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一、找出下列划线部分发音与众不同的一项(5分) ( )1.A.map B. thanks C.name ( )2.A.fine B.it C.this ( )3.A.pen B.key C.spell ( )4.A.hello B.color C.OK ( )5.A.ruler B.cup C.afternoon 二、根据所给单词和标点提示连词成句。(5分)

1. pen, is, what, color, the (?) 2. this, what, English, in, is 3. your, is, this, book (?) 4. are, these, two, my, sisters. 5. you, how, are (?)


is not _________ they are___________ what is _________ I am _________ she is ____________ 四、单项选择(15分)

1. ------Good morning! -------_________________! ( )

A. Good morning B. Good afternoon C. Good evening D. I’m OK 2. This is ___ ruler and that is ______ orange. ( )

A. a a B. the the C. An a D. a an 3. ___________的汉语意思是“不明飞行物” ( )

A. RMB B.BBC C.NBA D.UFO 4. This is ____ pen. ______ pen is black ( )

A. a The B. an The C. the A D. the The 5. --Hi, I’m Jenny. --I’m Mike. Nice to _______ you. ( )

A. meet B. spell C,.say D.thank 6. --Spell your ________,please. --M-A-R-Y, Mary. ( )

A.color B. number C. jacket D .name 7.Alan and Mike _______ good friends. ( )

A. is B. am C. are D. be

8.He’s Jack Miller. Miller is his __________name. ( )

A. last B .first C. middle D .English 9.The girl is my friend. ________ name is Linda. ( )

A. She B. He C. His D. Her 10.--Are you Alice? ---____________. I’m Helen ( )

A .Yes ,I’m B. Yes, she is C. No, it isn’t D. No, I’m not 11.This is my ________, Dale. He’s my aunt’s son. ( )

A. friend B. cousin C. brother D. uncle 12.--Are Bob and Grace your friend? --Yes, __________are. ( )

A. she B. he C. they D. it 13.--Hi! Jerry, Have a good day! --________. ( )

A. Yes, please B. Fine, thanks C. Thank you D. No, thanks 14. --________________________?-- I’m Bob. ( )

A. How are you B. What’s your name C. What’s this D. What color is it 15.What color is it? ( ) A. It’s red B. It’s a red C. It red D. Is red


I’m Mary Miller. I’m from the USA. I’m eight. I have a phone. It’s black. It’s nice and I like it very much. My phone number is 230-8888. I like the number, Because(因为) 8 is my favorite(最喜欢) number. I have a good friend. Her name is Li Yuan. She is in China. She is six. Her English name is Gina. She has a phone , too. Her phone number

is 322-5645

1.Mary’s last name is _________ ( )

A、Green B、Smith C、Miller D、Brown 2.What color is Mary’s phone? ( )

A、It’s red B、It’s black C、It’s white D、It’s blue 3.Mary’s favorite number is ________________ ( )

A、4 B、6 C、8 D、9 4.Li Yuan’s English name is ___________ ( )

A、Mary B、Cindy C、Jenny D、Gina 5.Li Yuan’s phone number is ___________ ( )

A、322-5645 B、230-8888 C、322-8888 D、230-5645

Hi, I’m Helen. This is my schoolbag. It’s red. What’s in it? A book, a pen and a ruler. The book is green. The pen is blue. The ruler is yellow. What’s this? Oh, it’s an orange. It’s i n my schoolbag,too. 1.The pen is _______ ( ) A red B black C green D blue 2.The _____ is green ( )

A book B pen C ruler D orange 3.The orange is in the _________ ( )

A quilt B schoolbag C cup D jacket 4.You can see a ________in the schoolbag. ( )

A red book B black pen C yellow ruler D blue cup 5.The ________ is not in the schoolbag ( )

A ruler B pen C map D orange 七、根据要求完成句子,每空一词(10分) 1. That is a ruler.(对划线部分提问)

__________ __________that? 2. ——Is that a quilt? (作肯定回答) ——Yes, _________ __________ 3. This is a pen.(改为一般疑问句)

_________ ________ a pen?

4. I’m Gina.(改为同义句)

_______ _________ Gina. 5. I’m fine. (对划线部分提问)

________ _________ you?


1. This is a girl, _______ name is Gina. (she) 2. What’s _________ telephone number? (he)

3. Is ________ English name Betty? (you) 4. Nice _____________ you. (meet) 5. How __________ you? (be)

九、根据句子意思,每空填一个英语单词。(5分) 1. What’s your n______? My name is Mary. 2.This is Jack. He is my good f___________. 3. His name i_____ Tony.

4. W _______ her telephone number? 5. His telephone n________ is 58764321. 十、补全对话(10分) A:Good morning, Helen! B:__________________ ,Dale!

A:How are you? B:________________________,thanks, And you? A:I’m fine, too.

B:What’s this?

A:______________________________ B:______________________________ A:R-U-L-E-R.


A: It’s yellow.


根据卡片中的信息,用英文介绍一下你的好朋友周璇。 ____________________________________________________



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