 2. prepare for 3.keep safe 4. share the fun

5. stay in the sun 6. remember to do sth. 7. on the trip 8. keep together

9. climb a mountain


1.You should prepare well for it.

2.Friends can keep you safe and share the fun.

3.You should plan where you want to go.

4. Don’t go to dangerous places.

四、用should 或shouldn’t 填空

1.It’s hot today, you _______take an umbrella.

2.It’s seven o’clock, we ________ go to school.

3.There are more and more clouds, you ________ take umbrella.

4.If you go to Yunnan, you ________ miss Lijiang.


( )1 There will be the 18th sports meeting of No. 2 High School next month. The students are busy _____ it.

A. to prepare for B. preparing for

C. to preparing for D. prepare

( )2—What time did you _____ Beijing?

—At about 4:00 p. m. yesterday.

A. arrive in B. arrive C. arrive at D. arrived

( )3—Please _____ animals like tigers in the zoo.

—OK, we will, Mr. Lee.

A. keep from B. keep away C. keep far away D. keep away from

( )4—Please give my love to your parents, Kangkang.

—_____, Michael!

A. Thank you very much B. No problem

C. It’s wonderful D. You’re so cool

( )5.—Don’t put on your hat, please________.

A. take it off B. take them off C. take off it

Section D


1. When I _________(到达) there, it was already 13:45.

2. The people there are very ___________(友好的)to me.

3. We should prepare some ___________(礼物) for the children .

4. My parents go to visit my grandparents today, so I have to stay at home_______(独自).

5. Keep away from the ___________(危险的)animals!

6. She _________(决定)to learn Japanese last year.

7. You should learn how to ___________ (分享) with the others.

8. When you meet problems, you can ask me for help __________(任何时候).

9. They are____________(准备)for the birthday party.

10. I bought these________________(照相机),when I traveled in _______(印度).

二、 重点短语:

1.want/plan/wish/hope/would like to 2.should/shouldn’t do








1. Where does Peter want to go _______his winter holiday?

A. for B. about C. on D. to

2. They are new students and _______ of them ______ a new schoolbag.

A. each; have B. each; has C. every; has D. every; have

3. We will go hiking in the mountains and stay there for a night, so we should take a _________. A. tent B. sunglasses C. camera D. bag

4. It’s the best season _______in summer.

A. swim B. swims C. swimming D. to swim

5. Many students want ___________ some places of interest on holidays.

A. travel B. travel to C. to travel D. to travel to

6. I wish to travel around the country and ________pictures.

A. take B. took C. taking D. to take with

7. I hope _______ there by bus.

A. go B. to go to C. go to D. to go

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