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英语课件:冀教版八上 Lesson 26The Best Neighbourhood

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Lesson 26

The Best Neighbourhood

Lead in
Think about some words that describe neighbourhoods.
department store 百货商店 ________________ bicycle shop 自行车商店 ______________ 书店 __________ bookstore coffee shop 咖啡店 ______________ video shop 音像制品店 _____________ market 市场 ______________ shopping centre 购物中心 _______________ clothing shop 服装店 _____________ grocery store 杂货店 ____________

tea shop 茶叶店 _____________
fruit shop 水果店 ____________ shoe shop 鞋店 _____________ supermarket 超市 ______________ bakery 面包店 ___________

Brainstorm some words that describe neighbourhoods.
Internet bar 网吧 ____________ park 公园 ___________ bus stop 公共汽车站 ____________ library 图书馆 ___________ zoo 动物园 ____________ movie theatre 电影院 ______________ 博物馆 ____________ museum 茶房 ___________ tea house

post office 邮局 ____________ school 学校 ___________ restaurant 饭店 ___________ 银行 ____________ bank police post 派出所 _____________

hotel 旅馆 __________ company 公司 ___________ gym 体育馆 _________ police office 警察局 ______________

neighbourhood committee 居委会 _________________________

Brainstorm some words that describe neighbourhoods.
apartment building house 公寓 ___________________ 房子 ____________

mail box 邮筒 ___________
swimming pool 游泳池 _______________ sea/ocean 海 ___________ parking lot 停车场 ____________ street 街道 ___________

square 广场______________
lake 湖 ____________ washroom 卫生间 ___________ road 路 __________ sidewalk 人行道 ___________

flower 花 ___________
tree 树 ____________ villa 别墅 ___________

grass 草 _________
traffic lights 交通灯 ___________

Listen to the tape with the following questions: 1. Why did Brian draw a park? Because he wanted to play football in it. 2. What did Jenny draw on her map? She drew three bookstores,a video store and a Chinese restaurant.

3. Why did Jenny add a Chinese restaurant?
She wanted to take Li Ming there.

Language notes:
1. need sth. to do sth. 不定式作状语,表示目的和用途 2. make sb. do sth. 不定式作宾语补足语

make sb. + adj.(形容词) 3. Over here is a video shop.


4. I’ll show you later, when I’m done! 在when引导的时间状语从句和if引导的条件状语从句中要 用一般现在时代替一般将来时。 comes When she ________(come) here tomorrow, I’ll tell her. I am done. = I finish. 5. a lot of = lots of = many/much

汉译英: need sth. to do sth. 1)我需要一个游泳池来游泳。 I need a swimming pool to swim.

2) 她需要一家电影院来看电影。
She needs a movie theatre to watch movies. 3) 他们需要一个图书馆来读书。 They need a library to read books.


I can go to the swimming pool to swim when I

have time.

When he is thirsty, he can go to the shop to buy something to drink. 3)当她饿的时候,她可以去饭店吃饭。 She can go to the restaurant to eat when she is hungry.

单项选择 1. Wait a minute, that isn’t _____. A. do B. does C. done D. to do

2. Please give me a piece of paper______
A. to write B. to write on

C. writing on

D. writing

3. Danny ran _____ Brian quickly. A. over B. across C. through D. past

4. _____ the map and tell me what place it is. A. Look to B. Look at C. Look D. Look for

5. I lived in this street______ I was a young boy. A. where B. when C. before D. because

Draw a map of your perfect neighbourhood! Label everything on your map in English.

Knowledge is power. —Francis Bacon 知识就是力量。 ——培根

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