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英语课件:冀教版八上 Lesson 11 What’s Your Favourite Subject

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Lesson 11

What’s Your Favourite Subject?

Lead in
Talk about favourite subjects.
Which subject do you like best? Why? Do you think it’s useful to read books?

Ⅰ. 阅读课文找出下列短语。 at noon 1. 在中午________ a little bit 2.一点点____________ turn out 3. 关掉_________ stop talking 4.停止交谈_____________ at four o’clock 5.在四点钟______________

Ⅱ.试着把以下句子译成汉语并想一想这些句型的 用法。
1. Li Ming has told me a little bit about his home. 李明已经告诉我一点点关于他家的事。 _____________________________________ 2.I have always loved drawing. 我一直喜欢画画。 _____________________________________ 3.Turn out the light, please. 请关灯。 _____________________________________ 4. It’s time for class now. 现在该上课了。 _____________________________________ 5. We should stop talking. 我们应该停止交谈。 ______________________________________

Language Points
1.For our project, we will play basketball.
球类前不加the: play basketball 打篮球 乐器前必须加the: play the piano 弹钢琴 Eg. The boy often plays the piano on Sundays. We often play football on weekends.

2.It would be fun to study about China.
“It +系动词+ 表语 +动词不定式”结构中,It是形式主
语,真正的主语是动词不定式。 It is easy to learn English. 学习英语是很简单的。 It is important to arrive on time.


3. Li Ming has told me a little bit about his home. a bit与a little

(1)a bit与a little都可作程度副词,意为“稍微、一点
儿” ,可修饰动词、形容词、比较级等,二者可以互换。 Eg. Will you please turn down the radio a bit/a little?(动词) 请你把收音机声音关小一点好吗? She’s a bit/a little afraid of the teacher.(形容词)

Her mother feels a bit/a little better today.(比较级) 她母亲今天感觉好一些。

(2)a little可以直接修饰不可数名词,而a bit修饰不可数

名词时,只能用a bit of。
Eg. Tom has a little money./Tom has a bit of money. 汤姆有一点钱。

(3)a bit和a little与not连用时,意思大相径庭。
not a bit=not at all,意为“一点也不”; not a little=very much,意为“十分”、“相当”、“极

其”。Eg:He is not a bit tired.他一点不累。
He is not a little tired.他很累。

4.Turn out the light.
turn out意为“关掉,熄灭”,相当于turn off。它的反 义词是turn on,指开电器一类的东西。turn up表示“开 大点”,turn down表示“拧小点”。 Eg. Father is sleeping now. Please turn out/off the TV.

The radio is too loud. Can you turn it down, please? 收音机太吵了,请拧小一点吧。

5.We should stop talking.
“should” 情态动词“应该”,后接动词原形。
Eg. They should go there on time. 他们应该

按时去那. stop to do 停下来去做某事。 stop doing 停止做某事。 Eg.We stop to eat some bread. 我们停下来去吃面包。

Why didn’t you stop working when you tired?



1.—____ tennis. —That sounds good. A. Let play B. Let’s play C. Let’s to play D. Let us play the 2.It’s time for us ____ games. A. play B. plays C. to play D. playing 3.It will be fun ____ dumplings. A. to make B. to making C. makes D. made 4.I’ll stop ____ English. I think it’s boring. A. learn B. to learn C. learning D. learns

1.在正午_________ at noon 2.在晚上_______________ in the evening 3.社会科学课程_____________ social studies

It’s time for / to do… 4.该做??了_________________
stop doing sth. 5.停止做??_______________ turn out the TV 6.关掉电视_________________

Ⅲ.根据句意及首字母提示完成单词。 1.Please t_____ out the radio. Time for bed. urn 2.My favourite subject is s_______ studies. ocial 3.S____ talking. It’s time for class. top 4.Don’t worry. E verything is ready. ________ 5.A g______ of students are playing football there. roup

Ⅳ. 用所给单词的适当形式填空。
1.It’s time ________ (have) supper. to have go 2.Let’s _______(go) to the zoo. watching 3.Stop ________ (watch) TV. Time for school. will have 4.I _________ (have) maths tomorrow. learning 5.I love _________(learn) about his family.

Write a passage about your favourite subject.

If you don’t learn to think when you are young, you may never learn. 如果你年轻时没有学会思考,那么就永远学不 会思考。

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