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珙县中学八年级上册第一次月考试题 姓名学号第一部分 听力部分 (共25小题,计25分)

一、 听句子,根据所听到的内容选择正确答语。每题念两遍。(共6题,每小题1分,计6分)

( ) 1. A. Only once. B. Four times. C. Three times a week

( ) 2. A. I am happy. B. I am fine. C. I have a fever.

( ) 3. A. Yes, I do. B. Yes, I am. C. No, you aren’t

( ) 4. A. Eight. B. Eight hours. C. For eight hours

( ) 5. A. That’s a good idea. B. I’m sorry to hear that. C. The same to you.

( ) 6. A. Five kilometers B. For three weeks. C. Once a week.

二、 听句子,选择与所听句子内容相符合的图片,并将代表图片的字母填在答题卡的相应位置。每小题念两遍。(共4小题,每小题1分; 计4分)





7. _______ 8. _______ 9. ________ 10. _______

三、听对话,根据对话内容及问题选择正确答案。每题念两遍。(共10小题, 计10分) ( )11. A. He plays soccer. B. He plays basketball. C. For about two hours. ( )12. A. He has a sore back. B. He has a toothache. C. He has a sore throat.

( )13. A. Yes, he can. B. No., he can’t. C. Yes, he’s babysitting his little brother. ( )14. A. Every day. B. Every Wednesday evening C. Every Wednesday morning. ( )15. A. Yesterday. B. Two days ago. C. Three days ago.

( )16. A. She’s going hiking. B. She’s going camping. C. She’s relaxing at home. ( )17. A. Hardly ever. B. Never. C. Once a week.

( )18. A. She’s going to bed early. B. She’s going to take a shower.

C. She’s going to listen to music.

( )19. A. On the 12th B. On the 20th C. On the 22nd.

( )20. A. At 7:10. B. At 7:50. C. At 8:00.

四、听短文,根据短文内容选择正确答案。短文念三遍。(共5小题,每小题1分;计5分) ( )21. Where does Mr. Miller come from?

A. He comes from the United Nations. B. He comes from the United Kingdom.

C. He comes from the United States.

( )22. What does he do?

A. He is a French teacher. B. He is an English teacher.

C. He is a Chinese teacher.

( )23. How often does he go to work?

A. Four days a week. B. Five days a week. C. Six days a week.

( )24. What do the students like doing after class?

A. They like playing basketball with Mr. Miller.

B. They like playing games with Mr. Miller.

C. They like playing games each other.

( )25. How many children does Mr. Miller have?

A. He has only one son. B. He has only one girl. C. He has two children. 第二部分 笔试(共计95分)


( )1.What ________ she ______ on weekends?

A. is, do B. does, does C. do, do D. does, do

( )2. --_________ do you have an English party? -- Once a month.

A. How old B. How far C. How often D. How long

( )3.Although he is very old, ________he works very hard.

A. and B. but C. / D. so

( )4.Katrina’s father her to eat junk food.

A. want B. wants not C. doesn’t want D. not wants

( )5. homework, Tom does homework every day.

A. To B. As for C. As D. Because

( )6.-- How do you like English?

-- I like it very much, _____ I can’t speak English well.

A. although B. because C. or D. and

( ) 7. -______do you go to the city park?

-Usually by bike.

A. How's B. How C. What's D. What

( )8.______books in bed is bad for your eyes.

A. Read B. Reads C. Not read D. Reading

( )9. --Does Ann like playing basketball?

--No, she doesn’t. She _____plays sports.

A. often B. usually C. once a week D. hardly ever

( )10. _____ is easy for me to study English.

A. This B. That C. It D. He

( )11. I need five yuan to ______ for summer camp.

A. spend B. cost C. pay D. take

( )12. --I’m going to Tibet for vacation. --__________.

A. You’re welcome B. I’d love to

C. Have a good time D. I’m sorry to hear that.

( )13.I saw the boys___________in the gym when I passed by yesterday afternoon.

A. to play B.playing C.play D.played

( )14. Come here after class, I have ______ to tell you.

A. anything important B. important anything

C. important something D. something important

( )15. ---What is he doing? ---_________he is playing games.

A.Maybe B.May be C.May D.Can


Katrina is my sister. Before, she had an lifestyle. she hardly ever before nine o’clock in the morning. After dinner, she always played computer games She didn’t like milk and she ate a lot of every day. Then one day, she didn’t feel . She had to in hospital for three weeks. It

made her feel that she must look after her well.

Now Katrina every morning. Usually she runs before breakfast. She only plays

computer games

she likes junk food very much, she only eats once a week. A good lifestyle helps

her keep

16. A. good B. healthy C.unhealthy D. happy

17. A. For example B. Such as C. In short D.At most

18. A.got up B.went to bed C. gets up D.goes to bed

19. A.or B. and C. but D. before

20. A. getting B.drinking C. buying D.making

21. A, fruit B. junk food C. vegetables D. meals

22. A. well B. bad C. excited D. sad

23. A. work B.study C. stay D. play

24. A. health B. pet C. computer D. bike

25. A. exercises B. gets up C. sleeps D. has breakfast

26. A. after dinner B. on weekends C. at home D. on weekdays

27. A. coffee B.juice C.milk D.cola

28. A. Because B. Also C. Maybe D. Although

29. A. them B.it C.food D. fruit

30. A. on B.at C.in D. with

三、阅读理解 (本题共20小题,31-45每小题2分,46-50每小题1分,共35分)


Sleep is important for us. We are busy with our work or study in the daytime.

So we need to have a rest at night. Sleep is the best way to rebuild ourselves. It’s

important for everyone to get enough (足够的)sleep during the night. For the young,

sleep means more than rest. It is a way to grow(成长). If we cannot get to sleep

for a long time, we will fall ill or even die ( 死亡.)

We need to sleep for 8-10 hours every day. If you don’t get enough sleep, you

may feel tired or sleepy during work hours and we cannot do anything well. To have

a nap is a way to make up for it. Nap means sleep for a short time. If you take a

Nap at noon, You’ll feel much better and do your work better in the afternoon.

Remember, good sleep makes you fit and happy. So, just have a good sleep at


31 How many hours of sleep do most people need every day?

A、5-6 hours. B. 7-8 hours. C.3-4 hours D.8-10 hours

32. Why is sleep important?

A、 Sleep is the best way to rebuild ourselves.

B、If we cannot get to sleep for a long time, we will fall ill or even die.

C、For the young, it is a way to grow.

D. All above. (所有以上选项)

33.The underlined word “nap” means ____________.

A、打盹 B. 深睡 C. 做梦 D. 催眠

34. If we don’t sleep well at night, what can we do to make up for it?

A.to have a glass of milk B.to listen to light music

C. to do our work better in the afternoon. D. To have a nap

35. Good sleep can make you __________

A.tired or sleepy during work hours B.tired and angry

C. fit and happy D.sleepy and hungry


The following are four kinds of medicine at home. We should know how to use(使用) them. Never make any mistake. ( 错误)

36. Which medicine is for people with a toothache?

A.1 B.2 C. 3 D. 4

37. People with _______should not take medicine 2.

A.a toothache B.a cold C.a headache D.a stomachache

38. Medicine 1 should not be taken more than 6 pills in ______________

A.6 hours B.8 hours C.24 hours D.12 hours

39 If a girl is 7 years old, she should take ______pills of medicine 4 a day.

A.5 B.8 C. 10 D.20

40. Which of the following is TRUE?(正确的)

A.None(没有) of them are good for children under 6

B.Three kinds(种类) of the medicine should be taken 4 times a day.

C.Three kinds of the medicine should be taken before sleep.

D.None is for a cold.


Swimming is one of the most interesting sports in Hong Kong. It is the favorite sport in hot summer months. In summer, the number of people going to the seaside and the swimming pools is over twenty-seven million.

There are many swimming pools in Hong Kong. Some of the pools are warm enough for

use in winter. For learners, they can have swimming lessons at some swimming pools. Hong Kong has many nice beaches(海滩). Most people prefer beaches to swimming pools because they like both the sea and the sand, They can swim in the cool sea water and lie on the soft white sand to enjoy the sun.


( )41. In summer, football is the most interesting sports in Hong Kong.

( )42. In Hong Kong, more than twenty-seven million people go to swim in summer.

( )43. There are few swimming pools for use in winter in Hong Kong.

( )44. In Hong Kong , most people like beaches better than swimming pools.

( )45. People in Hong Kong like beaches because they like both the sea and the sand.


During the day we work and play , and at night we sleep. Our bodies rest while we sleep. In the morning we are ready to work and play again. Children’s bodies grow most while they are sleeping. Children who are tired usually need more sleep. We learn our lessons better after we have had plenty of rest. Boys and girls who are eight or nine years old need ten hours of sleep . If we do not get enough fresh air, we will feel tired when we wake up. While in bed we must not cover our heads. Our lungs need to get enough fresh air. If we open our windows at night, we can have plenty of fresh air. Cool air is better than warm air. Boys and girls who want to be strong must get plenty of sleep.


If you are a child of 8 or 9, you should sleep for (46) _____ hours a night. It’s good to keep the windows (47) ________ when we sleep at night. Usually we

(48)____ and play in the daytime and sleep during the night. We grow (49) _______ at night than in the day.


四、 情景交际: (本题5小题,每题0.5分,共2.5分。)

A: Hello, Tom. _______51_________

B: No. I take the bus today. _________52_______.

A: I usually walk.

B: __________53___________.

A: It’s about two kilometers.

B: _________54_________.

A: Twenty minutes. How long does it take you to get to school from home by bus? _________55

51. 52. 53. 54. 55.

You are so 56 at night, but you can’t sleep. Here are some good 57 . First, you should be in a 58 room. That’s important. You should put your 59 in some warm water 60 you go to bed, and that’s a traditional way. You should have a glass of milk. It’s 61 for sleeping. You should think you are in a beautiful place. It is very quiet there and there are many trees and you walk slowly. That 62 like a good idea. It can help you to sleep soon. Sleeping is important to our 63 .Don’t be stressed out. Go to bed 64 , eat more 65 and do some exercise. And everyone will have a good sleep tonight. 56. __________ 57. __________ 58. __________ 59. __________ 60. __________ 61. __________ 62. __________ 63. __________ 64. __________ 65. __________ 六、 词汇(5.5分)

A 根据首字母提示及句意补全单词。(每空0.5分) 1.There was s wrong with my bike,so I went to school on foot yesterday. 2.I think it is a w movie,I love it so much. 3.M students walk to school. 4. she is young,she can speak English well.

5.In our school,only twenty p of students exercise every day. B.用括号内的正确形式填空。(每空0.5分)

1.My sister often (go) swimming with her friends on weekends. 2.Mr Smith plays tennis (two)a day.

3.How often does the baby (drink)milk?

4.I (visit) my uncle last week.

5.Did you buy (something) for yourself? ----- (something)I have no money.

6.The people there were very (friend).


(A).翻译句子 (5分 每题1分)

1. --你隔多长时间去看电影? -一个月两次。 -- do you ____ _____ ? --______ a month.

2.吃健康的食物对健康有好处。 food is your .

3.她从不去看牙医并做牙齿清洁。 She to the for .

4.旧习难改。 。


Bikes and buses are _____ _____ _________ means of transportation in Jinzhou.

(B).句型转换.(5分 每题1分)

6.I went to some interesting places. (否定句) I to interesting places. . 7. My sister watches TV once a week. (对划线部分提问)

_________ _________ __________ your sister ________ TV?

8. We went to summer camp last Sunday.(一般疑问句)

_____ you ______to summer camp last Sunday?

9. What do you think of the movies?(同义句) ______ do you the movies? 10. I sleep 8 hours at night.(对划线部分提问) ______ ____ do sleep at night?




Students in Yu Ying Middle school go to school by different ways.How do students in class one grade eight go to school? Let’s have a look. 15 students__11__to school. 10 students _____12____to school. 12 students ____13_____to school. 8 students ___14___ to school. No students go to school ____15____.

11. 12. 13. 14. 15.


( All students=100℅ Most students=51℅-99℅ Some students = 1℅-50℅ No students = 0℅)

Here are the result of the student activity survey in class 2,grade


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