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Module 6

Save our world

It’s wasteful to throw away paper and metal.

1. To use the vocabulary in this unit to talk about some environmental problems.
2. To listen and understand environmental protection. 3. To understand the environmental problems. sentences on on


What can you see?

We can see a very dirty river. There is lots of rubbish. The fish has been dead because of the water pollution.

What can you see?

We can see that rubbish is being burnt. The
smoke goes into the air. It is causing air pollution.

What can you see?

We can see some waste paper. It can be recycled, so it is wasteful to throw it away.

From the three pictures, we learn that the

environmental problem is serious. It is our duty to
protect the environment. And we should save

energy. We should try to reuse everything that is
reusable. Or our world will be hopeless.

Listening practice
Activity 2 Listen to the description of the two pictures on Page 42. put the following words in the blanks as you hear them. ? ? ? ? air electricity energy factory ? ? ? ? glass metal ocean paper ? ? ? ? pollution protect recycle throw away

Listen and fill in the blanks
? Picture ①: factory pollution It is a ________and it’s causing a lot of ________. air ocean The pollution goes into the ____ and the ______. protect We need to _______ them. There should be some rules against factories which cause pollution.

Listen and fill in the blanks
?Picture ②:

It is a place where you can _______waste products, recycle
such as ________, ______,_______and things like glass metal paper

that. Each time you ___________ something made throw away
electricity of glass, paper or metal, it used a lot of __________ or other forms of _______ to make it again. energy

Reading :
Activity 4

Read the dialogue and complete the table with the notes below.

Complete the table with the notes below.
Things we should do for environmental protection Things we shouldn’t do for environmental protection

b; c; d; f
a b d f

a; e

Throw away glass, paper and metal Collect waste c Sell waste for recycling Turn lights off e Waste electricity Protect the air and oceans

Think some other ways to protect the environment:
?Use public transport not private cars.

?Don’t litter in the street or countryside.

1. How did Zhao Ming feel when he read the article? He felt it was enjoyable. 2. What is a green school? The students and teachers of a green school are careful about the environment.

3. Why is it wasteful to throw away glass and paper?

Because they can be sold and recycled.
4. What happens if we don’t turn off lights? We waste electricity.

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the worlds.
enjoy reuse environment hope care waste

1. Cycling to school is both _________ and enjoyable

environmentally friendly.
2. You really need to be _______ with products careful harmful to the environment.

hopeless 3. Nothing is ___________ if you pu

t your heart
into it. 4. Everybody can do a little bit to help with

environmental ________________ problems.
5. It is _________ to throw away the _________ wasteful reusable shopping bags. hopeful 6. Scientists are _________ about new ways to save energy.

New language points:
– 1. get/ receive an email from …
– 2. while & when

– 3. be careful about/of
– 4. raise money

– 5. It is…that…(强调句)
– 6. help do

I.用所给单词的适当形式填空。 1. We should give up those ___________ (waste) wasteful habits in order to save our world. 2. The foreigners had an _________(enjoy) time on enjoyable the Great Wall yesterday. 3. I think _______________(environment) education environmental for kids is necessary. 4. Most students in our school often collect _________ (reuse) waste for recycling. reusable 5. If we don’t look after our earth well, the future will hopeless be __________ (hope).

II. 根据汉语意思完成句子。
1.每个人都应该关心自己的健康。 Everyone should ___ _______ __________ his health. be careful about / of 2.来自该市的成千上万的人参与到迎奥运圣火活动中来。 __________ __ people from the city took part in the activity of Thousands of welcoming the Olympic flame. 3.迈克喜欢奶茶和可乐之类的饮料。 Mike likes drinks such ___ milk tea and Cola. ____ as 4.事实上,我们都需要一个有益健康的环境。 ____ ____, we all need a healthy environment. In fact 5.我觉得这事有点儿奇怪。 I feel ___ ____ ____ strange about the thing. a little bit

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