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英语课件:冀教版八上 Lesson 17 I Love Autumn

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Unit 3 Families Celebrate Together
Lesson 17 I Love Autumn

Lead in

Q: Do you know any festivals in fall ?
? China 1)Mid-Autumn Festival 3) Chong Yang Festival

2)National Day

? Canada Thanksgiving

Words and Expressions
Mid-Autumn Festival moon n. moon cake(= mooncake) national a. celebrate v. celebration n. Thanksgiving Canadian adj. n. wonder v. 中秋节 月亮; 月球 月饼 国家的; 民族的 庆贺; 庆祝 庆贺; 庆祝 感恩节 加拿大(人)的 加拿大人 好奇;想知道

Listen to the tape about Part 1 and answer the

1.How many festivals are there in October in China?
2.When is National Day? 3.Why does Li Ming like autumn best?

Read carefully and fill in the table:
How will Li Ming and his family celebrate the two festivals? Festivals How to celebrate them? watch the moon look for Chang’e eat moon cakes rest for seven days go to the National Day celebration celebrate his birthday

Mid – Autumn Festival

National Day

Listen to the tape of Part 2 and then answer these questions:
1. Why does Jenny like autumn, too?
2. What’s the name of the festival?

3. What will they do on Thanksgiving?
4. Do Canadian Thanksgiving and the American

Thanksgiving come at the same time?

Language Points
1. tonight = the night of today 2. My mother bought moon cakes, and I have eaten many of them! 3. My mother and father will not have to work for seven days! have to do sth. have to must has to 不得不做某事 强调客观 强调主观 will have to will not have to

情态动词 情态动词 had to

doesn’t have to

didn’t have to

4. thank sb. for sth. Thank you for your help. thank sb. for doing sth. Thank you for helping me. 5. an autumn holiday called Thanksgiving 6. have fun = have a good time = enjoy oneself have fun doing sth. 7. wonder: want to know don’t know 想知道 不知道 常跟由if或wh-词引导的宾语从句 I wonder if she will come to work on time. I wonder when he will come here.

A discussion
1.What festivals do you know from the two e-mails? 2.Can you say something about Chang’e? 3.Do you wonder what Li Ming would like for his

4. Do Canadian Thanksgiving and American Thanksgiving come at the same time?



in on 1. National Day is also _____ autumn, ____ October 1.
for 2. They will not have to work _______ seven days. for 3. Thank you ________ your e-mail. on 4. Have fun _______ your birthday. in 5. Canadian Thanksgiving is ______ early October.

in American Thanksgiving is ______ late November.
on 6. People in China eat moon cakes ______ Mid- Autumn Day.

learning 1.I have fun _________(learn) English. having 2.Thank you for ___________(have) me. stop 3.It’s raining outside. She has to _______ (stop) to have a

4.They have an autumn holiday called _______ (call)

Thanksgiving. will watch 5.We ___________(watch) the moon tonight. bought 6.Yesterday my mother __________(buy)

moon cakes.

have eaten 7.I ______________(eat) many of them already.

1.Make a plan for Li Ming’s birthday party . 2.Make your Thanksgiving card.

If you want knowledge, you must toil for it. 要想求知,就得吃苦。

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