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英语课件:冀教版八上 Lesson 23Li Ming’s Happy Birthday

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Lesson 23

Li Ming’s Happy Birthday

Lead in
1. My mother got the presents from ______ . B

B. the post office C. the police office C 2. I love the ____ you gave me, Jenny.
A. cap A. Red B. shoe B. Yellow C. jacket

A. school

3. ______is my favourite colour. A
C. Green A 4. Does the jacket fit me well?_____

A. Yes
A. Jenny

B. No
B. Danny

C. We don’t know
C. Li Ming

5. Every time I wear the cap, I will think of____. B

D 6.They invited________

A. my friends and my cousin
B. my uncles and aunts C. my grandparents D. A, B, and C B 7. My mother bought a delicious birthday cake ,with ______

A.12 B.13 C.14

Read the text and judge: 1.Jenny and Danny gave the presents to Li Ming for his birthday. (T) 2.The jacket is red and a little small for Li Ming. (F)

3.Every time Li Ming wears the cap, he will think of Danny. Because it looks like Danny’s cap. (T)

4.On Li Ming’s birthday party, they only ate noodles. (F) 5.Li Ming himself blew out the candles. (T)

? many thanks for ? get …from ? in fashion 看起来像 时尚的 非常适合我

? fit me well
? look like ? think of ? turn off ? blow out

从……拿\取…… 关掉 非常感谢 想起\认为

Language and Grammar Points
1. Many thanks for the presents! 非常感谢你们寄来的礼物! thank …for (doing) sth. 为某事感谢某人 thank可作动词,也可作名词,用作名词时,常用复数形式

many thanks = thanks a lot.
give thanks to sb. 对某人表示感谢

【知识拓展】 1.thankful=grateful 感激的/感谢的 2. thanks to:多亏 Thanks to the invention of TV, we can see what is

happening in the world.

2. I love the jacket you gave me,Jenny. 詹妮,我喜欢你 给我的夹克。 you give me 是定语从句,修饰jacket.

This is the sweater my mother bought me.

3. The style is in fashion here in China. 这个款式在中国非常流行。 (1) be in fashion时尚,流行。如: His hairstyle is in fashion. 他的发型很时尚。

Note: be out of fashion不流行
(2) here在句中只是起加强语气的作用。可紧接名词之后, 在口语中常置于名词 之前。如:

My friend here saw it happen.
我的朋友就看见了它是怎样发生的。 The girl here will tell you.


4. How did you know what size to buy?
你怎么知道买多大尺寸的呢? what size to buy的意思是“买什么号码、尺寸”. 它是由疑问词what加上动词不定式的主动形式构成的, 在句中作动词know的宾语。除why以外,所有的 疑问词 都可以放在带to的不定式之前作动词的宾语。如: what to do 做什么;

where to go 去哪里;
how to do it 怎样做这件事。

5. Every time I wear it,I will think of you.
每次我戴上它,我就会想起你。 (1) every time在句中


请注意:主句的时态是将来时态, 从句中的时态为一般 现在时态。如: Every time he comes to see me,he will bring me some gifts.每次他来看我,他都会给我带来一些礼物。

单项选择 1. Thanks for ____ us the wonderful cards. A. send B. sending C. mail D. to mail 2. This pair of shoes ____ me very well.

A. fits

B. fit

C. match

D. suit

3. — Is this watch ____ fashion? — No,it’s ____ fashion,it’s a new style.

A. in; out
A. think

B. in; out of
B. will think

C. out of ; in
C. thinking

D. in; in
D. miss

4. Every time I wear this coat, I ____ of my good friend.

5. Remember to ___ the TV when you leave the room. A. turn on A. buy B. turn up C. turn off D. turn down 6. Could you tell me what size ____? B. bought C. to buy D. will buy 7. We ate ____ and ____ at the party. A. noodle; vegetable C. noodle; vegetables A . for; to turn C. to; to turn B. noodles; vegetables D. noodles; vegetable

8. It’s time ____ you ____ off the computer. B. for; turn D. to; turn

9. My mother bought me a birthday cake and I blew ____

the candles.
A. up B. of C. off D. out 10. Hi,Jack,I haven’t seen you for a long time! You look____. A. clever B. well C. best D. old

Write a thank-you note / card / letter /to thank your parents and friends.

A hero is nothing but a product of his time. 时势造英雄。

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