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英语课件:冀教版八上 Lesson 19 Get a Present for Li Ming!

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Lesson 19

Get a Present for Li Ming!

Lead in



cake and candles

On your birthday, have you ever got gifts from your friends/parents? What are they?

Listen and answer
1. What did Jenny and Brian buy at last? 2. What is the main idea of the dialogue?

Let’s learn the new words
present n. 礼物 clothing n.衣物 blow v. (blew/blown) 吹 blow out 吹灭

size n. 尺寸;大小 as conj. 好像;和……一样

try v. 试
try on 试穿

fit (fitted/fitted, fit/fit) v.合适,合身

anyway adv.无论如何
kind n. 种类 another adj.另一个的 bright adj. 鲜明的;发光的 style n. 款式

Language notes:
1. get/buy sth. for sb. = get/buy sb. sth.

2. a clothing store/shop
3. excited exciting

I’m so ________ to watch the football game. excited exciting The football game is so _________.
4. the same size as 和??一样尺寸,与??大小相同 5. try on try it on try on the jacket = try the jacket on try them on

6. fit sb. well

I don’t think Li Ming would like that Jacket anyway. 译:我认为李明无论如何也不想要那件夹克衫。 (1)句中的否定结构叫否定转移。 think 意为“想、认为、觉得”。 I don’t think you are right. 我认为你错了。

(2)anyway 意为“无论如何”
Get the job done anyway you can. 不管以何种方式都得完成这项工作。

Everyone sings “Happy Birthday to you” 大家唱“祝你生日快乐”。 everyone 意为“每个人,人人”。 every one 意为每人,每件东西,既能用于指人,也能用于 指物,其后通常跟of短语。 eg: Every one of them has a personal computer.

eg: He knows everyone in our school. 他认识我们学校的每一个人。

They take their friends to a movie. 他们把朋友带到电影院看电影。 结构: take sb. to+名词 把某人带到?? Other children take their friends to the Park. 一些孩子会带朋友去公园。 Young children usually get toys for their birthday. 小孩通常收到玩具作为他们的生日礼物。 结构:get+宾语(名词或代词),意为获得,得到收到。 I got a letter this morning. 今天早晨我收到一封信。

Ask and answer
What can the clerk say? What can you say?

At a clothing store. The clerk will say:
What can I do for you ? May/Can I help you ? Is there anything I can do for you ? What size/style/colour…? Try on, please! Does it fit? We have other sizes/styles/colours.

At a clothing store. You will say:
? Yes, please. ? I would like/ want /am looking for… ? May I try it on?

? Do you have any other
sizes/kinds/styles/colours? ? It fits me well. ? How much is it/are they? ? I’ll take/buy/get it.

( At a clothing store)

can for A: What _____ I do _____ you ?
looking for for B: I’m ________ ____ a pair of shoes ____ my daughter.

her Tomorrow is ___ birthday.
colour what A: Oh, ______ _______ does she l


B: Red is her favourite colour.
A: OK, what about this one?

B: No, I think she likes the colour, but she doesn’t like the

style any other _____. Do you have ____ _____ kinds?
what about A: Let me see. Oh, ______ _______ that one? The style is popular(流行). How much B: Yes, how beautiful! ____ ______ is it? A:100 yuan. B: OK, here you are.

1.李明喜欢吹生日蜡烛。 blowing out Li Ming likes _________ _______ birthday candles. 2. 我不喜欢这种颜色,但我喜欢这种样式。

colour but style I don’t like the ________, _______ I like the ______.
3.我认为无论如何李明也不会要那件夹克。 anyway don’t think I _____ ______ Li Ming would like that jacket _______. 4.李明不喜欢鲜绿色的衣服。

bright Li Ming hates __________ green clothes.

5. 我想为我的朋友买份生日礼物。 looking for present I’m _______ ______ a birthday ________ for my friend. 6. 请试一下这双鞋子。 try on pair of shoes Please ______ ______ this ______ ______ _______.

fit This pair of jeans doesn’t ________ me. Do have sizes ______ you _______ any other______? 8.妈妈在服装店给我买了新衣服。 clothing store Mother bought me some new clothes in a ________ _____.

You want to buy something for your mother or father’s birthday. You are in a shop talking to a clerk about what to buy. What will you buy? Why? Make a dialogue with a partner, then write it down.

All that glitters is not gold. 闪光的未必都是金子。

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