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英语课件:冀教版八上 Lesson 24 Unit Review

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Lesson 24

Unit Review

Ⅰ. 连一连 celebrate be away from 吹灭

另一个 试穿 离??一段距离 庆祝

try on another fit blow out


wonder fit be away from try on blow out fit 1.These shoes ______ me well. I’ll take them. tried on 2.I have ________ the coat, but it’s too small. 3.I _______who he was. Nobody knew him. wonder blew out 4.Yesterday was my birthday. I _________the candles. is away from 5. He feels lonely, because he _____________ his family.

1. It’s + 名词(表一段时间)+before+名词/从句 过??时间就该?? It’s three days before Thanksgiving. 再过三天就是感恩节了。 2. the same as 与??相同 The gift is the same as yours.

这份礼物与你的相同 3. Some (+名词)??,others/other+名词 一些??,另一些 Some apples are red, others are green.

4. It’s time for… 到??时间了。 It’s time for going home. 到回家的时间了。 5.Many thanks for… 谢谢你的?? Many thanks for your help. 多谢你帮助。

一、名词所有格 英语中的名词所有格表示人或事物的所属关系,意为某 人的??,某物的??在句中作定语。 表示有生命的名词所有格有以下三种情况: 1. 单数名词后加’s,如:Jenny’s map 2.复数名词以s 结尾,则只需加’ 即可。 如:the students’ teacher

如:the sheep’s owner.


如果所属物是两个人或几个人共有时,只在最后一个 名词后加’s,如: my grandmother and grandfather’s house


(二)on, in 和at 的用法
(1)on 用于表示某日,某日上午,下午、晚上。例:
They still have work on Sunday. 他们星期日仍然要工作。

和晚上。 例:Don’t get up too late in the morning. 早晨不要起得太晚。 at 用于表示时间的某一点

Classes begin at eight. 八点开始上课。

with 与 in
(1) with 与 in 都有“用”的意思,但具体的用法不同。

(2)with 表示借助于某一具体的工具,材料或手、口
等人体器官。 write with a pen 用钢笔写 (3)in 用语言,写字材料。 write in ink 用墨水写

bring, take, carry, get 的用法:
(1)bring 拿来, 带来, 表示带到说话者所在位置。 You’d better bring your painting tomorrow. (2) take 意为拿走,带走,表示带离说话者的位置。 Let me take the book away. (3) carry 意为搬, 拿, 强调负重,但不强调方向。 You carry such a heavy box with you. (4) get表示到其他地方把某人或某物带来。 She goes home and gets some water.

Ⅰ.用括号内所给词的所有格填空 1. This pen is not mine. It’s

_________(Jim). Jim’s 2.The post office isn’t far from here. minutes’ It’s about five___________ (minute) walk from here.

3. On___________ (teacher) Day, all teachers are very Teachers’ happy.
group’s 4. My _________(group) favorite subject is art.

Linda’s pencil 1.琳达的铅笔_____________________ students’ bags 2.学生们的书包___________________ today’s newspaper 3.今天的报纸_____________________ 4.这是李雷和李明共有的房间。 This is Li Lei and Li Ming’s room. —————————————————

in 1.They said the building would be completed ________ a
year. for 2.Best wishes___ you ____ New Year’s Day! to 3.We begin the class _____ eight o’clock. at 4.My father gave a big hug ____my mother as soon as he to met her. in 5.Does she look nice _____the new dress?

6. Nobody knows where___ go now. to

Review words, phrases and grammar points.

A light heart lives long. 静以修身。

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