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英语课件:冀教版八上 Lesson 21Happy Thanksgiving!

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Lesson 21

Happy Thanksgiving!

Listen to a song: Celebrate

Listen to the tape with the question:

Where does Jenny go on Thanksgiving Day?

What’s a kitchen? A kitchen is a place that you cook meals.

kitchen grandparent means grandfather or grandmother grandpa grandma

What are they doing? They are hugging. They are giving a hug to each other.

hug —hugged — hugged hug sb (warmly) =give sb a (big) hug

Read the passage and answer the following questions:

Who goes there with Jenny?
Who opens the door ?

How does the grandpa greet them?
Where is the grandma and what is she doing? How do they greet each other?

Useful expressions
1.Let me give you a big hug ! *let sb. do sth: 让……人干…… * give sb. a big hug: 给……一个热烈的拥抱 2.Are my cousins coming tonight ? come:及其一些短暂性动词,如fly, go, arrive, leave等的进 行时态可以用来表示即将发生的动作。 Eg: We know our teacher is coming five minutes later.

People in different countries celebrate festivals in different ways.

Can you remember some Chinese traditional festivals?

Chinese Traditional Festivals
春节 元宵节 清明节 端午节 the Spring Festival the Lantern Festival the Qing Ming Festival the Dragon-Boat Festival


the Mid-Autumn Festival
the Double Ninth Festival

Some Western Festivals
? New Year’s Day ? St. Valentine’s Day 新年 情人节

? Easter
? Mother’s Day ? Father’s Day ? Thanksgiving ? Christmas Eve

母亲节 父亲节 感恩节 平安夜(圣诞前夕)

? Christmas Day


From the two festivals we know:
No matter in western countries or in China, when we have a holiday, we can have the holiday, eat delicious food, have a get-together(团聚), we can enjoy our holidays with our friends and family. But in the world ,there are some children can’t have a holiday like us, even(甚至) they don’t have a chance

(有机会) to school.

We should have a thankful heart.

Free talk
My thankful heart

1.This is _____ball.

A. twin’s B. twins’ C. the twin’s D. the twins’
2.It is not easy ______ well. A. playing football C. to play football B. playing the football D. to play the football

3. “Happy Thanksgiving Day to you!” “________.”

A. You’re kind
C. The same to you

D. Sure

4. “Would you like something ______ ?” “Yes, please. I’m hungry.” A. for eat B. to eat C. eat D. eaten

5. Tom _______ his friend ______.
A hug; warm C. hugged; warm B. hugged; warm D. hugged; warmly

Write a passage divided into three parts: 1.The things that are different about China here.

2. Write the things that are the same about China and Canada here.
3. Write the things that are different about Canada here.

Beauty will buy no beef. 漂亮不能当饭吃。

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