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英语课件:冀教版八上 Lesson 39A Famous Friend

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Lesson 39
A Famous Friend?

Lead in
Talk about yourself.
Do you know yourself? How well do you know yourself? How many choices do you have for your future job?

a policeman

a policewoman

What do you want to be?

I / We want to be…
What do you hope to be? I /We hope to be… What are you going to be? I am /We are going to be… What does your mom want you to be? My mom wants me to be…

Listen and answer
1.What did Li Ming want to be ? An English teacher. 2.What does Li Ming think Danny will be in the future? A basketball player. 3.What did Helen say Danny would be in the future? A good actor.

Language Points
1.She encourages us to work hard, but never punishes us.
encourage sb. to do sth. 鼓励某人去做某事

She encouraged him to talk to her.
她鼓励他与她交谈。 punish sb. for sth.因为某事而惩罚某人 The woman punished her son for his telling lies. 这个妇女因为儿子撒谎惩罚了他。

2. I’m much taller this year and …
在比较级前可用much, a lot , far (??得多); any( 稍微);

a little , a bit (??一点)still, even (更??)修饰。
She is a little taller than he. 她比他高一点儿。 Are you feeling any better today?今天你感觉好点了吗?

3. I wrote a letter to Helen this week. write a letter to sb.意为“给某人写信”,也可说成

write to sb.
I will write a letter to him.

= I will write to him.我会给他写信的。

Work in a small group and discuss what you are going to be in the future. Then complete the chart below.

Li Wang Lucas Jenny Me Partner … Danny Ming Mei 1

1. I would like to be a ___________(渔民) when I’m older. fisherman yourself 2. What do you know about __________(你自己)? encourage 3. The teachers should __________(鼓励)their students more often. actor 4. Ge You is a famous ________(演员).

1. Some students would like to be teachers, but _____ wouldn’t. A. other B. others C. another D. the other

2. Jenny does ______ better in math than Danny.
A. much B. many C. lot of D. too 3. Weihai doesn’t know which job ______. A. choice B. choose C. to choice D. to choose

完成句子 1.你有非常清晰的目标吗? Do you have very ________ _______? clear goals 2.你应该为自己选择合适的道路。

choose for _______. You should ________ the right path ______ yourself
3.她在报纸上给人们提建议。 gives advice to in She _____ ______ _____ people _____ the newspaper. 4.有如此多好的选择。 so many choices There are ______ _______ good ________.

Choose a good friend and give him or her some advice about his or her future.

You have to believe in yourself. That’s the secret

of success.

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