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unit4 reading

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What would do if…?

Before class

Revision 课前复习

1. 把它捐给慈善机构

2. 把它存入银行
3. 把它捐给医疗研究 4. 太….而不能 5. 穿衬衣打领带 6. 其他每个人

give it to charity put it in the bank give it to medical research too ….to.. wear a shirt and tie everyone else get pimples get nervous look terrible help with this problem

7. 长小脓包
8. 变得紧张

9. 看起来糟糕
10. 帮助解决这个问题

1. 如果你有很多钱你会做什么?我会捐给慈善机构。 What would you do if you had a lot of money? I’d give it to charity. 2. 如果你有一百万美元你会做什么?我会放弃工作。 What would you do if you had a million dollars? I’d give up working. 3. 如果我有三百万美元,我会为家人买一栋大房子。 If I had three million dollars, I’d buy a big house for my family. 4. 如果我有很多钱,我会把它存入银行。 If I had a lot of money, I’d put it in the bank.
5. 如果我有一架飞机,我会环球旅行。 If I had a plane, I’d travel around the world.

1. 如果我是你,我会穿衬衣打领带。

If I were you, I’d wear a shirt and tie. 2. 如果我是你,我会带一个小礼物。
If I were you, I’d take a small present. 3. 如果我是你,我会晚一点。 If I were you, I’d be a little late. 4. 如果我是你,我会在睡觉之前多散会儿步。 If I were you, I’d take a long walk before going to bed. 5. 如果我是你,我会和某个看起来友好的人说话。 If I were you, I’d talk to someone who looks friendly. 6. 如果其他人都带了礼物该怎么办?

What if everyone else brings a present? 7. 如果我不认识任何人怎么办?
What if I don’t know anyone?

What would you do if you saw a car accident? If I saw a traffic accident, I would …

知道,听说 Brainstorming: Q: What kind of accidents do you know of?
traffic accidents; working accidents;

sports accidents; medical accidents;
small daily accidents……

cut her finger by accident

fall downstairs

burn yourself

injure his knee

Q: What would you do if you had accidents or problems?
Using What You Know You know more than you think! When you are faced with a task or a situation, use what you already know to help you learn more or to deal with the problem.

If I were you, I’d have a first-aid book on a nearby shelf in your home.

1. Fast reading : Who wrote the book? When did it come out? What advice did it give us?

Reading Tasks What would you do if...? 请根据课本第32-33页的短文完成下列表 格, 每空词数不限。

Accidents Cut yourself by accident.

What to do cover the cut with (1) a clean cloth ___________ and press it deep hard. If it’s a (2)_____ cut, you should see a doctor.

fell downstairs.

(3)__________________ get the medical help first and then make her comfortable and stay with her.

burned First ________how bad it is. find out yourself Then put the burned are

a __________under by accident. (4) __________________. cold running water

injured your If you feel some pain, you knee while should (5)______________ .And stop exercising running. if it hurt for more than a few days, you should _________. see a doctor

A friend offers you cigarettes

What to do
You should (6)______ and refuse talk to your friend about the (7) _______ of dangers smoking. hide You must (8)_____ medicine from children. And you should tell them to ask their parents ____________________.

Children often think medicine is candy and eat it.

An “internet Tell your parents, friend” wants to agree to meet in a public place meet you. (9)_______________ and you shouldn’t go alone. You get pimples when you are nervous. You should drink (10) ___________ and ask lots of water your doctor for advice.

3. Careful reading: Find the difficult points.
偶然 深的切口 用…覆盖 摔下楼梯 急忙做…

by accident
a deep cut

cover … with …
fall downstairs hurry to do sth


injure one’s knee
offer sb. sth. =offer sth. to sb.


the dangers of smoking

deal with have a lot of experience doing… 在… 方面富有经验

1.If I were you, I’d have a first-aid book on a nearby shelf in your home (1) a first-aid book 急救手册 (2) a nearby shelf 附近的书架 (3) shelf是可数名词。其复数为shelves. eg:那些架子上有一些书。 There are some books on those _________. shelves 2. Martin Robinson is a famous doctor who has a lot of experience dealing with teenagers. (1) have a lot of experience doing sth:干某事有经验 have trouble doing sth:干某事有困难 learning English eg: Tom has trouble______________.(学英语)

have fun doing sth: 干某事很开心 walking Eg:My parents are having fun__________ in the park. (散步) (2)这里who引导 定语从句。结构是 先行词+关系代词/关系副词 + 定语从句其他部分 先行词: 定语从句修饰的词。 句中先行词是 a famous doctor 定语从句的引导词:
关系代词: that; which;who;whom;whose

例如:I can’t understand people who talked fast.

先行词 引导词

3.His new book, What Would You Do If…? came out last month. come out: 出版;(太阳)出来;花儿开花。 eg: 太阳出来了。 The sun is___________. coming out 春天花朵开始开放。 The flowers begin to come out _________in spring. 4. give advice on sth 给某方面提建议。 advice 是不可数名词。 eg: If you take my ______, you won’t tell anyone B about it. A. advices B. advice C. an advice

5.What would you do if you cut yourself by accident? (1) cut 过去式 过去分词 cut cut

(2) If +主语+ 过去式, 主语+ would+动词原形
主句 从句 eg: If I were you, I would wear a shirt and tie. If a friend said something bad about me, I would talk to the friend right away.

6. cover… with… 用某物覆盖某物 7. If it’

s a deep cut, you should see a doctor. deep:adj.深的 eg:一口深井 a deep well

n. 深度. eg.这条河深一米五。 deep The river is one and a half meters_______. deeply: 副词,深深地。 deeply eg: Are you _________ (deep) moved by the movie? 8. fall downstairs: 掉下楼。 downstairs: 副词,顺楼梯而下地。 upstairs: 顺楼梯而上地。 go upstairs.

9. hurry to do sth = do sth in a hurry匆忙做某事。 eg: He went to call the police in a hurry.(改同义句) He ____________ the police. hurried to call 10.medical help 医学求助 stay with sb 和某人呆在一起 11.burn yourself 烧伤你自己 12.find out 找出来; 查明(经过一定推理思考) how bad it is. 多么糟糕 。 感叹句 How + 形容词/副词 + (主语+ 谓语) eg: How beautiful the girl is ! How smart they are! How quickly Tom runs!

13.running water 自来水 14.injure=hurt 弄伤 knee knees(复数) 15. feel some pain. 感到疼痛。 16. stop doing 停止正在干的事情 stop to do 停下来去干某事 crying (1) The baby stopped______(cry) and began to laugh, when he saw his mother. to have a rest (2) We are tired. Let’s stop _____________.(休息)

17. A friend offers you cigarettes at a party. (1) offer sb sth.给某人提供某物 eg.他们给我提供了一份好工作。 They offer me a good job. (2) offer sth to sb 把某物提供给某人 eg. They offer me a good job.(改为同义句) offer to They______ a good job ____ me. 18. refuse to do sth.拒绝干某事。 to answer eg: She refused _________(answer) the question.

19. the dangers of … …的危险 20. hide sth from sb 对某人隐藏某物 eg.我丈夫从不对我隐瞒任何事情。 hides from My husband never ______anything _____me. 21.agree to do sth 同意干某事 to go to a movie Do you agree _____________(去看电影) today? 22. ask sb for advice. 向某人寻求帮助

Discuss these questions with a partner.

Why is cold running water helpful to treat a small burn? Cold water will stop the burning. Why would it be dangerous to meet an “internet friend” alone? Because he or she may be a bad person and may hurt you .

If you had any problems: Please remember:
Discuss it with your parents or friends. Ask the teacher for help. Make a clever decision. Do the right things.

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