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一 根据音标和句意选择单词(5分)

1. Can you _______ [pr?u'nauns] the words well?

A. pronounce B. pronunciation C. practice D. present

2. It will be a good _______ [ik'spi?ri?ns] for you.

A. expensive B. experience C. exercise D. expect

3. Do you know the ________ [im'p?:t?ns] of study?

A. important B. importance C. impossible D. impressed

4. Students should pay ________[?'ten??n] to teaching in class.

A. attend B. affect C. attention D. attempt

5. Emily wants to ______[s?k'si:d] in designing buildings.

A. success B. succeed C. successful D. successor

二 选择题(35分)

6-_____ does Tom learn English?

—He learns English ____ listening and reading.

A What;by B What;on C How ;by D How;on

7. He ______ up early. But now he doesn’t get up early.

A. is used to get B. used to get

C. was used to get D. used getting

8. I always go to sleep ___________ the light on.

A. in B. with C. to D. and

9. Mr. Johnson has given up ________.

A. smoke B. smoked C. to smoke D. smoking

10.-_____you ever ______ with a group?

-Yes,I have.

A Do, study B Did, study C Have, studied D Are, studying

11.Her mother’s _____ made her very sad.

A death B dead C die D dying

12. Our teacher is very strict _____us and he is strict ____ his teaching.

A. with, in B. with, with C. at, at D. with, for

13. He suddenly came back _____a cold winter night.

A. on B. at C. in D. of

14. There is ______milk in the bottle. Let’s go to buy some.

A. a little B. little C. a few D. few

15. There ________ many kinds of birds around here, but now we seldom see them because of the air pollution

A. was B use to have C. used to be D are

16. Are you afraid of _________ at home , Linda?

A alone B being alone C lonely D being lonely

17. The work ______ in three hours. Let’s hurry.

A. must finish B. will finish C. must be finished D finished

18.-Do you like the cloth?

-Yes,it _____ very soft.

A feel B feels C is feeling D is felt.

19. I’m having trouble ____ complete conversations

A to make up B make up C making up D to making up

20.You mustn’t _____ every day. It’s bad for your health

A stay up B give up C clean up D get up

21.I don’t know how _____commas.

A use B to use C used D using

22.Does Kate practice _____ the violin after school?

A playing B play C to play D play

23. It ___________ that he has been ill for a long time.

A. seems B. looks C. looks as if D. seems as if

24.When we practice conversations in English,we often end up _____ in


A speak B spoken C speaking D to speak

25.As a _____ boy,you should study hard.

A fifteen years old B fifteen years-old

C fifteen-years-old D fifteen-year-old

26.Everyone needs to have _____ eight hours’ sleep a night.

A at least B at most C at present D at last

27.How much did you____ the dictionary.

A spend B cost C pay D pay for

28.Everyone_____ with friends every day.

A need to play B needs to play C needs play D need playing

29. Young trees should be _________.

A. taken good care B. take good care of

D. well looked after C. looking after well

30. Look! Your coat is not ______. It’s too small.

A. enough big B. big enough C. new enough D. enough new

31. -I am going out this evening.

-_______. You should finish your English project first.

A. I disagree B. I’m sure C. I think so D. Not at all

32.We should try our best ____ the problem

A solve B solution C to solve D solving

33.Sometimes hobbies can ____ our work.

A get into B get out of C get in the way of D get on

34.My brother ___ works in that factory, he has become a bus driver.

A. not longer B. not any longer C .no longer D. not any more

35. ______ you have passed your exam ,you should study hard .

A. Even though B. Because C. When D.If

36.-Li Ping studies very hard.-______.

A So Tom does B So does Tom

C Neither Tom does D Neither does Tom

37.Could you lend me your dictionary?I want to ____ some new words.

A look after B look at C look up D look out

38.He did his homework ___ he could.

A as well as B as good as C as better D as best as

39.I find ___ right to tell you the truth.

A that B this C the D it

40.I have spent too much time ___ the computer games,so I think I won’t pass the exam.

A play B played C playing D to play

41.Which book is ____,this one or that one?

A interesting B most interesting

C more interesting D the most interesting

42 He asked me about the best ways ___ more words.

A to memorize B memorizing C of memorizing D for memorizing

43.We should regard a problem as a challenge.Enjoy _____ it.

A to face B seeing C facing D deal with.

44 Why don’t you ___ an English language club to practice English.

A take part in B join C to join D taking part in

45.Their friendship broke ____ because they had a fight

A up B down C away D off

46.My hometown ____ a lot in the last few years.

A changed B change C has changed D will change

47. All of us were _____ at the _____ news

A frustrated, frustrated B frustrated, frustrating

C frustrating, frustrating D frustrating ,frustrated

48. Don’t ________ about things so much. It will make you stressed out.

A. afraid B. terrify C. terrified D. worry

49.It’s important for us ______ English well.

A learn B learning C to learn D learned

50.The boy shouldn’t be allowed _______ out at night.

A.go B to go C goes D going


A:Hello, this is Kangkang here.Is that Helen?


A:Helen.The happy weekend is coming.

B:Yes, I am. I’m not busy at all.I’ve already finished my homework. A:What are you going to do?

B:I've no ideas.What about you?

A:Let me see.We’d better do something interesting and helpful.B:Certainly.Where?

A:In the new museum.

B:Oh, I remember.I heard of it last week.A:By bike.It’s Saturday tomorrow The traffic must be heavy,I think. B:I agree.

A:At the gate of our school at nine in the morning.

B:OK.See you then.A: __55____.

51.A. Are you busy? B. Are you free?

C. Do you have time? D. Are you free or busy?

52. A. Would you like to see some old things with us?

B. Why not go shopping? C. Let’s have a party.

D. What about staying at home?

53. A. What do you think of it? B. How can we get there?

C. Let’s go there by bus. D. What about you?

54. A. When shall we meet? B. Where shall we meet?

C. When and where shall we meet? D. Let’s meet at 6:00.

55. A. See you. B. Let me see.

C. You are welcome. D. It doesn’t matter.


In learning English,one should first pay attention to listening and speaking. They are the basis(基础)of reading and writing.You’d better your best to speak while you do much listening.Don’t be of making mistakes.But be careful not to let them stop(阻止)you from improving your you are doing this,a good is to write—keep a diary,write notes or letters.Then if you can,浏览)what you have written and tell you where it is wrong.Many mistakes in your speaking will be .Through correcting mistakes,you can do well _62_ learning English.

If you are slow in speaking,don’t .One of the helpful ways is reading aloud to yourself.to read.It mustn’t be too difficult for you.When you are reading in this way,don't stop to they have nothing to do with the sentences.You can do that some other time.

56.A.have B.send C.make D.try

57.A.sure B.proud C.afraid D.tried

58.A.English B.Chinese C.Japanese D.French

59.A.start B.idea C.time D.way

60.A.go B.to go C.going D.went

61.A.happily B.easily C.really D.slowly

62. A at B on C in D of

63.A.talk B.fear C.worry D.hurry

64.A.something B.everything C.anything D.nothing

65.A.1ook at B.1ook for C.1ook up D.1ook over



The aim(目的)of students who come to school is to study.But to study needs a right way,or we would waste the time or the money.The following

are ways of studying.

The best time for reading is morning.Because in the morning,the air is fresh and our minds are clear.For that reason,we can get good results. In studying we must be patient.If we don’t understand a text well,we must read it again.We should not read the next one till we have learned the first one well.

When we are studying, we must put our hearts into the book. We can not read absent-mindedly(心不在焉地),or we can get nothing from the book while we are reading.

We must always ask“whys”.If it is not well understood,write it down and ask our teachers or parents,brothers or friends,in any possible way.We must know it completely and then our knowledge can be used well.

Though there are many ways for studying,however,the above mentioned will be quite enough if we can keep them in heart and do so.

66. The article tells us ______.

A to read in the morning

B to pay attention to ways of studying

C the importance of reading

D to have patience in studying

67.This article has taught us ______ ways of studying.

A.many B.five C.three D.four

68.We’d better read in the morning because ______.

A.it is difficult to get good results

B.the air is fresh and our minds are clear

C.it is easy to remember what we have learned

D.both B and C

69.If we can’t put our hearts into the book when we read,it is ______.

A.possible to learn something from it

B.easy to understand it well

C.impossible for us to get something from it

D.hard to get something from it

70.In studying,we must always ask“whys”in order to ______.

A.understand the book well

B.get some questions to ask our teachers

C.do with the new words D.write down the questions


On a cold winter afternoon.Susan was walking home from a supermarket.She was feeling a little tired,as she was carrying her shopping bags.They were so heavy that she decided to have a rest in the park.She walked towards the gate of the park.She noticed a poor man walking out of a restaurant in front of her.The man was holding a paper bag.He walked to a rubbish bin(箱)and started looking through it.

Susan suddenly felt sad.She knew this man would take all that he could get,so she went up to him and gave him some fruit.The man looked up in surprise and took what she gave him.

A big smile appeared on his face and she felt very happy.Then he said,"Wow! First someone gave me this sandwich,then the orange juice,and now some delicious fruit.This is my daughter's lucky day.Thank you,girl."Then he went away,singing a song.

Just then,Susan understood what the saying "Giving is getting" really meant.Everyone in the world needs help; everyone can offer help and everyone will be helped by showing kindness.

Giving sometimes doesn't cost much,but it means a lot to the people who you help.The man's happiness at that moment comes into Susan's mind every time she has the chance to help others.

61.Susan felt a little tired because she_______.

A.walked so fast B.looked through a rubbish bin

C.felt cold D.carried heavy shopping bags

62.The poor man felt _______when Susan gave him some fruit.

A.sad B.surprised C.interested D.kind

63.The poor man's daughter couldn't get _______ that day.

A.orange juice B.some fruit C.a new coat D.a sandwich

64.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A.The poor man had no money to buy food for his daughter.

B.It was the poor man's daughter's birthday.

C.The poor man asked Susan for some fruit.

D . The poor man's daughter was ill.

65.The passage mainly tells us that _______

A.giving means taking B.giving is getting

C.we shouldn't look through rubbish bins D.we should give others fruit


Unlike the other parts of the body, your ears don't ask for much. They don't need to be brushed once a day like your teeth. But they really need some special care, especially if you like listening to music with earphones. Maybe your mum or dad has told you, "Turn that down before you go deaf!" Well, they are quite right. Loud noise may cause hearing problems for a short time or even for ever.

Think that earphones are a good way to escape(避开) from your parents' eyes? Well, it may not be as good a way as you think. American doctors have studied a group of 4,490 people who used earphones more than 15 hours every week. The doctors found that 3,730 of them were getting hearing problems.

If you use earphones too long, your ears may feel painful. You could also lose your hearing for the rest of your life.

So don't wear your earphones too long. Use them less than one hour a day.

What good hearing? Don't forget to do the following:

Try to stay away from places with too much noise, like a disco. If you have to go, wear earplugs.

When swimming, remember to put earplugs into your ears to keep water

from getting in. Never put anything sharp into your ears. If you think you have too much earwax(耳垢) ,ask your mum or dad to help you clean it out. Please remember these things! Then you won't be saying "What" when you are older. 76. Which of the following may hurt our ears? A. Always having earphones on. B. Putting earplugs into the ears when we swim. C. Staying away from loud sounds. D. Leaving a little earwax in the ears. 77.______of the people who used earphones over 15 hours a week got hearing problems. A. Few B. Some C. Most D. All 78. From the passage we know that some people use earplugs to_______. A. swim easily B. protect their ears C. listen to music better D. solve their hearing problems 79. What does the writer tell us to do if we have too much earwax? A. Go to the doctor. B. Ask our parents for help. C.Get it out by using something sharp D.Leave it as it is. 80. The passage mainly tells us_______. A. how to use earphone B. how to keep away loud noise C. how to take care of ears D. how to solve hearing problems ( B)非选择题 五. A 用所给的词填空(5分 )

I’m very sad these days.I have some_______ learning English.I often make some _______.So I’m afraid the others _______ at me.And I read very _______.I don’t know what to do next.Who can help me?

Lilei is a school boy.He ______ playing football. Last week,he ______ to play football with his friends.They played very

happily.At that time,Lilei said,“Look,two boys _______ in the river.It’s too dangerous.We must _______ them.”They stopped them and the two boys said,“We ________ careful next time.Thank you a lot.”


1.He used to go to school on foot.(改为一般疑问句)

_______ he _______to go to school on foot? 划线提问)

______ ______ does Jim have gym class ?

3.The sentence is so hard that I can’t understand it. (同义句转换)

It’s hard for me understand the sentence.

4.I find learning English is difficult.(同上)

I find _______ difficult ______ learn English.

5.Why don’t you take a walk with me? (同义句转换)

______ ______ take a walk with me?



We should not _______ ____ others when they are in trouble.


________ my _______,that boy is learning to smoke.


I want to sleep _______ ________ reading magazines.

4.时间过得真快?How fast time _______ _______!


It’s very important ____students ______ learn English well.


Now he is ______ ______ the _______ students in his class.


He used to like ________ the piano,now he _____ ______ _______ in sports.


Don’t ______ _______ _______ me,I won’t do that again.


Jack Brown is a middle school student.He used to worry about his

study.He didn’t like studying English before,so he was weak in English.Now he has been in Grade Three.He had to his English teacher for help.His teacher told him that should often listen to tapes.

随后,他对学英语感兴趣了(C)。1.What does Jack Brown do? ______________________________.

2. 用一个词组代替A______________________




_____ ______ ______, his English gets better and better.




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