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英语课件:冀教版八上 Lesson 30People in My Neighbourhood

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Lesson 30

People in My Neighbourhood

Lead in
A parking lot is a large place to park cars.

parking lot

You can watch movies in a movie theatre . movie theatre

You can shop many kinds of things in a shoping centre. shopping centre

A bank is for your money. bank

We can buy some things in a grocery store.

grocery store

Do you know?
coffee shop bakery movie theatre Drink coffee and talk there. Buy bread, cakes and donuts. Go there to see a film.

parking lot
bookstore grocery store bank shopping centre

Park your car there.
Buy books. Buy some fruit and vegetables there. Save your money. You can shop many kinds of things

Think about it.
1.Do you know much about the people in your neighbourhood? 2.How many different kinds of jobs do you know about?

3.Was the old lady happy with the pants Mr.
Green fixed for her ?

Let’s learn the new words
downtown n. 中心区,闹市 main adj. 主要的 interview n. 采访,面谈 challenging adj. 挑战的 tailor n. 裁缝 fix v. 修理 magic adj. 魔术的,神奇的 skill n. 技术,技巧 treat n. 美味食物,款待 master v.掌握,精通 scissors n. 剪刀

Challenge your memory
1. The bakery shop was ___ and filled with a delicious

_____.There were many yummy ______.The workers
have ____ all the bakery skills. 2. I came to a _____shop. Mr. Green is a tailor .He cut with his____ _____. 答案:1.warm; smell; treats; mastered

2. tailor; magic; scissors

Write about someone in your neighbourhood. The person can be real or imaginary. What does he/she look like? What does he /she do? Is he/she young or old? Are your friends with him/her? Draw a picture to go with your story.

He is wise that is honest. 诚实者最明智。

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