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Skill 1:Context

In New York, on a Friday night, a young artist stood at the gate of a train station. He was playing his __1__. His music was so great that many people put money into his hat. The next day ,the young artist came to the same place, and played the violin as usual.

1. A. piano B. guitar C. violin

Skill 2:Logic

When we talked, I discovered(发现) some differences in school life between the US and China. For example, each class lasts fifty minutes in the US. It is a little __2__ than that in China. We usually have forty-five minutes in each class.

2. A. shorter B. longer C. earlier

My mother often asked me,“What is the most important part of the body?” I thought sound was very important to us as humans,so I said.“My ___3___ ,Mommy.”

She said,“No.Many people are deaf(聋的)?

3. A. ears B. eyes C. Body

Skill 3:Regular Collocation

When two people are in a conversation, the speaker will only look at the listener from time to time, in order to make sure that the listener does pay attention ___4___what he or she is speaking?

4. A. for B. of C. To

In the morning, the king went to visit the pond. To his surprise, the pond was only filled with water! What happened? Yes! Everyone had the same idea ___5 ___that man.

5. A. with B. to C. As

Skill 4:Grammar Analysis

As a reporter, I think I will meet lots of people and I should be friendly to them. I think I'll also make many good ___6 __and live with them, because I don't like living alone.

6. A. friend B. friends C. friends’


Step 1:Read-through

Problems in the neighborhood

Good morning ,ladies and gentlemen:

Today, I am very happy to have a meeting with you. At the meeting we will talk about the _31_we have these days. We all know the problems of dogs and the objects falling from windows are getting worse. We have _32_ lots of letters about such problems. So_33_ is time for possible ways to work out these problems.

Some dog-owners don't take care of their dogs well enough, and they let their dogs make mess on the roads and in gardens. This makes the environment _34_. I would like to tell the dog-owners that their behavior is too bad, and at the same time they are making people feel unhappy. We should keep the environment _35.

It is reported that some people_36_ rubbish out of the windows. It is dangerous because falling objects may_37_ others. It is against the law. We should put up a notice to teach people not to do so. If it is found, we will record the_38_ and address of those people who throw objects. Then, a warning will be given and_39_ will be punished by law.

A safe and comfortable living environment is important to us. If we try our best to care for our community, it will be a good place to_40_ in. Thank you for your coming.

Q:Which is the main idea of the passage?

A、It’s about the rubbish out of the windows that may hurt others.

B、It’s about the dogs that the owners don’t take good care of.

C、It’s about the problems in our community and how to solve them.

Step 2:Easy first, hard later

( )31 A. lessons B. problems C. classes

( )32 A. made B. opened C. received

( )33 A. that B. i t C. This

( )34 A. dirty B.quiet C.noisy

( )35 A.pleasant B.important C.useful

( )36 A .pull B.throw C.take

( )37 A.hurt B.help C.move

( )38 A.ages B.hobbies C.names

( )39A. We B.they C.you

( ) 40A.study B.live C.work

Step 3: Re-read and check

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