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英语课件:冀教版八上Lesson 33Maybe a Teacher!

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Unit 5 My Future
Lesson 33 Maybe a Teacher!

Lead in
Talk about your life in the future.

a doctor

a nurse

a cook

a player

Do you know what he/she is? He/She is a … What do you want to be when you’re older?

Listen to the tape with the following questions:
1.What is Li Ming going to be in the future ? He is going to be a teacher.

2. Would he make his students do homework on Sunday ?
No, he wouldn’t.

3. What is Wang Mei going to be in the future ?
She is going to be a doctor.

Language Points
1. It’s scary to talk about the future. It’s + adj./n. + to do sth. 做某事是??的。

eg. It’s interesting to play games with children.

2. I have no idea.
相当于I don’t know. 意为“我不知道。”

3. So is next week and next year. “So + 系动词be /助动词/情态动词 + 主语”


He is a student. So _______ you. are does I have a computer. So ________ she. I can skate. So ________ my brother. can

4. You’re sick today. ill “有病的” ,通常作表语,作定语时是“bad”的意思。

sick “有病的” , 既可作表语又可作定语。

His father is ill/sick in bed.
She feels ill/sick. her sick mother the ill/bad boy He looks ill/sick. 她生病的妈妈 那个坏孩子

5. You’re good at talking to people. 词义辨析 talk to/talk with/talk about talk to 和talk with 都表示“和……谈话”,只是talk to 侧重于一方说,另一方听;talk with 侧重双方交谈。 eg: Our head teacher is talking to my parents.

Look, she is talking with her good friend.
talk about /of 意为“谈论某人或某事”。 eg: Many students are talking about their new English teacher.

A discussion
1. What are you good at? 2. What will your job be? What do you want to be in the future? 3. Where will you live? Why?

4. Will you feel happy? Why?

单项选择 1. –What’s that over there?


– It _____ a monkey ,but I’m not quite sure. A
A. may be B. must be C. has to be D. maybe

2. You must listen to the teacher _____ in class. C
A. care B. careful C. carefully D. careless

3. My mother is a nurse. She is good at looking after _____ people. B A. ill B. sick C. illness D. bad

完成句子 1. 晚上出去很可怕。 It’s very scary to go out at night. ______________________________ 2. 我去过北京,我的哥哥也去过。 I have been to Beijing, and so has my brother. _______________________________________ 3. 我会对我的学生很好。 I would be nice to my students. ___________________________

Write a passage about your life in the future. You can say: Where will you live? What will your job be?

Tomorrow never comes. 我生待明日,万事成蹉跎。

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