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? 掌握重点词汇:enjoy,enjoy oneself,magic,magic tricks, himself ? 掌握重点句型: ? -Did you sing a song at the party? -Yes, I did/No, I didn't -What did you do? -I danced ? 掌握行为动词的过去式用法及构成。

Ask and answer.
T: When were you born? S1: I was born...Could you ride a bike when you were five? S2: Yes, I could./No, I couldn't. Could you...? S3: ...
am/is——was are——were can——could

sing a song


perform kung fu perform magic tricks

play the guitar

play basketball

recite a poem

? P71/1B, 听录音连线,2分钟 ? 跟老师大声齐读1a课文,做到大声,清晰,快速。 2分钟 ? 把下列句子,词组划出来,并理解其意思:3分钟 How was Kangkang's birthday party? Did you sing a song at the party? magic tricks enjoy himself

Jane Maria Sally


played the piano
performed some magic tricks sang an English song


? P72/2,听录音完成下列题目。5分钟 (A)把你听到的节目全出来。 (B)听录音,完成下列填空。

A.Listen and circle the programs you hear in the program list below. Program List
1. Guitar playing Jane 2. Dancing 3. Chinese song 4. Magic tricks 5. Dancing Sally Michael Tom Judy 6. Piano playing 7. English song 8. Ballet 9. Disco 10. Kung fu Maria Jane Maria Jack Kangkang

A:What did...do at the party yesterday? B:He/She....

played Jane_______the guitar.

sang Michael_______a Chinese song.

performed Tom________ magic tricks.

At Kangkang's birthday party yesterday

played Maria_______ the piano.

danced Jack_______to disco.

performed Kangkang_________ Chinese kung fu.

? 想一想,写出下列单词的过去式。并总结 其规律 3分钟

1.play-- played 2.look-- looked 3.miss-- missed

9.study-- studied 10.worry-- worried 11.stop-stopped planned was

4.perform--performed 12.plan-5.live-- lived 13.am-14.can-15.sing--

6.hope-- hoped
7.recite-- recited

could sang




① 一般情况+ed

② 以不发音的e结尾的+d
③ 以辅音字母+y结尾的, 变y为i+ed

④ 末尾只有一个辅音字母的重读闭音节词, 先双
写辅音字母, 再加ed ⑤ 不规则动词的过去式参见英语书最后一页

?写出下列动词的过去式 2分钟

1.play---- played 2.do/does--- did 3.is------ was 4.dance--- danced 5.are----- were 6.recite--- recited 7.perform--performed8.like----- liked 9.ask------- asked 10.try----- tried 11.stop------ stopped 12.die --- died 13.worry--- worried 14.plant--- planted

Listen and circle the word with the different sound of the colored letters in each group.

1. student true 2. full 3. throw
4. then

ruler but think

blue push thing

pull they

当堂训练 (15分钟)
? 完成同步训练P55-56 Section A

1. enjoy oneself=have a good time just now=a moment ago 2.Learn the past sim

ple tense. (1)Did you sing a song at the party? Yes, I did./No, I didn't. (2)What did Sally do? She danced. (3)What about Tom? He performed some magic tricks.

Suppose you are Kangkang's friend. Talk about what the children did at Kangkang's birthday party.

Example: A:Did you/Tom/Jane dance at the party? B:Yes, I/he/she did. A:Did he/she play the piano? B:No, he/she didn't. A:What did you/Jane/... do? B:I/She/...sang a song.

1.Read 1a, and try to retell 1a in your own words. You may begin like this: Kangkang was very happy at his birthday party. Jane sang an English song... 2.Finish Section A in your workbook.


Thank you

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