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unit4 what's the best movie theather SectionA period1

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1. comfortable adj. 使人舒服的;舒适的
多音节形容词,其比较级及最高级形式 在词前加more,most构成。 e.g. The sofa is more comfortable than that chair. 这张沙发比那把椅子更舒适。

2. close adj. (在空间、时间上)接近
e.g. The park is very close to my house. 公园离我家很近。

拓展: close v. 关闭
e.g. Please close the door.



Screen City is cheap. Movie World


is cheaper.

Red star Cinema
¥10 is the cheapest.

Red star Cinema has a big screen.
Movie World has a bigger screen. Screen City has the biggest screen.

Red Star Cinema
has comfortable seats. Movie World has more comfortable seats. Screen City has the most comfortable seats.

How do you choose which movie theater to go to? Write the things in the box. Important Not important comfortable seats big screens best sound new movies close to home cheap popular buy tickets quickly

Listen and match the statements 1b with the movie theaters.
Qualities It has the biggest screens.

It’s the most popular near here.
It’s the closest to home.

Movie theaters Movie World Screen City

Town Cinema It has the shortest waiting time. Town Cinema Screen City It has the best sounds. It has the most comfortable seats. Movie World

Practice the conversation. Then 1c talk about the movie theaters you know. Sun Cinema. It’s the cheapest. What’s the best movie theater?
But I think Moon Theater has the most comfortable seats.


Listen to a reporter interviewing a boy. Circle the boy’s answers.

Green City Survey 1. Which is the best clothes store? a. Miller’s b. Blue Moon c. Dream Clothes 2. Which is the best radio station? a. 970 AM b. 97.9 FM c. 107.9 FM

2b Listen again. Write the correct
store or radio station next to each statement. Miller’s Blue Moon Dream Clothes Blue Moon ____________ It’s the most expensive. ____________ It has the best clothes. Miller’s ____________ It’s the worst store. Dream Miller’s ____________ You can buy clothes the most cheaply there.

970 AM

97.9 FM

107.9 FM

_________ It has the worst music. 970 AM

97.9 FM _________ They play the most boring songs. 107.9 FM _________ The DJs choose songs the most carefully.
_________ It’s the most popular. 97.9 FM

Student A, you are the reporter. Student B, you are the student. Role-play a conversation. Hello! I’m a reporter. Can I ask you some questions?


What’s the best clothes store in town?

I think Miller’s is the best.

Why do you think so?

Well, Miller’s has …

Read the conversation and find 2d the answers to the questions.
1. What is the newest cinema? ________________________ Sun Cinema. 2. How does Helen like it? __________________________________ It’s the most comfortable because they __________________________________ have the biggest seats.

Role-play the conversation.
Hi, I’m Helen. Welcome to the neighborhood!

How do you like it so far? …

Hi, I’m Greg. I’m new in town.

I’m new in town. 我新来此处。 in town 是一个短语,表示“在说话人 所在或所指的城镇”的意思。作这一 用法时,town不与冠词连用。 e.g. What’s the best clothes store in town? 这城里最好的服装店是哪家?

1. Which do you think is the ______ (bad) worst food store in town? 2. Who sings ______ (good) in your class. best 3. Jane writes _____________ (carefully) in most carefully your class.

4. Which store has the ________ (fresh) freshest

fruit in town?

写六个句子来说一下你们班的“最??”。 In my class, Lin Tao is the tallest. 1. In my class, ….

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