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1. The sun │was shining.

2. The moon │rose.

3. The universe │remains.

4. We all │breathe, eat, and drink.

5. Who │cares?

6. What he said │does not matter.

7. They │talked for half an hour.

8. The pen │writes smoothly

1. The sun │was shining. 太阳在照耀着。

2. The moon │rose. 月亮升起了。

3. The universe │remains. 宇宙长存。

4. We all │breathe, eat, and drink. 我们大家都呼吸、吃和喝。

5. Who │cares? 管它呢?

6. What he said │does not matter. 他所讲的没有什么关系。

7. They │talked for half an hour. 他们谈了半个小时。

8. The pen │writes smoothly 这支笔书写流利。

1. Who │knows │the answer?

2. She │smiled │her thanks.

3. He │has refused │to help them.

4. He │enjoys │reading.

5. They │ate │what was left over.

6. He │said │"Good morning."

7. I │want │to have a cup of tea.

8. He │admits │that he was mistaken.

1. Who │knows │the answer? 谁知道答案?

2. She │smiled │her thanks. 她微笑表示感谢。

3. He │has refused │to help them. 他拒绝帮他们。

4. He │enjoys │reading. 他喜欢看书。

5. They │ate │what was left over. 他们吃了剩饭。

6. He │said │"Good morning." 他说:"早上好!"

7. I │want │to have a cup of tea. 我想喝杯茶。

8. He │admits │that he was mistaken. 他承认犯了错误。

1. She │ordered │herself │a new dress.

2. She │cooked │her husband │a delicious meal.

3. He │brought │you │a dictionary.

4. He │denies │her │nothing.

5. I │showed │him │my pictures.

6. I │gave │my car │a wash.

7. I │told │him │that the bus was late.

8. He │showed │me │how to run the machine.

1. She │ordered │herself │a new dress. 她给自己定了一套新衣裳。

2. She │cooked │her husband │a delicious meal. 她给丈夫煮了一顿美餐。

3. He │brought │you │a dictionary. 他给你带来了一本字典。

4. He │denies │her │nothing. 他对她什么都不拒绝。

5. I │showed │him │my pictures. 我给他看我的照片

6. I │gave │my car │a wash. 我洗了我的汽车。

7. I │told │him │that the bus was late. 我告诉他汽车晚点了。

8. He │showed │me │how to run the machine. 他教我开机器。

(一). 指出下列句中主语的中心词(15分, 3分钟)

① The teacher with two of his students is walking into the classroom. ② There is an old man coming here.

③ The useful dictionary was given by my mother last year.

④ To do today's homework without the teacher's help is very difficult.

5、Who knows the answer?

(二) 选出句中谓语的中心词(30分, 5分钟)

① I don't like the picture on the wall.

② The days get longer and longer when summer comes.

③ Do you usually go to school by bus?

④ There will be a meeting at the library this afternoon.

⑤ Did the twins have porridge for their breakfast?

⑥ Tom didn't do his homework yesterday.

⑦ What I want to tell you is this.

⑧ We had better send for a doctor.

⑨ He is interested in music.

⑩ Whom did you give my book to?

(三) 挑出下列句中的宾语(30分,5分钟)

① My brother hasn't done his homework.

② People all over the world speak English.

③ You must pay good attention to your pronunciation.

④ How many new words did you learn last class?

⑤ Some of the students in the school want to go swimming, how about you? ⑥ The old man sitting at the gate said he was ill.

⑦ They made him monitor of the class.

⑧ Go across the bridge and you will find the museum on the left. ⑨ You will find it useful after you leave school.

⑩ They didn't know who "Father Christmas" really is.

(八) 划出句中的直接宾语和间接宾语(25分, 4分钟)

① Please tell us a story.

② My father bought a new bike for me last week.

③ Mr. Li is going to teach us history next term.

④ Here is a pen. Give it to Tom.

⑤ Did he leave any message for me?

6. She cooked her husband a delicious meal.

7. I told him that the bus was late.

8. He showed me how to run the machine.

(四) 挑出下列句中的表语(30分, 3分钟)

① The old man was feeling very tired.

② Why is he worried about Jim?

③ The leaves have turned yellow.

④ Soon they all became interested in the subject.

⑤ She was the first to learn about it.

6)Everything looks different.

(六) 挑出下列句中的宾语补足语(35分, 4分钟)

① She likes the children to read newspapers and books in the reading-room.

② He asked her to take the boy out of school.

③ She found it difficult to do the work.

④ They call me Lily sometimes.

⑤ New methods make the job easy..

⑥ Did you see Li Ming playing football on the playground just now?

7)They painted the door green.

(五) 挑出下列句中的定语(35分,4分钟)

① The little boy needs a blue pen

② What is your given name?

③ There are two boys in the room.

④ I am afraid some people forgot to sweep the floor.

⑤ The man downstairs was trying to sleep.

⑥ I am waiting for the sound of the other shoe!

7)The boy to write this letter is Tom.

8)The boy who is reading needs the pen which you bought yesterday.

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